Red manicure with rhinestones - design ideas for long and short nails

Red manicure with rhinestones is a win-win option to create a bright and eye-catching bow. This is due to the unique combination of a rich shade and shiny pebbles that harmonize perfectly with each other. The main tone can vary, be very bold or more restrained.

Red manicure with rhinestones 2019 — fashion trends

The real trend of the coming year can be called a red manicure with rhinestones 2019. It is represented by such current trends:

  1. The design of the nail plates will largely depend on seasonality. So, for the winter period, the image of the corresponding paraphernalia is typical, it can be made on the theme of the New Year, for example, contain images of fir trees, snowmen, Christmas decorations, frosty patterns, snowflakes.
  2. For the summer season, the use of floral and floral ornaments is typical; they can be applied in calm or bright contrasting colors.
  3. Red manicure with rhinestones can be applied to any shape of nails, traditional almond-shaped, square, «ballerina». But it looks especially catchy and defiant on nails that have a pointed shape.
  4. There is a laconic design, where the luxury and richness of the image is achieved through the use of rich colors. This is especially true for matte finishes.
  5. Another option would be a plentiful decoration, not only with pebbles, but also with some additional decorative elements, for example, sparkles, all kinds of patterns.

red manicure with rhinestones 2019 fashion trends

Red manicure with rhinestones 2019

red with rhinestones manicure 2019manicure in red with rhinestones

Red manicure with rhinestones on short nails

Owners of shortened nail plates can also stand out if they create a red manicure with rhinestones on short nails:

  1. The coating must be applied especially carefully. This is due to the small surface of the nail plate, on which the slightest flaws will be noticeable.
  2. It is better to refrain from an abundance of decor so as not to make nail art unnecessarily overloaded. Decoration with pebbles in a single copy is welcome, or they can be located in several pieces on each finger.
  3. One of the fingers can be made a bright accent if you focus the location of the decor on it.

red manicure with rhinestones on short nails

Red manicure with rhinestones for long nails

A manicure in red with rhinestones looks truly amazing if it is applied to long nails:

  1. The advantage is that the stones can be arranged in absolutely any order, they can be in the form of horizontal or vertical lines, geometric shapes, floral or floral ornaments.
  2. A stone of any color can serve as the core of a flower traced around, which is applied using complex artistic lines.
  3. With the help of small rhinestones, all kinds of patterns can be laid out, with their help you can even depict openwork lace.
  4. Nails can be made even brighter if you apply some special technique, for example, this is a mirror rub or «cat’s eye».

red manicure with rhinestones for long nails

Red manicure with rhinestones for sharp nails

You can create a truly chic red manicure with rhinestones if you apply it on pointed nails. This variation of nail art will be reasonably associated with increased sexuality and seductiveness, since two components are used for this at once: a bright rich tone and a sharp shape of nails:

  1. A red manicure with rhinestones can have a different arrangement of decorative elements, they can be in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole or laid out in the form of a certain pattern. In this case, it would be advisable to apply it closer to that part of the nail that is in the form of a hole, and the pattern may narrow towards the tip. A striking example is the image of the Eiffel Tower.
  2. Pebbles can highlight any one finger and make it the main focus of stylish nail art. Traditionally, this technique is used on the ring finger.

red manicure with rhinestones on sharp nails

Red manicure ideas with rhinestones

Many stylists often use a beautiful red manicure with rhinestones when compiling fashionable bows:

  • nail art may contain a combination with other shades. White and black are the most popular;
  • classic design variations, such as French and moon nail art, will play incredibly colorful and catchy in this design;
  • you can enhance the effect of luxury and chic if you combine pebbles with sparkles;
  • gold and silver are an unsurpassed combination with scarlet. Moreover, they can be presented in the form of sparkles, foil and other decorative elements;
  • You can diversify a red manicure with rhinestones if you apply not a traditional glossy, but a matte finish.

red manicure ideas with rhinestones

Red manicure ideas with rhinestones

beautiful red manicure with rhinestoneschic red manicure with rhinestones

Manicure red jacket with rhinestones

A very original design solution when creating a classic variation of nail art would be to make a red French manicure with rhinestones:

  • a technique is common when the tip is drawn in scarlet, while the main part remains transparent;
  • the tip can be depicted as narrow or as wide as possible, in the latter case it can occupy half of the nail plate. The last design option is typical for elongated nails;
  • the tip is given a traditional rounded shape or is depicted as an inverted triangle. Rhinestones can separate the border that separates the scarlet drawing from the main part;
  • there is also an arbitrary arrangement of pebbles, for example, they can be laid out vertically in the form of a certain pattern or strip.

red manicure with rhinestones

Red matte manicure with rhinestones

A win-win technique to make nail art rich and mysterious is to create a manicure in red tones with rhinestones, made with matte varnish:

  1. The matte base gives depth to the image in itself, so you can limit yourself to using decorative elements in a minimal amount. Red matte manicure with rhinestones in any case will look extremely elegant and will attract attention.
  2. Matte varnish can be alternated with glossy, applying them alternately on different fingers or alternating in the form of longitudinal or transverse stripes. In the latter case, rhinestones can be laid out along these stripes and serve as a dividing border between them.

red matte manicure with rhinestonesmanicure in red tones with rhinestones

Red and black manicure with rhinestones

The combination of scarlet and black is reasonably recognized as one of the most successful. Therefore, a win-win way to complement a stylish sophisticated bow is to make a red manicure with rhinestones in combination with a black coating:

  • one or another tone may predominate, while they can alternate on different fingers or be combined on the nail plates;
  • the use of shades may vary, for example, fresh and as bright as possible scarlet is used or a dark red manicure with rhinestones is created, close to burgundy;
  • rhinestones can organically fit into the overall composition or serve as a clear dividing line between one and another shade.

red black manicure with rhinestonesred manicure with rhinestones 2019 fashion trends

Red and white manicure with rhinestones

A red winter manicure with rhinestones, which is made using snow-white color, looks truly fabulous and magical. This combination fits very organically into the New Year theme and can be made in the following variations:

  • very common and in demand on the eve of the New Year is the image of snow-white snowflakes, which stand out especially favorably against a scarlet background;
  • a red winter manicure with rhinestones may also contain images of snowmen, snowdrifts and other attributes characteristic of this time of year;
  • the drawing of delicate delicate patterns looks incredibly elegant and sophisticated, reminiscent of those that can be found on a winter window created as a result of frost.

red and white manicure with rhinestonesred winter manicure with rhinestones

Red moon manicure with rhinestones

An organic addition to any solemn event can be a red evening manicure with rhinestones, made in the form of a classic moon design:

  • the holes can be decorated in the traditional transparent version or lined with small rhinestones;
  • pebbles can also serve as a dividing line separating one area from another;
  • wells may be painted in the traditional rounded manner or depicted as triangular or reversed.

red moon manicure with rhinestonesred evening manicure with rhinestones

Red manicure with rhinestones and sparkles

Many stylists use all sorts of red manicure ideas with rhinestones and sparkles. Using two types of decorative components at once will help enhance the shimmering effect and make nail art even more catchy:

  • sequins can be small and located on the fingers in the form of a scattering. In this case, a stretching effect can be applied when there are more of them in one part and less in the other direction;
  • large kamifubiki of various shapes can be used, which are organically combined with rhinestones.

red manicure with rhinestones and sparkles

Red manicure with rhinestones and pattern

To create a festive theme, the image on the nails of various patterns is welcome:

  1. On the eve of the New Year, a red manicure with snowflakes and rhinestones is extremely relevant. These elements can be depicted in the form of several large details or a scattering of small ones. They can be painted with snow-white varnish or lined with rhinestones.
  2. Drawings can be very different, for example, contain geometry, floral, ethnic motifs. Only New Year’s themes can be depicted: snowmen, deer, mittens and other elements.

red manicure with rhinestones and pattern

Red manicure «cat’s eye» with rhinestones

A bright red manicure with cat-eye rhinestones looks extremely catchy and spectacular:

  • a brilliant coating will help enhance the already bright effect and make nail art incredibly festive;
  • both fresh scarlet and deep burgundy tones are used;
  • decor in the form of stones is often used on only one finger, this is the most organic way of decorating.

red cat eye manicure with rhinestones

Red and gold manicure with rhinestones

Another chic design technique will be a red manicure with rhinestones and gold:

  • this combination looks incredibly harmonious, which is due to the use of two “warm” components at once;
  • with the help of gold, stripes or openwork monograms can be drawn, giving a luxurious look;
  • golden elements can be used in the form of small or large sparkles, foil, pebbles.

red gold manicure with rhinestones

Red New Year’s manicure with rhinestones

Red manicure with rhinestones for the New Year enjoys constant popularity. Regardless of which symbol of the year is chosen, this shade is associated with a festive celebration:

  1. Whole pictures made on the New Year theme can be depicted on the nails. For example, these are images of snow-covered fir trees, snowdrifts, deer, winter landscapes, scattering of snowflakes, frosty openwork patterns.
  2. New Year’s decorative element can be applied in a single copy or in multiple quantities on different fingers.
  3. The use of scarlet color and a minimum of decor in the form of stones is also a great option for creating New Year’s nail art. It looks festive due to the use of only a bright tone that reminds of the upcoming celebration.

red New Year's manicure with rhinestones


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