A few years ago in the State of Colorado there was a competition for the shortest biography. It was won by one 80-year-old woman who wrote: «In my youth I had a smooth face and wrinkled skirt, but now it’s the other way around.» Time passes quickly, and it would be great if all the age-related changes were reflected in wardrobe items, and not on our faces and bodies.

Sooner or later, paying attention to our appearance and noticing some changes, many of us ask ourselves: when should we start performing certain care procedures and how often? Is it worth it to resort to the services of a beautician at a young age or not, and is it possible to avoid them at an older age? How to do home skin care to delay the manifestations of age-related changes?

We have made a complete list of all the most necessary recommendations for different ages and different skin types. Thanks to this article, it will become easier for you to navigate the procedures, as well as not to get lost in the abundance of cosmetics for home procedures.

Up to 25 years old

During this period, girls are just entering their heyday. The skin is in good shape, and if you compare it with a flower, it looks like an unblown tender rosebud. Collagen fibers are elastic, the dermis quickly regenerates, is well hydrated from the inside, and cellular metabolism is at a high level.

Under the age of 25, there is no need to turn to cosmetic procedures and exhaust your young skin with peels and other substances, unless, of course, there is a problem of acne.

Three steps will help to maintain skin tone:

  • cleansing,
  • toning,
  • hydration.

Each of these mini-stages involves the use of its own composition of funds.

For oily skin — scrubs, rolls and tonics, narrowing pores, foams and mousses containing hyaluronic, fruit acids and plant extracts, washing gels containing fruit acids. They not only remove dirt, but help moisturize and soften the epidermis.

Also necessary for the application are sebum-regulating creams. They contain ceramides, plant extracts (chamomile, aloe, lavender), salicylic acid, zinc. These components regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands, reduce sebum secretion, inflammation, redness of the skin.

For dry skin – hydrophilic oils, light scrubbing and total nutrition.

For normal (combination) and skin prone to redness – tonics to reduce redness, soothing creams, light moisturizing fluids.

There is also a daily sunscreen with a strong SPF for all skin types. Of course, if at this age a girl has problematic skin, you should consult a specialist, find out the cause and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

25-30 years old

At this age, some signs of skin aging are already beginning to appear. These may be the first wrinkles (especially mimic or anatomical), skin creases, dryness. It all depends on the anatomy and the innate nature of facial expressions. Attention should be paid to the so-called «dermal creases». These are wrinkles that remain in a line even if you try to stretch them with your fingers. Such a picture is a signal and an indication for injection cosmetology. Depending on the location, either a filler or botulinum toxin is used to correct wrinkles.

At this age, negative life manifestations already begin to affect the skin more strongly: lack of sleep, stressful conditions, depression, long flights, excitement.

To help the skin, you should use some cosmetic tricks-procedures from trusted specialists.

These include:

  • ultrasonic cleaning at different wavelengths,
  • chemical peels (the number of courses should be specified with a beautician),
  • gas-liquid peelings,
  • mesotherapy with light vitamin cocktails.

The rest of the procedures should be left for an older age, since at this stage they can have a very negative impact on the still young skin. As for home care, all three stages are preserved.

home care

If up to 25 years old, the owners of healthy skin are quite satisfied with 3 basic care products — a gel or foam for washing, tonic and moisturizer, then after 25 you need to slightly expand your arsenal.

Gel or light moisturizer for the eye area

This is the first remedy that we would advise girls over 25 to include in their daily care. During the day, our skin around the eyes experiences a huge load — we constantly blink, squint, stare at monitor screens for hours.

And the skin around the eyes is very thin, delicate and ages a little earlier than the skin of the face. A special tool for the skin around the eyes will help slow down aging and smooth out the first wrinkles in this area.

Peeling for home use

This is another tool that is recommended to be used regularly in your care at this age. Starting from the age of 25, the rate of cell renewal of the stratum corneum slows down, which is why our skin is no longer so smooth, and our complexion is a little dull.

Peeling will help eliminate these first signs of age-related changes and restore the skin to its previous appearance. For this purpose, a variety of peels for home use are suitable — enzyme, acid, with jojoba oil granules or with polyethylene balls.

Choose a peel that suits your skin type and include it in your complementary care.

Face masks

Also, it will not be superfluous to replenish your cosmetic arsenal with one or two face masks. To begin with, we advise you to purchase a moisturizing mask — this is a universal remedy that is useful to everyone, regardless of skin type.

If you have normal skin without any problems, then this will be enough for now. Owners of oily and combination skin will also benefit from a good cleansing mask. With sensitive skin, it is advisable to always have a soothing mask on hand, and for dry skin — a nourishing one.

30-40 years old

No matter how sad it sounds, but during this period, cellular metabolism begins to slow down. Oxidative stress causes the appearance of a large number of reactive oxygen species in the intercellular space, they damage collagen cells, as a result, the skin becomes less elastic, worse updated. The synthesis of hyaluronic acid decreases, the dermis becomes thinner, this can cause the appearance of deep mimic wrinkles.

At this age stage, women are advised to visit a beautician at least once a month. This will not only help preserve the beauty of the skin, but also protect against other problems associated with the health of the epidermis.

A specialist cosmetologist will professionally assess the condition of the skin and advise the procedures that are necessary.

All professionals advise including mesotherapy in salon care (about three times a year), as well as biorevitalization (also about three times a year).

It is also recommended sometimes to do peelings and facial massages. For home care, facial gymnastics is perfect (we wrote about facial yoga a few posts earlier.) It maintains muscle tone and removes large furrows.

home care

Enter in the «menu» cosmetics containing peptides. These enzymes activate the skin’s own protective functions, increase its tone, and improve regenerative function. Some of them, for example, matrikins, have an effect comparable to Botox, freeze muscles, and help smooth out mimic wrinkles.

Also in your beauty arsenal should be products with hyaluronic, fruit acids, plant stem cells, extracts, as well as products with the active anti-age component retinol.

At the age of 30, you can already switch to cosmetics containing phytoestrogens. These funds are not hormonal, plant estrogen is not perceived by our body as a foreign agent, does not disrupt the hormonal background. The skin perceives it as its own combat resource. Phytoestrogen activates its internal forces, starts the processes of regeneration and renewal.

Professional Care: Various types of biorevitalization should be added: based on hyaluronic acid, in combination with peptides and amino acids. This injection procedure will saturate the skin with moisture from the inside, give it material for restoration, rejuvenation.

Good results of skin restoration are demonstrated by:

  • plasmolifting (introduction of the patient’s own plasma enriched with growth factors under the skin of the face and neck);
  • thread lifting or thread reinforcement — strengthening or lifting with absorbable threads. The threads received the unspoken name «conservatives of youth». Installed in a certain way under the skin, they create a natural supporting frame that holds the skin and prevents the formation of wrinkles, folds, violation of the lines of the face oval;
  • fractional laser photothermolysis — modern laser resurfacing, which significantly tightens and rejuvenates the skin from the inside, but the rehabilitation period is reduced to zero

The main thing at this age stage is not so much the number of procedures as their regularity. Also, do not forget about moisturizing the skin and proper cleansing of the pores.

40-50 years old

No matter how sad it sounds, but during this period, cellular metabolism begins to slow down. Oxidative stress causes the appearance of a large number of reactive oxygen species in the intercellular space, they damage collagen cells, as a result, the skin becomes less elastic, worse updated. The synthesis of hyaluronic acid decreases, the dermis becomes thinner, this can cause the appearance of deep mimic wrinkles.

Some of them will become regular, and some will simply be additional to maintain beauty. Regular activities include:

  • biorevitalization,
  • laser photothermolysis,
  • plasmolifting.

These procedures can be called new, they are carried out using innovative devices, and therefore are effective.

To avoid this or minimize the consequences, you should regularly refer to salon facial treatments.

This is an injection. The bioreparant cocktail includes hyaluronic acid, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants — substances that are used in facial contouring.

  • Fractional thermolysis

A procedure to stimulate the synthesis of skin cells by exposing it to a laser beam of a certain spectrum. It belongs to the category of destructive, in order to increase the renewal and regeneration of the skin.

Shown after 40-45 years, when the skin has lost its former tone and volume. Using a special needle, a composition with hyaluronic acid molecules is injected under the skin. In order to tighten the dermis and remove the “hamster cheeks”, injections are injected into the cheekbones.

With the help of fillers, it is also possible to restore the previous volume to the lips (which also become thinner with age) and to carry out contouring, for example, to remove the hump on the nose. How long the result lasts depends on your metabolism of hyaluronic acid. Usually the procedure is repeated 1-2 times a year or once every 5 years.

Additional procedures for the face include reinforcement with threads. You can use newfangled fillers or Botox, but remember that when using large volumes, they are addictive and the face loses its natural beauty. This means that they should not be abused.

50-60 years old

After 50 years, the aging process accelerates, becomes an avalanche. This is also related to the state of the body as a whole. The number of wrinkles during this period increases significantly, and the skin sags. Care at this age stage is very similar to the previous one.

Home care: In cosmetics for home use, emphasis should be placed on anti-aging products rich in vitamins and nutrients. Regular facial exercises are very effective.

However, at this stage, the appearance of the skin can be improved mainly with the help of hardware techniques.

Professional Care: In professional care, the focus is probably shifting somewhat from procedures that stimulate skin regeneration to procedures for replacement injection therapy and thread lifting. Although biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid and plasmolifting, laser rejuvenation, median peels are still relevant and effective. However, a little more attention should be paid to injection techniques. True, the tactics of managing patients at the age of 50-60 differ significantly. To achieve a natural rejuvenation effect, for example, the doses of botulinum toxin are significantly reduced in this age period, since the muscles from natural causes reduce their natural tone. In many cases, the use of the mesobotox technique is preferable. A similar tactic is used with respect to hyaluronic acid-based fillers: injection sessions have to be carried out a little more often, and, on the contrary, the amount of the injected drug is reduced. This is how you can achieve a natural and beautiful effect of rejuvenation.

For this age category, notched threads or fixation threads demonstrate excellent results, which not only strengthen the tissues, but tighten them and hold them in a new position. With the help of such threads, you can tighten the chin area, restore the oval of the face, and tighten the cheeks.

At this age, depending on the condition of the skin and face, plastic surgery is often resorted to: lifting of the upper and lower eyelids, endoscopic lifting of the forehead and temporal region, surgical face and neck lift.

However, in any case, it is worth remembering that the main thing is an experienced and proven cosmetologist.

Skin care at any age is a commitment to yourself. Perhaps, in some cases, care is not easy and time-consuming, but it has a significant advantage: high-quality procedures will preserve your beauty and health! Today, all of them are available to every woman who wants to be attractive at any age!


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