Purple hair - 60 photo ideas of fashionable coloring

Bright hairstyles are becoming popular and come to the fore not only on the catwalk and among world celebrities, but also in our everyday life. Purple hair in combination with dark and light shades, light feathers, coloring of the tips and soft ombre will add spice to the image and become a certain highlight of the appearance.

Who suits purple hair color?

Who suits purple hair color is a question to which stylists give several recommendations when choosing this shade.

  1. A rich purple tone and all its undertones will suit representatives with swarthy skin, “southerners” with brown eyes. If you have this type, then you can easily pick up any undertone of the dominant color, make a solid color in dark purple tones, both on long hair and on short curls.

who suits purple hair

  1. Purple hair will be the perfect solution, make you unique and inimitable, if your natural hair tone has a natural and cold shade, brown, chestnut, like a brunette.
  2. Fair-haired beauties with blue and green eyes are better off doing feathers, ombre and partial coloring, but redheads should not do any experiments in purple tones.

who suits purple hair color

short purple hair

Do you want to change your image and make purple hair color for short hair? You can easily use not only paint, but also various tonics with a tinting effect, which on short haircuts will look amazing and give an image of audacity and perkyness, coquetry and at the same time fragility, because a bright individuality will be emphasized. On short curls, feathers and torn tinted tips, multi-colored bangs, temporal and occipital parts look perfect, and if you have shaved temples, then with asymmetry, a purple long edge will add mystery.

short purple hair

Purple short hair, regardless of the style of the haircut, whether it be a pixie, garcon, gavroche, bob, bob, cascade and all their varieties, will become spectacular and give their mistress self-confidence and self-confidence. You can try not only full, but also partial coloring, it all depends on your natural hair tone. To get the desired shade and lasting rich color, it is better to trust an experienced hairdresser-stylist who will be happy to select the option that is suitable only for you, both in terms of type and depending on the quality of your curls.

purple long hair

Luxurious lilac long hair, especially wavy, will add mystery, fragility and femininity to your image, decorate your everyday life, bring notes of sensuality to the overall idea, add charm, but do not forget that for a strict dress code these shades, like a rich purple color unsuitable. However, if you are a bohemian or a student, then feel free to choose your favorite shades of this beautiful tone and experiment with your appearance to be in the spotlight.

purple long hair

What coloring method to choose for purple long hair, so that the tone lays evenly or with chic feathers, strands or ombre? Here only experienced hair stylists who know all the newfangled and advanced technologies, balayazh, gradient, highlighting and coloring will come to your aid. On long dark and light curls, the purple tone not only looks amazing, but also gives the appearance of exquisite extravagance, bringing renewal and advanced trends in modern fashion in hairdressing to everyday bows.

purple bob hair

Eternal classics and updated modern — or purple hair of medium length on a bob haircut. What could be more original than the combination of traditional shapes and cutting-edge innovations, color variations and play of shades in one set? Only trendy and timeless bob in purple tones. The haircut itself can be of any configuration, with an asymmetric effect, with and without bangs, with shaved temples, on a leg, in combination with a cascade and a bean, but when it is updated with bright and saturated shades, it plays advantageously and looks new.

purple bob hair

A bob for purple hair will be in trend not only in spring and summer, but also in autumn, which will allow daring and courageous women and girls to carry out the most incredible, but successful experiments with their appearance. Oblique or clear even cuts, both full and partial coloring, multi-colored strands and feathers, coloring and highlighting will add expressiveness. The result will be a bright appearance with a touch of a certain charm, diluting monotonous everyday life with bright colors.

medium length purple hair

White hair with a purple tint

Are you a natural blonde and have decided to change your image? Well, white-violet hair was created in order to help blonde beauties become more extravagant, add a bit of audacity to the image, a little youthful enthusiasm and cunning, mystery and unsurpassedness, play on uniqueness and showiness. The best choice would be such shades:

  • bleached purple, which is the hit of the spring-summer 2021 season;
  • pearl, giving a stunning pale lilac undertone with a light, almost translucent shade.

white hair with a purple tint

Light purple hair can be easily made using diverse modern dyeing techniques, as well as highlighting and coloring, balayage, coloring of individual strands and feathers will look stylish. However, for those blondes who want a dramatic change, experienced hairdressers can offer bright and rich tones of the violet spectrum in order to make light and unobtrusive gradient transitions with a sheen in the dominant color, while not losing the attractiveness of the blonde itself.

white purple hair

black purple hair

Dark hair color with a purple tint will not only add mystery to your look, but also add a touch of nobility, especially if you decide to choose a solid color with the addition of purple paint pigment. It will soften the black brown hair, give the hair a velvety shade, rich and deep. With such hair, you can even create business images in rigor and conciseness. Young girls can enrich their appearance with variegation, feathers and ragged dyed light edges.

black purple hair

Dark purple hair with a chic sheen within the dominant tone is the choice of mega stars and famous personalities, a great solution for solemn and elegant looks, both with a touch of light trendy loose negligence, and in collected hairstyles, buns, shells, diverse tails and braids. It will also look incomparable on short dark hair, in hairstyles with multi-colored bangs, both straight and oblique with torn edges.

dark purple hair color

Bright purple hair color

What can radically change the appearance? Violet hair color, bright and saturated, represented by the entire palette of dominant rainbow tones. It will be great not only on chic long hair, but also on short hair, especially with multi-colored strands and feathers, hidden dyeing, when two or three primary colors are combined in one hairstyle. Non-trivial and not at all ordinary — this is a combination of purple and green, you can create a red-violet tandem, as well as purple-chocolate or with a copper tint.

bright purple hair color

Bright purple hair suits many beauties, even if they have not very dark skin and not brown eyes. It’s just that experienced hairdressers will skillfully select only your shade of the main tone, which will transform you beyond recognition and bring unspoken mystery, French charm and even some elegance to your image if you choose a monochromatic coloring or smooth and soft gradient transitions within one tone.

purple hair color

Ash purple hair color

Two seasonal trends merged in one set, or gray-violet hair color soared to the top of the catwalk charts and entered the leaders of spring and summer 2021. The ash shade itself is trendy, and if you add purple overflows, feathers, highlighting or coloring to it, then you will immediately become a star who not only has great taste, but also who is well versed in all the newfangled trends of the coming year and follows in step with time.

ash purple hair colorgray purple hair color

purple hair tips

For several years in a row, a gradient has not gone out of fashion in hairdressing, so a purple ombre on long hair, as well as on medium and even short hair, is the last peep of the warm season that has come. Gradient transitions can be done at any length and any color. If you have naturally dark hair, then the tips of a rich purple hue will suit you, and with light and blond curls, it is better to look at delicate lilacs, light purple tones and smooth transitions.

purple hair ends

However, when you want something bold, you can use three or even four bright colors in one hairstyle with contrasting transitions. Purple hair does not have to be dyed in one shade, experienced hairdressers can skillfully combine, for example, brown, yellow, red and purple in one set, making both soft and smooth, and sharp gradients.

purple ombre long hair

Chocolate purple hair

What could be more chic than a chocolate shade? Only brown-violet hair color with rich, bright undertones, in a dark purple range, revealing all the beauty and depth of the dominant rainbow tone. You can make such a hairstyle where a chocolate undertone will dominate, and purple overflows will go in thin strands, or the main emphasis on purple, then chocolate will set off and give a velvety sheen and gloss to luxurious curls, both long and short.

purple chocolate hairbrown purple hair color

purple streaks on brown hair

Lilac hair color also looks amazing if your curls are naturally blond, both dark and light. In this version, it will be very advantageous to make light gradient transitions from the crown to the tips, where individual strands of hair along the entire length are colored in purple. You can shade only the tips or bangs, here the choice will already depend on your wishes and the skill of the hairdresser. You should not lose sight of the fact that too dark transitions should not be made on light brown hair, otherwise the general appearance can be inadvertently given roughness and incompleteness.

purple streaks on brown hairlilac hair color

Purple pink hair

A wonderful and harmonious combination is the pink-purple hair color, when two hit tones of this spring and next summer season merge in a gradient through smooth or sharp transitions. Experienced hairdressers skillfully play with combinations of these composite colors to create great hairstyles, no matter how long your curls are. A dark rich crown and lightened pink tips are a great choice for romantic and naive young ladies, as well as boho and hippie adherents.

purple pink hairpink purple hair color

red purple hair color

Bright and bold — this is red-violet hair, in a monochromatic variation it has a deep and rich, incomparable undertone, giving your image harmonious integrity and unity, it is allowed even in business ensembles. Lovers of catchiness and brutality and representatives of bohemians can afford to make an ombre, where both bright colors will be complemented and diluted with soft undertones.

red purple hair colorred purple hair

blue purple hair color

Do you prefer grunge and glam rock in everyday life? Then purple hair in girls with a blue tint is your choice. Although they not only express the rebellious spirit of contradiction, but can also be the basis for the daring hippie romance, boho femininity and spectacular extravagance of everyday life, when the hairstyle brightens up the monotony of everyday life and cheers up with its unusual and original look. Two bright colors in one set increase self-esteem and self-confidence, in their originality and non-triviality.

blue purple hair colorgirls purple hair

purple hair makeup

What makeup goes best with purple hair? Stylists recommend focusing on one thing, if you need to create a casual and democratic bow, it can be fish arrows, bright lipstick in dark colors or catchy eyelashes. For the evening, a romantic walk and a trip to the club, smokey ice is allowed, both in brown and lilac-violet and even pink and blue tones, and depending on the color of the eyes, green shades can also be used. For the most daring, you can make an unusual make-up with stars, glitter and blur around the eyes.

purple hair makeupmakeup for purple hair


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