Red New Year's manicure - 44 photo ideas for short and long nails

Red New Year’s manicure gives joy and good mood. This color will be a great holiday addition. An important point in compiling an organic bow is its combination with other suitable colors and decorative elements.

Red New Year’s manicure 2019

Many stylists suggest using New Year’s manicure 2019 in red colors. It is characterized by the following tendencies:

  1. 2019 — Yellow Earth Pig, it is associated with rich tones, so every lady should carefully consider the nail art that will be superimposed on well-groomed hands.
  2. The design should not use boring colors and simple decor. Masters often turn to a coating known as «cat’s eye».
  3. In the coming year, a reddish-brown gamma will be relevant, which will be complemented by the brilliance of gold, silver and other brilliant shades.

red New Year's manicure 2019

Red New Year’s manicure 2019

New Year's manicure 2019 in red colorsred nails christmas design

Red New Year’s manicure 2019 for short nails

Many designers, creating a New Year’s manicure in red, use a variety of ideas, which are expressed as follows:

  1. In winter, you can apply the «sweater» decoration, it looks great on short nails. Nail art with knitting elements can be applied to nails in different ways. More popular shades will be brown, white and scarlet.
  2. Acrylic powder or velvet sand will help to add volume to the nails.
  3. On short nails, a matte base is often applied, which is complemented by relief patterns in the form of a Christmas tree or snowflakes.
  4. On short nails, a winter ornament and drawings with geometric shapes are welcome.
  5. There may be longitudinal stripes that are decorated with sparkles.
  6. The red New Year’s manicure «cat’s eye» looks unsurpassed.

red New Year's manicure 2019 for short nails

Red New Year’s manicure 2019 for long nails

Designers will be able to fully realize their imagination by creating a stylish red New Year’s manicure:

  • you can use many different techniques, for example, add lace and sequins;
  • very out of place in nail art will have to use acrylic paints;
  • ethnic motifs can be applied;
  • the most suitable colors will be brown, burgundy, orange and yellow;
  • the palette will be associated with frosty freshness if white and blue are used;
  • scarlet can be used in a small amount, for example, only individual details of the pattern on the nail are decorated.

red New Year's manicure 2019 for long nails

Red New Year’s Manicure Ideas

Such an original design as a New Year’s manicure in red tones can be created in a variety of variations:

  1. This winter, masters will resort to shimmering or white powder, to mirror rubs with a metallic sheen, to gel polishes with a chrome effect.
  2. Thematic drawings continue to be classics, only they are presented in a new version. These are voluminous balls, lace, snowballs and mittens.
  3. Geometry made in winter colors will be relevant.
  4. When creating a red New Year’s manicure, it is recommended to pay attention to the ideas of winter that come to life. So, white snowflakes, bows, Christmas trees look great.
  5. The scarlet color can be replaced by burgundy shades, decoration with rhinestones or gold sparkles can be used.

red christmas manicure ideasNew Year's manicure in red tones

Red New Year’s Manicure Ideas

New Year's manicure with red lacquer

Red New Year’s jacket

A great variation of the traditional nail art can be a New Year’s manicure «red jacket». For its design, various design solutions are used:

  1. Nail art harmoniously looks with many images, it complements the elongated figure-hugging dress with a slit along the leg especially effectively.
  2. Red New Year’s French manicure looks perfect on nails of any shape and length. The tip or base can be dyed scarlet. This shade is perfectly combined with snow-white and black tones.
  3. French can be supplemented with original drawings that are made on the basis and fit into the overall concept.
  4. French can be decorated with snowmen, Christmas trees, snowflakes, Christmas decorations, fireworks, crackers and Santa Claus.
  5. One of the original ideas is to cover several nails with a frosty pattern, and the rest are done in a classic style.
  6. French can be complemented by glitter, stars or the moon.

red christmas jacket

Red New Year’s manicure with gold

One of the most spectacular design solutions is rightly recognized as a red and gold New Year’s manicure:

  • spectacular nail art is obtained using scarlet or burgundy varnish with a metallic structure;
  • you can make accents only on a few shiny nail plates;
  • as gold, shiny varnish or a special foil that is applied to the nails can be used;
  • geometric figures are drawn with gold, snowflakes or one finger is completely covered with a brilliant component.

red New Year's manicure with gold

Red and white New Year’s manicure

The red New Year’s manicure looks incredibly stylish and elegant, the design of which includes snow-white components:

  • a scarlet background is often applied to the nail, which is complemented by a festive white pattern. It can be Christmas toys, decorations;
  • in such shades, you can present knitted nail art, it looks very interesting and really wintery;
  • the main tone can be supplemented not only with exclusively snow-white, but also with a slightly creamy, beige, coffee or milky shade. From this combination, you can create a velvety, fluffy, soft and defiant design, especially if flock material is used.

red and white New Year's manicurered christmas manicure design

Green and red New Year’s manicure

One of the most organic additions to the festive bow are red nails, the New Year’s design of which includes a green tone:

  • the green color perfectly demonstrates the solemn mood, because with its help you can create a Christmas tree on your fingers;
  • you can use glossy varnishes with a shimmer, which perfectly convey the festive mood;
  • there are a few more variations that will help convey the combination of green and scarlet. These are characters from fairy tales, a snowman, Santa Claus or Christmas decorations that can emphasize the magic of the upcoming holiday;
  • you can use a plant theme, this is an image of a Christmas tree on nails, reminiscent of home comfort;
  • frosty patterns and swirls can also be used in a romantic way;
  • snowflakes applied to the nail plates can be complemented with red-green sequins that will bring a festive mood.

green with red New Year's manicure

Red glitter New Year’s manicure

To make the New Year’s nail design in red even more vivid and memorable, you can decorate the nail plates with sparkles:

  • you can stop at such an option as glossy nail art with “kamifubuki” sparkles, these shiny elements can be of different shapes and come in different colors;
  • the jacket can also be supplemented with small amounts of sparkles or they can completely cover one finger;
  • a Christmas toy can be applied to a red New Year’s manicure to present it perfectly, it is covered with sparkles;
  • the design can be complemented by silver glitter, which can occupy a small part on the nail in the form of a strip of sparkles.

red glitter New Year's manicure

Red matte New Year’s manicure

A red matte manicure with a New Year’s design looks truly luxurious:

  • this option dictates conciseness and restraint, but it is extremely expressive, which is its main advantage;
  • a fashion trend can be called such a design as four nails covered with a matte finish, and one is made in brilliant accents;
  • as a catchy addition, a shiny detail or volumetric element is used;
  • velvet sand is one of the types of matte coating, it is very popular. The scarlet base and white velvet sand, which imitates fluffy snow, will look excellent on the nails.

red matte New Year's manicure

Red New Year’s manicure with silver

A burgundy-red New Year’s manicure decorated with silver looks extremely catchy and spectacular:

  • a silver effect can be created using foil, with its help silver stripes of a jacket, holes, strokes or all kinds of shapes are created;
  • precious stones can add luxury;
  • nail plates can be decorated with small glitter, large silver sparkles. This option may be appropriate on one of the nails or a delightful decor will decorate each finger;
  • silver sequins can be combined with rhinestones, pebbles, or sand powder is used to create patterns, lines, geometry, or decorative painting or modeling is used to add beauty;
  • the silver addition fits perfectly on the red stylish New Year’s manicure with a mirror finish;
  • a scarlet rub can be complemented with silver pebbles to make a chic nail art.

red New Year's manicure with silver

Red and black New Year’s manicure

The New Year’s nail design on a red background, containing a black pattern, looks very advantageous:

  • This design is suitable for confident and courageous ladies. These two colors can be combined in a discreet version of the jacket, complemented by sparkles;
  • on the nail plates there may be artistic painting, during the creation of which you can use holiday motifs;
  • the pattern can be distinguished on a dark background using acrylic paints;
  • snow curls can be used, pebbles or rhinestones can be applied to them;
  • the gradient looks great, which goes from scarlet to black, while you can add all kinds of elements to the base.

red black New Year's manicure

Red New Year’s manicure with a pattern

The New Year’s manicure on a red background, containing thematic drawings, looks extremely original:

  • it can be snowmen, Christmas trees, snowflakes, Christmas decorations or even mittens;
  • Each drawing can be drawn to the smallest detail. Brilliant elements are applied to the mitten, snowflakes are drawn in great detail, using different techniques for applying them;
  • stars can also become part of nail art; for expressiveness, they are framed with sparkles and rhinestones;
  • original drawings are used: these are deer, clocks and Santa Claus;
  • Christmas trees decorated with snow or toys are depicted on the nails;
  • Recently, a Christmas wreath has become popular, which is drawn with a brush and decorated with rhinestones on top;
  • Another original option is a winter hat with sequins.

red New Year's manicure with a pattern

Red New Year’s manicure with a pattern

New Year's manicure on a red backgroundred christmas manicure design

Red New Year’s manicure with rhinestones

The New Year’s manicure with red varnish, decorated with rhinestones, looks extremely elegant:

  • the choice can be stopped at any size of pebbles;
  • a jacket is laid out from rhinestones or individual fingers are decorated with them;
  • rhinestones can be of completely different colors, their main purpose is to highlight a separate part of the picture.

red New Year's manicure with rhinestones

Red New Year’s manicure with the symbol of the year

New Year’s nail design in red tones, containing the image of a pig, a symbol of the approaching year, is reasonably recognized as a fashion trend for a festive night:

  • it is better to apply the drawing on the ring finger, while you can use different techniques;
  • to appease the mistress of the year, you can turn to rich, catchy colors that look luxurious;
  • it is worth resorting to decorating with sparkling elements;
  • burgundy shade will be very fashionable in the coming year and can fit perfectly into the evening look.

red New Year's manicure with the symbol of the year


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