According to statistics, it is these parts of the body that cause the most complaints from those who would like to put themselves and their shape in order. It seems that everything else is fine with everything else — the legs are slender, the buttocks are taut, the arms are normal, but the waist area “floated” a little. Is there a diet for losing weight on the abdomen and sides and how to regain your former harmony?

Why does fat appear on the stomach?

The volume of adipose tissue varies in the human body within 11 — 20% depending on gender. A decrease in this indicator below the norm is undesirable, because what everyone wants to get rid of plays an important role in the work of the body. Without fat, he simply could not exist, because this is a necessary energy reserve for everyone, consumed in critical situations, and also the key to successful metabolism, hormone production, etc. Fat in the human body is concentrated in two main places — under the skin, and then it is customary to talk about subcutaneous fat, and inside the body. It envelops the internal organs, concentrating mainly in the abdominal cavity.

This is the so-called visceral fat, which is responsible for the correct location of the internal organs and protects them from possible injuries. Both species are evenly distributed throughout the body, but it is in the abdomen that an accumulation of visceral fat and subcutaneous fat is observed. With improper nutrition, this area begins to «grow» one of the first. In addition, with age, the total percentage of adipose tissue in the body increases, therefore, starting from the age of 35-40, the stomach appears even in thin people. The so-called abdominal obesity, which is characterized by an increase in volume in the abdomen, can occur in both women and men.

Of course, this is undesirable not only from the point of view of aesthetic appeal, it is possible to disrupt the functioning of all organs and systems. The patency of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract worsens, inflammatory processes occur, but the heart and blood vessels suffer the most. Atherosclerosis develops, blood sugar levels rise, and there is a risk of developing a heart attack, stroke, and heart failure. This state of affairs poses the greatest danger to children. Their body is in constant development, growth, formation of internal organs. Disruption of these processes can lead to irreversible health consequences.

University of Nebraska Lincoln Department of Psychology scholar Richard A. Dienstbier, in his book «Building Resistance to Stress and Aging,» published information that excessive obesity does not have the best effect on mental abilities in children. This is why belly fat is dangerous, so you need to get rid of it and make sure that all family members, and most importantly children, remain in shape. But how to do that?

Conditions for quality weight loss

Conditions for quality weight loss

The main condition for high-quality weight loss is proper nutrition. And although it is impossible to lose weight only in one area of ​​the body, while remaining “with its own” in another, it should be that base, the basis for obtaining a toned and slender figure. In fact, his postulates have long been known to everyone, but people have become much lazier and more inert than their ancestors. Now there is no need to hunt for a mammoth, because all the necessary benefits of civilization are always at hand — both a fast food delivery phone and restaurants that also have a takeaway service. The stores are full of ready-to-cook food, which is enough to put in the microwave for a few minutes to get a hot, hearty and delicious dinner.

Not the last role in gaining excess weight is hypodynamia. Modern man began to move less, which, subject to an increase in the calorie content of the diet, has disastrous consequences. Therefore, the first thing to do is to give up all convenience foods and fast food. Prepare food yourself from lean meats, fish, cereals, vegetables. Gifts of nature rich in dietary fiber should become part of the menu on an ongoing basis. Fiber improves digestion, promotes satiety and contributes to weight loss. From fruits and berries, preference should be given to not too sweet species.

It is better to consume most of the daily caloric content in the first half of the day, and gradually reduce it in the evening. Dinner should be light and carried out 3 hours before bedtime. Often, even with proper nutrition, a person gains weight. This happens if he does not sit at the table all day, but eats only in the evening before going to bed. By changing your regimen, you can achieve great results in improving the figure.

Regular fitness is the key to a thin waist

Regular fitness is the key to a thin waist

If a person wants to lose weight in only one place, it is only natural that he should pay extra attention to it, trying to improve the effect obtained with the help of proper nutrition. Fitness and physical activity in general should become constant companions of those who are fighting for a slender waist. Priority is given to abdominal exercises. They are out of competition, as is the study of the sides. All kinds of twisting, lifting the body and straight legs from a prone position should be performed regularly. Plank is a great exercise for working out the muscles of the whole body. She can finish the workout, striving each time to increase the result achieved by increasing the time spent in this static position.

Don’t forget about the good old hula hoop. And what else can be done to lose weight on the abdomen and sides? Of course, resort to the help of cosmetology. All kinds of wraps, anti-cellulite and other types of massage will work for the result. Healing baths with citrus essential oils will also bring positive results. There are many salon procedures — vacuum massage, myostimulation, ultrasonic cavitation liposuction, etc. However, they must be done by a professional experienced master with a medical education, and not clandestinely, at home. Such savings can result in very sad undesirable consequences.

Such complex work will certainly bear fruit, but at the same time it must be remembered that the abdominal area is the most “forgetful” in terms of nutrition and physical activity. While a person is working on himself, the waist remains slim. As soon as he returns to his former addictions, stops playing sports, his stomach and sides begin to grow again.

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