Raspberry manicure - top 40 most fashionable ideas of this season

Raspberry manicure is one of the brightest and most stylish design solutions. He is able to bring a spicy touch to any look and act as its bright highlight. This color has versatility in terms of compatibility, it is easily combined with both muted and saturated tones.

Raspberry manicure 2018-2019 — fashion trends

For many stylists, a real find will be a manicure in raspberry tones. To create extraordinary memorable bows, the following fashion trends are used:

  1. A rich shade can become a unique accent in itself, so it can be used as a coating for nail plates without combining with any other tones.
  2. A monochromatic coating can look different every time if you use a glossy, matte version, rubbed. These effects can be applied in full on all fingers or alternated with each other.
  3. In terms of compatibility with other colors, raspberry manicure is a real find. It is organically combined with a bright palette, for example, these are orange, aquamarine, yellow shades. Suitable for any pastel colors, and white or black.
  4. Nail art can have both a classic incarnation, for example, a jacket or a moon design, and the most extraordinary, for example, decoration with drawings made on all sorts of topics.

crimson manicure 2018 2019 fashion trends

Raspberry manicure 2018-2019

raspberry manicure

Raspberry manicure on short nails

Raspberry manicure on short nails looks extremely original. When creating it, the following points must be considered:

  1. Due to the fact that the color is incredibly catchy, the nail plates should be painted as carefully and carefully as possible. This is due to the fact that the slightest flaw will stand out in a small area.
  2. Raspberry manicure on short nails should be concise so that there is no congestion effect. It can be decorated with rhinestones, located in a single copy on each nail.
  3. Another good solution is a jacket or moon nail art, combined with a snow-white shade or a transparent coating. Made in a discreet laconic version, it will look very harmonious.

raspberry manicure on short nails

Raspberry manicure for long nails

Fashionistas with elongated nail plates will be able to successfully apply a raspberry-colored manicure. The space for the manifestation of fantasies over a large area is truly unlimited and can be expressed in the following ideas:

  • on the nails, you can depict all kinds of drawings depicting flowers, leaves, openwork lace patterns, ice cream, animal print;
  • rhinestones or sparkles on long nails can be laid out in a variety of ways: in the form of patterns, stripes, completely cover the entire surface.

raspberry manicure for long nails

Raspberry manicure — ideas

Stylists seeking to create memorable looks use a variety of crimson manicure ideas:

  • drawing drawings, the subject matter of which can be completely different, can give the image even greater brightness;
  • traditional French or moon nail art can sparkle with new colors if such a color is used;
  • decorating with rhinestones will make nail art even more eye-catching;
  • golden and silver coatings and coatings fit very organically into this color scheme;
  • raspberry manicure can be done in a brilliant way if you combine it with a rub that gives a mirror effect. A similar design has a design known as the «cat’s eye»;
  • a win-win way to decorate nails will be the image of geometric shapes;
  • matte finish looks expensive and luxurious, this effect is enhanced by a rich shade;
  • you can use a combination with various other colors, applying them in the form of a pattern or using the ombre technique.

raspberry manicure ideascrimson manicure ideas

Raspberry manicure with a pattern

Crimson bright manicure containing all kinds of drawings looks extremely catchy. Images can be made in the following variations:

  • black or white painting, you can apply openwork patterns that imitate lace;
  • for the warm season, the image of a variety of fruits is perfect, for example, it can be an orange, watermelon, lemon, apple. Fruit can be drawn as a whole or shown in section. A great addition will be voluminous drops depicting dew;
  • raspberry manicure with flowers is a frequently used solution. Flowers can be drawn small or large, occupying almost the entire surface of the nail;
  • Animal print is extremely relevant this season. It can also be made using this color palette. On a bright base, spots are applied that imitate the colors of a leopard, a rich pattern associated with butterfly wings or some other options.

crimson manicure with a pattern

Raspberry French manicure

A very interesting variation of the classic nail art is raspberry French manicure. It can be formatted in the following ways:

  • the base is painted in a rich tone, and the tip is made using some other shade;
  • the base can be transparent, white, pastel, while it is complemented by the tip, which attracts attention to itself as much as possible with its brightness;
  • the color scheme used for decoration may vary, this is both light, close to pink, and dark raspberry manicure;
  • the use of golden and silver elements remains relevant.

raspberry French manicureraspberry manicure with design

Raspberry manicure with rhinestones

An organic addition to any outfit designed for a party is a raspberry manicure with sparkles and rhinestones:

  • it may contain the maximum number of these decorative elements, in which case they cover the surface of the entire nail plate;
  • another option would be the location of the pebbles in any specific parts, for example, at the base of the nail, in the zone of the hole, where they are laid out in the form of a rounded strip or completely fill the space of the hole;
  • small rhinestones are great for laying out curls and patterns;
  • pebbles can be traditional transparent or bright multi-colored.

crimson manicure with rhinestones

Raspberry and gold manicure

Raspberry manicure with gold looks truly luxurious:

  • golden elements used for decoration are presented in the form of such details as sparkles, kamifubiki, small golden pebbles. They can be laid out to a greater or lesser extent, filling the entire surface of the nail or only a certain part of it;
  • a golden rub can be used, focusing on a particular finger.

crimson and gold manicure

Manicure raspberry with silver

Similarly, with a golden version, a delicate light or bright red-crimson manicure, decorated with a silver decor, looks like. If gold decoration is preferable for the fair sex, who have a warm dark skin tone, then the silver variation is ideal for fair-skinned young ladies with a cold color type.

raspberry manicure with silver

Raspberry manicure with rubbing

Girls who want to attract maximum attention to themselves can use a bright raspberry manicure for this, complemented by a shiny rubbing:

  • this technique can be applied on all fingers or only on some of them, alternating the design with a matte or regular glossy finish;
  • a rich base coat can alternate with some other color, for example, a raspberry manicure with blue is a very memorable option;
  • the rub is perfectly combined with rhinestones, they can be located at the base of the nail in the hole area or laid out in the form of stripes.

raspberry manicure with rubbing

Lunar raspberry manicure

A very original kind of moon nail art is the corresponding manicure with raspberry varnish:

  • in a saturated tone, the base or area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole can be taken;
  • the hole can be transparent or colored;
  • the design can be made as bright as possible if an original print consisting of many details is placed on top of the hole painted in a catchy color;
  • a common design is laying out holes with rhinestones.

moon raspberry manicure

Raspberry manicure «cat’s eye»

Another stylish design solution will be a beautiful raspberry manicure made using the «cat’s eye» technique:

  • the peculiarity of this design is that the nail plates look at the same time shiny, iridescent and voluminous;
  • such nail art is extremely catchy in itself, you can make it even more memorable with the help of rhinestones.

raspberry cat eye manicure

Raspberry manicure «geometry»

You can make a design that matches the latest fashion trends — this is a crimson manicure with black, white or some other color, which is made with all kinds of geometric shapes applied:

  1. Squares, rhombuses, rectangles or triangles can be depicted, which are located in close proximity to each other or in an arbitrary order. In the first case, they can be separated from each other by drawing lines applied with varnish or silver or golden sparkles.
  2. You can give the image a romantic touch by applying all kinds of circles that are associated with peas to the surface of the nail plates. They can be of different sizes, their combination with any other figures is allowed.
  3. The application of geometry can consist of drawing lines, which can be straight, zigzag, parallel to each other or intersecting with each other.

raspberry manicure geometry

Raspberry ombre manicure

A combination of several colors can be incredibly well designed if you create a raspberry manicure with an ombre design:

  • the gradient may contain a smooth transition from one tone to another;
  • not only two, but also more shades can be used, which gradually flow into one another;
  • Ombre can be done using a special technique, which consists in the use of small diamonds arranged in a special way, which creates a gradient effect.

raspberry ombre manicureraspberry manicure with design

Matte raspberry manicure

Nail art can acquire expensive and luxurious notes if it is made in a matte version:

  • absolutely any color scheme can be used, this is a gray-raspberry manicure, and a design using black, white, any bright, pastel color;
  • it is important to combine different types of coatings, it can be a glossy varnish, a mirror rub, a coating that has a velvety structure;
  • many of the fair sex prefer to use rhinestone decoration, pebbles stand out very favorably against the background of a matte base.

matte raspberry manicureraspberry manicure


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