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Very often, women complain about their non-ideal forms, they are unhappy with something and, of course, want to fix it by resorting to different methods and diets. But as for the “rectangle” figure, the situation here is somewhat different. In women with this type of figure, the proportions of the shoulders, waist and hips are equal. And that doesn’t mean being overweight. Today we’ll talk about what to do if you have a rectangular figure and how to learn how to correctly place the right accents.

Clothes for the type of figure «rectangle»

The main task is to select the right wardrobe for this type of figure, and since there is practically no waist, you need to focus on it, but do it right.

Very often, the owners of the «rectangle» figure are girls with an athletic physique. In order to create a more feminine look, stylists recommend choosing the right styles of clothing with great care. Namely, clothing should be one that emphasizes the waistline, or if you like blouses, then choose models with ruffles, flounces and other decorative elements. If you are choosing a dress or an evening outfit, then make sure that the emphasis is on the waist on the model. If this is a pencil dress, then the waist can be highlighted with a contrasting wide belt. You can also visually narrow it by choosing models of dresses with a fluffy skirt. A long orange chiffon dress with a deep side slit and a fairly loose top will look very impressive. The upper part can be made in the form of a bat, due to which the sleeves and the top of the outfit will be wide and free. The waist should be emphasized with an elegant metal belt, and you will get a very feminine and sexy look. In this image, the “rectangle” figure will turn into an hourglass shape.

If we are talking about the “full rectangle” type of figure, then stylists recommend wearing clothes that, on the contrary, do not focus on the waist. Clothing should be loose or slightly fitted. A-line pieces will help you look more feminine, and dresses with a geometric pattern that creates a waist effect will help you achieve the desired result, be beautiful and slim.

Celebrity figures are also no exception, so there are many actresses, singers and Olympic champions who are of the «rectangle» type. For example, prominent representatives are Julia Roberts, Anna Kournikova, Keira Knightley, Cameron Diaz, Mischa Barton and even Princess Diana. As you can see, the stars with a «rectangle» figure are beautiful, sexy and successful women. Start looking at yourself with different eyes and, together with the right wardrobe, you can prove to everyone that your shape is everyone’s dream!


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