Pull nowhere! — Fight stretch marks

  • They appear unexpectedly.

  • Nobody is safe from them.

  • They are not tied to gender or age.


  • They can be foreseen!

  • It can be prevented

  • You can fight them!

  • They appear unexpectedly.

  • Nobody is safe from them.

  • They are not tied to gender or age.


  • They can be foreseen!

  • It can be prevented

  • You can fight them!

Let’s not drag it out and say right away that it’s all about them — oh stretch marks. Yes, this phenomenon is a big aesthetic problem not only for women, but also for men. After all, even scars adorn them, and a couple of stripes won’t spoil the picture too much.

But who is really concerned about this problem is women, as stretch marks often appear on the most seductive parts of the body, namely on the stomach, hips, buttocks. Although even the hands in the biceps area are not immune from them, can you imagine? And it can affect everyone at the most unexpected age.

The reason for everything…

To begin with, let’s define what, in fact, these stretch marks? Stretch marks or striae are internal tears in the skin that are subsequently filled with connective tissue. They appear quite quickly and are just as quickly able to spoil even the most chiseled figure. Some of the most common causes of stretch marks include:

  • Pregnancy — since in this case the skin is stretched due not only to the growth of the fetus, but often due to weight gain. This is especially true when the pregnancy is multiple.

  • Weight «swing», i.e. sharp boundary jumps in weight, especially upwards.

  • Internal hormonal disorders that affect the processes of collagen regulation in the skin.

  • Intensive growth during adolescence, especially in boys.

Many, of course, successfully survive almost all these ups and downs and come out “dry out of the water”, without any shortcomings. In this case, a lot matters, of course, prior care, which we will discuss below, and, oddly enough, genetics. There is even an opinion that stretch marks are inherited, which is simply due to the inheritance of a certain type of skin from one of the parents. If a woman is worried about whether she will have stretch marks after giving birth, then it is often said that you need to look at your mother.

Color scheme

The stages of development of stretch marks and the degree of their «maturity» can be identified by their coloration:

  1. At first, the stretch marks are purple-red in color. This is due to the fact that blood vessels are visible through the skin microtears.

  2. Over time, they acquire a light pink hue, which is explained by the gradual filling with connective tissue.

  3. Eventually the stretch marks become colorless.

But reaching the last stage does not mean at all that over time they will disappear altogether. The fact is that stretch marks stand out especially when tanning, since they do not change color, like the rest of the skin, as happens with all scars and scars.

Fighting methods

If it so happened that in the early morning you noticed this trouble on your body, then do not leave everything to the will of time or just “for later” with a deep hope that it will resolve itself. At the first manifestations, proceed to immediate action. And they can be as follows:

  1. Peelingwith the help of which not only dead cells are exfoliated, but also the growth of new ones is stimulated.
  2. Thalassotherapywhich includes mud wraps with useful minerals that have a regenerating effect.
  3. Ozone therapy — treatment of zones with ozone, which also helps with cellulite.
  4. Mesotherapy – injection of a substance into specific places that enhances the production of collagen, which in turn helps to cope with stretch marks.
  5. Myostimulation helps to disperse stagnant fluid with the help of currents of a certain frequency, then pump up muscles and increase skin elasticity.
  6. As homemade recipes you can select all kinds of massages with nourishing oils, baths with sea salt and … fish oil in capsules.

Don’t lead to…

But still, the statement that it is better to foresee than to have a problem later is also quite relevant in this case. Although the appearance of stretch marks has hormonal and hereditary prerequisites, this does not mean that other factors cannot be minimized or prevented. And for this, all you need is:

  1. Follow the diet and eat foods rich in minerals and vitamins, dairy products, fish, meat, legumes, tomatoes, bananas, olive oil.

  2. Avoid sudden weight fluctuations

  3. Take a contrast shower to tone and firm the skin.

  4. Massage regularly, even if it is homemade with an ordinary rough mitten.

  5. Do sport.

  6. Apply for care creams with vitamins A, C and E, collagen and elastin.

  7. Make compresses with essential oils (roses, neroli, etc.), decoctions of medicinal herbs and fermented milk products.

  8. Lubricate risk areas with olive oil.

  9. Take baths with sea salt.

  10. Take care of your health and consult a doctor in time.

And remember, it doesn’t matter what you have the material resources for and what you don’t. The main thing is to do at least something, even at home. In any case, this will help the skin to have a better appearance and not only strengthen, but also restore its regenerating abilities.


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