Ponytail - 15 fashion ideas for creating a beautiful hairstyle

One of the simplest and most versatile women’s hairstyles is the ponytail, which is familiar to almost all the fair sex. Masters of hairdressing are able to offer their clients many variations of this styling, which will make their image incredibly attractive.

Who suits the ponytail?

A simple and effective ponytail hairstyle is extremely popular with beautiful ladies of different ages due to its ease of execution. Initially, this styling method was used only for long straight hair, however, later the situation changed dramatically, and today every young lady can choose the right variation for herself. However, there are features of appearance, in the presence of which this hairstyle should be abandoned, for example:

  • too large or protruding ears. Collected hair attracts the attention of others to this part of the woman’s body, so stylists recommend that they choose other hairstyles. A high ponytail will look especially bad in this situation;
  • narrow pointed face with implicitly defined cheekbones. In this situation, one high ponytail is contraindicated, however, if desired, a young girl can make two ponytails on the sides of her head;
  • too sparse hair. Under the condition of insufficient volume of hair, a chic hairstyle can turn into an unattractive and miserable styling;
  • curly hair of medium length. In this case, the hairstyle, on the contrary, will be too voluminous, as a result, it will lose its appearance. It is worth noting that the owners of long curly curls can safely give their preference to this type of styling.

In all other cases, the ponytail will look very attractive and pretty. However, many girls find this hairstyle boring and inexpressive. Modern fashion allows you to diversify it in many ways — weave a beautiful ribbon or lace among the strands, lay it on its side, make a bouffant at the base, decorate with fresh or artificial flowers, and much more.

who suits the ponytail

Women’s ponytail hairstyle

A simple and concise ponytail hairstyle is known to all the fair sex. Its creation does not require any special skills or tools, so each young lady can easily cope with this styling on her own. To collect your hair in a beautiful hairstyle, you must use the following sequence of actions:

  1. Wash your hair thoroughly and dry it in any convenient way.
  2. Comb the strands with an ordinary comb, then lift the entire mass of hair as high as possible to the back of the head and securely fix it with an elastic band.
  3. Carefully comb through all the curls at the crown, trying to smooth it as much as possible. In this case, all irregularities should be “driven” to the base of the collected strands.
  4. Use a fixing hairspray, applying it to the crown and the entire surface of the head.
  5. If necessary, stab with invisibility small hairs that have come out on the sides.

Using the indicated sequence of actions, you can collect hair in a ponytail in its classical sense. However, this is far from the only way to create a similar hairstyle. Depending on the length and thickness of the strands, features of appearance, age and other factors, each girl can choose different options, changing her image daily.

ponytail hairstyle for women

ponytail for long hair

Happy owners of long hair can choose absolutely all varieties of this hairstyle, since it was originally intended for long strands. Meanwhile, if such a head of hair does not have sufficient volume, you will have to work on it a little before collecting hair. A long female ponytail always looks very feminine and attractive and is suitable for both everyday wear and going out. In addition, beauties with long hair can use the following variations of this hairstyle:

  • contrast. An unusual variation in which the hair on the top of the head is absolutely smooth before the elastic, and after it they are fluffy, «whipped» or curly «frill»;
  • super low. To create this hairstyle, the elastic should be placed at a level below the shoulders;
  • side;
  • french ponytail. This hairstyle suggests the presence of a long bang with elongated edges;
  • perfectly smooth;
  • a variation with a wet effect, to give which a special gel is used;
  • different variations with harnesses;
  • a charming garland tail, for the creation of which at least 5 elastic bands are used, dividing the strands into segments of the same height. In this case, the curls do not fray over the shoulders and split much less, which is very important for owners of long strands;
  • divided. Such a hairstyle is created in the traditional way, after which all the strands are divided into two equal parts, stacked on the shoulders and fixed with varnish;
  • nodal. Owners of very long hair may not use an elastic band, but make it look like it with their own curls, tying them in a knot;
  • twist. In this variation, an elastic band is used, however, it must be hidden with a strand twisted like a tourniquet.

ponytail for long hair

Ponytail for medium hair

The number of possibilities and variations for owners of strands of medium length is somewhat less, however, they can also easily make themselves a beautiful hairstyle. In this case, the following types of this styling are especially popular:

  • classic;
  • low ponytail with a small, almost invisible elastic band;
  • fleece options;
  • a voluminous twist ponytail, in which the elastic is hidden under a strand of hair.

ponytail for medium hair

Ponytail for short hair

A beautiful ponytail for short hair can only be made with the help of special overlays and artificial strands. To date, it is not difficult to purchase such accessories, because they are sold in many salons and professional stores. Meanwhile, in order not to be disappointed with the result, it is important to take into account certain nuances:

  • in order to securely fix the overlay, the length of natural hair should be at least 5-7 centimeters. Otherwise, the fasteners will be very noticeable, and the hairstyle itself will be unattractive;
  • in all cases, it is better to purchase overlays made of natural hair — they are as reliable and natural as possible. Meanwhile, such products are much more expensive than artificial ones;
  • pads are intended for occasional use. In order to make beautiful hairstyles all the time, you will have to grow your hair, abandoning the usual short haircut;
  • each girl chooses different types of fasteners. The most popular option is small hairpins that are attached at the base of the strands.

ponytail for short hair

beautiful ponytail

In the world of hairdressing, different versions of the ponytail are known, each of which can be intended for everyday wear or special occasions. With the help of numerous tricks and various decorating methods, this simple and concise hairstyle can be turned into a real masterpiece that will not leave its owner unnoticed.

beautiful ponytail

Hairstyle ponytail with fleece

A spectacular ponytail with a pile is best for a girl with a somewhat elongated face, as he can smooth out the imbalance and make the appearance of its owner especially attractive. In addition, bouffant at the base of the strands is a great way to present too sparse and thin hair in the most favorable light.

To make a ponytail with a pile, you must apply the following sequence of actions:

  1. Separate the strand at the crown, which will later be used to create volume.
  2. Neatly and smoothly make a pile. At the same time, owners of long hair are recommended to comb strands only at the roots, and medium ones — to move from the roots to the middle of the curls.
  3. Adjust the shape of the hairstyle with a soft brush or your own fingers.
  4. Secure the hair at the back of the head with invisible hairpins.
  5. Apply fixative hairspray to hair.
  6. Collect the remaining strands with your hands and secure at the desired height with an elastic band.
  7. If desired, hide the elastic band with the help of a spinning hair, slightly wound on a curling iron.
  8. If desired, stretch long strands with an iron or braid a pigtail.

ponytail hairstyle with bouffant

Ponytail with bangs

A beautiful ponytail hairstyle with bangs is suitable for almost all women, since it somewhat masks the existing disproportion of the face. Meanwhile, she will not hide too protruding or large ears — in this case it is better to leave the curls loose. There are many options for such styling, for example:

  • classic ponytail at the crown;
  • side;
  • volume;
  • oblique with oblique bangs;
  • wavy.

ponytail with bangs

Lush ponytail

Currently, natural hairstyles with a slight hint of carelessness are in fashion, so stylists recommend avoiding excessive volume in everyday wear. Meanwhile, a voluminous ponytail can be suitable for going out or a festive event, because such styling looks very impressive. It is not difficult to make it — for this you just need to add volume to the strands with a curl, and then collect the hair as usual and securely fix it.

fluffy ponytail

Ponytail with hair extensions

Modern fashion allows the use of overlays and hairpieces made of artificial or natural hair, which are attached to their own strands. With the help of these accessories, even the owner of a short haircut “under the boy” can make an unusual ponytail, which will give her image a unique charm and feminine charm. In addition, an overlay or chignon can add volume to the hair and make it much more spectacular, so these products are often used to create holiday looks.

ponytail with fake hair

Ponytail with braid

A braided ponytail looks charming — a hairstyle that is suitable for both everyday wear and for a festive event. There are incredibly many options for simultaneously creating a tail element and a braid. So, in the presence of long hair, a pigtail can be braided around the head, and then connected to the main mop of hair collected at the back. Before starting the assembly, you can separate one of the strands and braid it, and then do the hair in the usual way. In addition, already collected hair can be braided into a braid, leaving their ends free.

ponytail with braid

Wave ponytail

A wavy ponytail made of curls gives the image a unique femininity, tenderness and romance. This hairstyle is ideal for a date with a lover and goes well with various dresses and skirts. Any girl can do such styling — both the one who naturally got curly hair, and the owner of straight strands that can be curled.

ponytail with wave

Parted ponytail

Traditionally, a high ponytail hairstyle suggests the absence of any parting. To create it, all the hair is collected at the crown and gently smoothed out. However, in some variations, the parting is retained, which can be straight, oblique or asymmetrical. With a straight parting, this styling looks strict and elegant, which makes it ideal for business women, while an oblique or asymmetrical division makes it somewhat playful, flirtatious and outstanding.

parted ponytail

ponytail clip

Although in the traditional variation of this hairstyle, the strands are fixed with an elastic band, modern manufacturers have also developed comfortable hairpins for beautiful ladies that can securely hold curls for a long time. So, the following accessories are suitable for this:

  • hairpins-crabs of different sizes;
  • interlocking banana hairpins are ideal for creating a ponytail with curls;
  • round and cylindrical hairpins made of plastic or metal, allowing you to fix straight strands.

ponytail clip

Men’s ponytail hairstyle

Most representatives of the stronger sex prefer neat short haircuts, however, some fashionistas grow long hair and choose original options with a ponytail or pigtail. The male image with a ponytail is perceived ambiguously, but the popularity of such a hairstyle does not become less. The men’s hairstyle looks especially bright and original — a ponytail with shaved temples, which came to us from the fashion of Japanese samurai.

men's ponytail hairstyle


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