A beautiful, neat manicure and pedicure directly depends on how we take care of our hands and feet, whether we pay enough attention to them. It is important not only to maintain hygiene, to perform the necessary rituals, but also to respond to problems in time so that the nails are healthy and strong. How to properly care for nails and cuticlesas well as what factors affect their condition, read in the article.

Salon nail care

In the salon, you can choose a classic trim or hardware manicure and pedicure. Cropped is considered more traumatic, but still popular. Hardware manicure/pedicure is performed by the master with a special machine with the help of milling cutters, which ensure high speed, quality and safety of the procedure.

An important rule: do not remove gel polish yourself due to the risk of damaging the nail plate. The master will remove the varnish with a special product without acetone or with a cutter.

Gel coating should not be renewed very often, but also do not delay the trip to the nail master. The optimal period for removal and new coating is 2-3 weeks. Under the condition of full-fledged and high-quality nail care, you can not take a break in the application of gel polish.

SPA manicure/pedicure is an excellent option for comprehensive nail care if it is not possible to do it at home. In addition to the standard treatment of nails and cuticles, the complex includes peeling for hands, mask, wrapping, massage.

To moisturize the skin of the hands and strengthen the nails, you can do paraffin therapy once a month or more often.

Home nail care

If you do manicure and pedicure yourself, try to do them carefully, without injuring the nail bed. Tools should be strictly individual.

It is better to cut the nails, not to cut them — scissors and nippers press and can cause delamination. Only dry nails can be cut by moving the saw in one direction. Use a glass, ceramic or crystal file to reduce length and shape your nails. Grind the rough and dry skin of the side rollers with a special laser saw.

Stainless steel scissors with thin, sharp blades will be needed to trim the cuticle (if necessary). Before trimming, you can apply a softening gel for the cuticle, and then push it away with an orange stick.

It is better to remove dirt under the nails with a brush, because the hard tip of the file can damage the connective tissues, and the nail will become harder to grow to the bed.

Choose high-quality varnishes and devices for drying gel varnish, liquid for removing varnish without acetone.

Oil for strengthening nails and softening the cuticle will help make the cuticle and ridges soft, and the nails — strong thanks to oils (for example, apricot oil, macadamia and castor oil), vitamins E and A. The product is applied 3-4 times a week as course of treatment.

Baths with sea salt saturate the nails with minerals, strengthen them and accelerate their growth. For a visible result, do them at least once a week, adding lemon juice, essential oils, vitamins to warm water.

Hand cream can and should be applied to the nail plate and cuticle: moisturizing — in the warm season, nourishing — when it’s cold and windy. Rub the cream with massage movements — this way it will be better absorbed into the nail bed and blood circulation in the fingers will improve.

Factors affecting the condition of nails

1. Contact with chemicals and cold

  • If your work or lifestyle involves frequent contact with harsh chemicals, use rubber or latex gloves whenever possible to protect your nails from drying out and peeling.
  • It is also better to wear gloves when cleaning the house and washing dishes. Life hack: apply a nourishing mask to the skin of the hands and nails, put on gloves and do household chores.
  • In the cold season, moisturize your hands and nails during the day and before going outside. In windy weather and frost, be sure to wear gloves made of natural fabrics.

2. Food and water regime

  • For the beauty and strength of nails, a full-fledged diet and a sufficient amount of water are mandatory.
  • In some cases, it may be necessary to take multivitamin complexes (after prior consultation with a doctor) to help the body cope with vitamin deficiency.

3. Problems with nails

4. Physical and psychological health

Take care of your physical health, follow a sleep schedule, try to avoid stress, pay attention to the bells of possible diseases in order to deal with them in time. Remember that hair and nails are a reflection of our inner state.


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