Red jacket on nails - a selection of fashion ideas for all occasions

A red jacket on nails is a great alternative to the classic snow-white French manicure. In this color, he looks especially defiant, luxurious and tasteful. Red is the color of passion, vitality and strong-willed character. It will perfectly fit into the image of stylish, extraordinary and extravagant personalities.

Red french on nails 2019

A red shiny jacket on nails is an interesting way to diversify a traditional plain manicure with gel polish or shellac. There are many options to diversify the color jacket and make it unique and exclusive. How fashionable to design a red jacket:

  1. reverse french. A novelty in manicure design, where the jacket does not appear on the free edge, but under the cuticle. By making a wide smile line in this way and drawing the holes in a different contrasting color, a design is created using two trending techniques.
  2. French gradient. It is permissible to decorate the smile line with different shades along with a red soft transition of tones. The best combinations of red with black, orange and white.
  3. Design with negative space. To complete this design, you will need to leave an unpainted section of the nail between the camouflage base and the red zone of the jacket. This technique is new, but rapidly gaining momentum and creating its own army of fans.

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Red jacket for short nails

Red jacket on oval nails of short length — looks elegant, stylish and concise. A short nail plate is the best choice for embodying a classic jacket in non-classical colors. If you want to deviate a little from tradition and add decor, there are several suitable options:

  1. Lunar French. The combination of these two trendy techniques in one coating has found recognition and won the hearts of many fashionistas. Holes and smile lines are painted with the same or different colors, decorated with rhinestones or borders are drawn in a contrasting color.
  2. modeling. An excellent choice for a solemn, festive manicure. On short nails, minimal floral modeling will be great. This design will especially appeal to brides in a scarlet themed wedding.

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Red jacket for long nails

Golden jacket on red nails — an original interpretation. It looks great, rich and unconventional. This is not the only interesting design that is done on long nails. The impressive size of the nail plate allows you to perform all kinds of decor, because there is plenty of space on it for the realization of various ideas and fantasies. Interesting design for long nails:

  1. multi-colored jacket. Unusual and playful manicure with alternating red and white stripes in the area of ​​the smile line. You can add another blue stripe and you will get a wonderful summer manicure in a marine theme.
  2. transparent red french. A new fashionable design, which is carried out with a special translucent red extension gel. They lay out the area of ​​the free edge, and the rest of the nail area is covered with a transparent or nude base.


Red french on almond nails

A red jacket on almond-shaped nails looks advantageous even without unnecessary embellishments. This form, similar to the nut of the same name, is incredibly stylish and loved by most of the fair sex. If you want to somehow embellish and diversify the design, you can resort to several simple methods:

  1. double smile line. This design is performed on long, extended nails, at the same time, a well-curved smile line is interrupted, leaving a transparent area unpainted, and after a certain distance it again covers the rest of the regrown edge. This unusual design can be decorated with decorative nail piercings and it will embellish with a vengeance.
  2. Geometry. So I have an unusual and stylish shape of nails, which will be favorably emphasized by discreet geometric elements, they can be decorated with sparkles, mica and rhinestones.


Red jacket on sharp nails

Red jacket on sharp nails 2019 looks extravagant and not primitive. This form of nails is not used often and from this it becomes more tempting for girls who love individuality. Sharp nails are chosen for summer, informal and extraordinary manicure. How to decorate sharp nails in an original way:

  1. Back french. This unique technology consists in the fact that the inner side of the nail is painted red, and the outer visible side is painted simply with nude camouflage and decorated with decor.
  2. Stilettos with aquarium. A long nail plate with sharp stilettos is the perfect canvas for an unusual aquarium design. It looks festive and luxurious, to create the most fashionable nail art.


Red french on square nails

The red and blue jacket on the nails evokes thoughts of the sea and vests, although this color combination can be arranged in different ways, not even remotely resembling a marine theme. What are the most fashionable options for a jacket on square nails:

  1. Straight french manicure. It is indicated by a straight line of color transition, and not the usual semicircle.
  2. geometric abstraction. A square is the most convenient for making geometric lines, multi-colored uneven shapes and abstraction.
  3. Broken glass. Multi-colored cutting foil of asymmetric shapes will perfectly fit into the red color of the service jacket.


red french nail ideas

A red jacket with flowers on the nails is an attractive floristic idea. Many techniques are performed on the red base of the French manicure. Fashion trends of red French manicure and ideas for their implementation:

  1. fruit drawing. Using the New York technique of highlighting one nail with a different color, you can paint a single finger with a different color and put an image of a fruit on it. For a red jacket, it is preferable to draw an apple, watermelon, strawberries and other red fruits to match the coating.
  2. veil effect. Apply black translucent varnish as a base, draw a red jacket and apply a pattern imitating lace — the basic requirements for creating a manicure resembling a veil.


Red french on nails with rhinestones

A red jacket on almond nails, decorated with all kinds of stone patterns, is luxurious, elegant and chic. Rhinestones bring radiance and charming brilliance to the image, they adorn the well-groomed fingers of their owner. Which design with rhinestones to choose for the implementation of beautiful nail art:

  1. Rdifferent rhinestones. A composition of rhinestones of different diameters and colors will help create an unusual sparkling crystal pattern.
  2. Rhinestone pattern. A sketch of the upcoming drawing is preliminarily drawn, on top of which small rhinestones are laid out, repeating its outlines.
  3. Crystal minimalism. A thin line of small pebbles, or single inclusions of rhinestones will achieve the effect of conciseness and discreet chic.


Red and white french nails

A red jacket with a design on one nail is easiest to do on a contrasting white base. Red and white is a harmonious classic combination that has not gone out of fashion for centuries. What manicure can be performed in this color scheme:

  1. Solid red and white jacket. You can paint over the smile line with white on a red background or vice versa. Effective and unusual design solution.
  2. Decoration on a white background. On a snow-white background, any kind of design is carried out. The most fashionable lately are all kinds of inscriptions. Separate meaningful words, semantic phrases and affirmations are written on the nail plate to cheer up and self-esteem.


Red and black french nails

Red jacket on black nails is an incredibly stylish and trendy idea of ​​​​modern nail art. This color combination suggests the creation of an interesting and daring manicure. What can be done on nails in black and red colors:

  1. french gradient. The most stylish interpretation of the traditional jacket is to perform it in the ombre technique with a smooth transition of red and black shades.
  2. Black craquelure. To perform a manicure in this technology, you need to paint over the smile line with red varnish, on top of which apply a special craquelure coating, as it dries, it will crack, forming an interesting pattern.
  3. Drawing a pattern in black. The black color is ideal for differentiating different elements. An interesting solution would be to outline the entire perimeter of the red smile line in black.


Red jacket with gold nails

A beautiful red jacket on nails with gold elements looks expensive and luxurious. Gold will bring chic and richness to the image, and it goes well with the red tint. An unusual red jacket with gold is performed in the following ways:

  1. Gold casting. A very beautiful version of the three-dimensional pattern with the help of gold casting. It is ideal for creating vintage patterns and intricate monograms.
  2. Gold transfer foil. Another beautiful design using gold transfer foil to create the visual feel of a golden milky way on the nail plate.
  3. golden liquid mica. It is a varnish with particles of gold sequins of different sizes. Provides even application and the effect of volume filling with sparkles.


Red french on nails with sparkles

A red jacket on nails with glitter decor is a wonderful solution for a cute, playful, sparkling manicure. Glitter can be added to the manicure in different ways and each design will be unique and inimitable. Brilliant Red French Nail Ideas:

  1. Brilliant smile line. The free edge of the nail is decorated not with red varnish, but with red sparkles.
  2. Brilliant three-dimensional pattern. A red jacket is made, several nails are isolated with a single-color contrasting coating, a pattern is applied to it with a thick gel, the top of which is strewn with red sparkles.
  3. Colored shiny french. The base is painted red, and the smile line is covered with sparkles of various colors, combined with scarlet.


Red french with silver nails

French on nails with red varnish has many varieties, and one of them is the use of silver decor. Silver will make a wonderful tandem with all shades of red colors. In what form is silver appropriate on a red jacket:

  1. Decorative rivets. Silver domed rivets for decorating nails will make any design stylish and fashionable. They come in different shapes and sizes to bring the most exclusive ideas to life.
  2. Silver french. It is possible to perform a French manicure with silver sparkles, making a clear smile line with them or carefully shading it using the gradient technique.


Red matte french on nails

The French on the nails of red color covered with a velor top will improve and enhance the beauty of nail art. This type of coating beckons to create a non-trivial design. Matte jacket fashion ideas:

  1. Reverse matte french with gradient. This is just a hit of the fashion trends of the nail service, combining several top techniques. The smile line remains unpainted at the base of the nail, the rest of it is done in red colors using the ombre technique and covered with a matte top.
  2. Combined coverage. A geometric non-standard jacket in red tones is decorated with a matte and glossy finish at the same time.


Red french on nails with a pattern

Red jacket on nails 2019 with a pattern is a common design option with many fantasy manifestations. The beauty world of the manicure industry is rich in a variety of accessories for drawing on the nail bed. The drawing is done by hand, using a design slider, stamping and stickers for every taste. Which drawing is the most fashionable in the new season:

  1. Animal print. Wild animal coloring is in trend for defiant and daring designs.
  2. Floristics. A laconic single flower or a whole flower arrangement — the choice of individual taste preferences.
  3. Food. Fruits, desserts, ice cream and fast food are the most sought-after types of food displayed on nails.
  4. cartoon characters. Unpretentious cartoon and comic book characters will help you create a cute and naive design.



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