Red and blue manicure - 30 photo ideas for the most fashionable design

Often, to cover the nail plates, girls use several color shades at once, which harmonize well with each other. One of the most successful combinations is a red and blue manicure, which suits absolutely all the fair sex.

Red-blue manicure 2018-2019

A magnificent manicure with red and blue varnish always adds solemnity and sophistication to the image. In 2018-2019, this design became one of the main hits, which was preferred by many girls and women of different ages. Red and blue manicure is one of those solutions that looks very harmonious and attractive in any form. So, for example, with the help of these two shades, you can make a charming French or moon nail art, use the color-block technique, decorate your nails with stamping and much more.

red blue manicure 2018 2019

Blue and red manicure on short nails

Owners of short claws should not overload the design of the nail plates too much. In this case, it is better to give preference to options in which most of the fingers are covered with a single-color gel polish, and the accent ones are highlighted with a different color, small-sized drawings, neat decor with rhinestones, and so on.

So, the optimal blue-red manicure on short claws is a combination of a monochromatic coating of both colors. At the same time, nail art, in which all nails are covered with bright red gel polish, and accent nails are highlighted with a calmer blue color, looks incredibly impressive and is suitable mainly for going out and club parties. The completely opposite nail art is more conservative and concise, so it can be used in everyday life.

In addition, the owners of short nail plates in 2018-2019 can consider the following options:

  • red and blue manicure with stripes in a marine style. Although such nail art looks great on claws of any length, for too short plates it is better to choose options with vertical stripes that can visually lengthen the claws and make them much more attractive;
  • lunar or French design, complemented by a small amount of rhinestones on accent fingers;
  • plain coating with a pattern applied to accent fingers using gel polish or acrylic paint of a different color;
  • Exquisite and elegant sequined design.

blue red manicure on short nails

Red and blue manicure on long nails

Fashionable red and blue manicure suits girls with any shape and length of the nail, however, the owners of long nail plates have more opportunities to create a design. So, if there is enough space on such claws, you can draw almost anything, and the design in this case will not look overloaded.

Just like on short nails, a red-blue marine manicure looks incredibly stylish and attractive on long nails, which becomes especially relevant on the eve of the summer holiday season. In addition, in such a situation, you can make a French design, including a reverse or inverted one, supplement nail art with monograms, openwork patterns, images on a floral or romantic theme, and other elements.

Separately, it is worth noting the red and blue manicure with the addition of white, which imitates the application of the flag of the Russian Federation or another state on the nail plates, the symbols of which are dominated by the same colors. Such a design can demonstrate to others the patriotism of its owner and will be incredibly appropriate during the World Cup, the Olympics and other similar events.

red and blue manicure on long nails

Blue and Red Manicure Ideas

Manicure options, blue with red, are incredibly diverse, so every woman can choose the right design. These colors are perfectly combined and harmonized with each other, so they look good when using any technique for combining them. In addition, if desired, they can be easily supplemented with various decorative elements and combined with other tones.

blue red manicure ideas

Manicure red-blue french

French manicure with red and blue varnish belongs to the category of fantasy, so not every young lady can decide on it. Meanwhile, this design looks very stylish, bright and unusual, so it can be used not only in everyday wear, but also on a special occasion. The colors in such nail art can be applied in different ways — it is interesting as a combination of a bright red surface and a blue smile line, as well as a reverse tandem.

In addition, red and blue tones can be used to complement other French designs. So, for example, with the help of drawings made using this interesting color combination, you can highlight the accent fingers in a classic French manicure with a nude surface and a snow-white smile line of a traditional shape.

manicure red blue french

Manicure blue with red and white

A charming manicure in blue and red tones, complemented by snow-white areas, always looks attractive. Even the simplest variation of nail art created using these colors will look advantageous. In most cases, a red-white-blue manicure is performed on a nautical or patriotic theme, although there are a huge variety of options for all occasions.

manicure blue with red and white

Red manicure with blue glitter

Sequins are very popular not only among nail artists, but also among those girls who prefer to take care of their hands on their own. They are incredibly easy to use, require little skill to apply, and can be part of a huge number of design variations.

Red and blue glitter manicure can be done in many different ways, for example:

  • cover the bright red base with blue sparkles, both all fingers and exclusively accent ones;
  • all kinds of combinations of glitter and red-blue colors;
  • drawing with the help of sparkles the flags of different countries — British, American, Russian and others;
  • the image of triangles and other geometric shapes;
  • ombre with sequins;
  • moon or French manicure with separation of the main surface and the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole (smile) with a strip of sparkles.

Red manicure with blue glitter

Red manicure with a blue pattern

A bright red and blue manicure in itself looks very interesting, regardless of what decorative elements were used to decorate it. In addition, in some situations, such nail art is supplemented with thematic drawings that can demonstrate the mood of its owner or her attitude to a particular environment. The most popular options among the possible images are the following:

  • flowers, leaves and twigs;
  • hearts and emoticons;
  • funny cartoon characters;
  • to complement nail art in a marine style — anchors, shells, starfish and much more;
  • fruits and berries;
  • cats and dogs, as well as their footprints.

red manicure with blue pattern

Red manicure with blue flowers

A red manicure with a dark blue floral pattern looks absolutely charming, able to emphasize the femininity and natural charm of its owner. Such nail art may be appropriate in everyday life, however, its main purpose is to complement evening dresses while visiting exhibitions, theaters and other similar events.

The size and shape of flowers to decorate this design must be selected taking into account the type of nail plates — short claws should not be overloaded with too large patterns, and almost anything can be depicted on long ones. The somewhat rough square shape of the plates can be softened with large, slightly blurry buds.

red manicure with blue flowers

Marine red and blue manicure

In the summer season, when many girls go on vacation to the sea or ocean, a beautiful manicure with red and blue varnish, made in a marine style, becomes especially relevant. The simplest variation of such nail art is a combination of multi-colored stripes, mostly horizontal. To diversify this design, it can be supplemented with thematic drawings — an anchor, shells, inhabitants of the deep sea and other similar elements.

sea ​​red blue manicure

Red and blue moon manicure

In today’s popular lunar technique, making a red-blue manicure with gel polish is not at all difficult. As in the case of a jacket, you can combine colors here in different ways — more daring and self-confident girls will like the option in which the base is covered with bright red varnish, and the lunula area is highlighted in blue, while the reverse option is more suitable for modest and somewhat shy young ladies .

In addition, the design of the nail plates looks very interesting, in which the fingers are painted in different colors, including using a horizontal gradient technique, and the hole area on each of them is highlighted with sparkles or rhinestones. If desired, it can be supplemented with neat monograms or an openwork pattern on accent claws.

red blue moon manicure

Red and blue manicure with stripes

Exquisite red and blue manicure can always be complemented with stripes that will make it much more stylish and attractive. The striped print can be attributed to the classics for a long time, since it does not lose its position over time, and this applies not only to clothing and accessories, but is also actively spreading to manicure art.

To create a similar design, stripes can be drawn or you can use a special foil, thanks to which the nails acquire an unusual shine and original appearance. The thickness and direction of the strips should be chosen according to your own preferences, however, young ladies need to take into account that thin vertically directed lines will look much better on short claws.

red and blue manicure with stripes

Red and blue manicure with rhinestones

A stylish red and blue manicure can be diversified in many different ways, one of the most popular among which is rhinestone decor. These shiny stones have been used in the world of nail art for many years and are always in high demand because they do not require any special skills for their application and look very attractive.

You can complement the nail design with rhinestones in different ways. So, with their help, nail art masters lay out all kinds of patterns on accent fingers, randomly cover the plates of all nails with them, or use them to complement such popular nail art options as French or moon. In addition, rhinestones are very successfully combined with bouillons.

red blue manicure with rhinestones

Red and blue ombre manicure

The ombre technique can make a red-blue manicure sparkle with new colors. These tones harmonize perfectly with each other, so they will look great both in the case of a vertical and in the case of a horizontal shade transition. In addition, you can use the third color scheme, for example, by making red-white and blue-white overflows on different claws. This design will look very elegant and unusual, so it will not leave its owner unnoticed.

red and blue ombre manicure

Red and blue manicure for the New Year

Many young ladies wear a monochromatic coating throughout the year, however, on the eve of any holidays or important events, they strive to diversify their nail art and make it more vivid, interesting and original. For example, with the approach of the main night of the year, the choice of many modern fashionistas often falls on the New Year’s red and blue manicure, of which there can be a lot of options.

So, this design can be decorated with drawings of Santa Claus, Christmas decorations, gifts, Christmas trees of different sizes. A combination of “candy” nail art, which is an alternation of red and white stripes directed diagonally, and thematic patterns applied using blue acrylic paint, will look charming.

red and blue manicure for the new year


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