Retro style - in clothes and shoes for girls and women

Modern stylists and designers very often draw ideas for their inspiration from the past. Fashion does not stand still, and many trends that have previously lost their relevance again come to the fore and win the hearts of girls and women. Fashionistas of all ages simply adore the retro style and appreciate it for its brightness and showiness.

Retro style in clothes

The concept of retro style in clothing for women includes a huge variety of fashion trends, styles and variations. All designers and fashion experts define the boundaries of this direction in different ways. In most cases, when defining retro trends, experts mean any things that were created in the period from the twenties to the seventies of the last century.

All the images, which are based on the retro style, look incredibly impressive, bright and original. However, it can be very difficult to combine them with each other, since there is always a high probability of looking funny or ridiculous. In addition, improperly selected vintage clothes or accessories can visually age its owner and add several years to her appearance.

retro style in clothes for womenretro clothing style

Retro style dresses

The retro direction offers a huge variety of models of feminine dresses that create stylish and elegant looks for all time. Depending on the specific period, the fair sex could wear long or short products, models with a puffy or tight skirt, with rich trim or laconic design. So, in different eras, girls and women chose the following options:

  • in the 1920s, the Chicago under-style dominated, in which dresses were characterized by a low waistline, loose top and rich drapery. In addition, these products were necessarily supplemented with chic decorative elements — fluffy boas and collars, original cloche hats, natural pearl jewelry, and so on;
  • in the 1930s, aristocratic products made from light flowing materials were popular. Today, the trends of this era are very often used to create beautiful evening dresses that emphasize a seductive and feminine silhouette;
  • in the 1940s, fashion underwent major changes under the influence of the outbreak of war. Wardrobe items at that time began to look very simple, modest and touching. However, this period brought us one of the most popular styles — retro polka dot dress;
  • in the 1950s, the pin-up style climbed onto the fashionable Olympus. Women again began to look impressive and luxurious. From this era, dresses came to us with a puffy layered skirt and an accentuated waistline;
  • in the 1960s, girls began to show their sexuality openly. Mini-length and bold, daring looks appeared, often with a touch of unisex;
  • The 1970s brought the widest variety of models. From here came fitted and spacious shirt dresses, pleating and graceful models with a short skirt and a simple print. Around the same time, the batwing sleeve appeared, which very often characterizes the retro style and complements both everyday and evening outfits.

retro dressesretro clothing style

Retro style skirt

Charming and incredibly feminine, the retro-style skirts have a high waistline, which makes them look great on any figure. Such products can be of any length, however, the most popular option is models just below the knee. In addition, pleated skirts and a pencil skirt with ruffles and flounces can also be attributed to the retro direction.

retro skirtretro style skirts

Retro style jeans

You can create an image in retro style with the help of the most popular model of pants — denim jeans. Today, such trousers include models that flared from the knee, which were incredibly popular in the 1950s and 1960s, as well as momjeans, which became relevant in the 1980s and 1990s. Although the latter are very often chosen by girls who prefer a retro style, it should be understood that this style suits exceptionally tall and slender fashionistas, and the figure of overweight ladies can be presented in the most unfavorable light.

retro style jeansretro look

Retro blouses

Like all retro-style clothing for girls, blouses from this trend are incredibly feminine and sophisticated. They are characterized by rounded collars or stands, some models are decorated with rich frills, flounces or bows. Although such products can be plain, in most cases they are decorated with delicate embroidery, lace trim or a cute print. In addition, retro fashion does not tolerate artificial materials, so all blouses related to this direction are made of cotton, linen, crepe de chine, chiffon, silk or organza.

retro style blousesretro clothing for girls

Retro coat

The women’s retro coat looks more like a dress, making it feminine and elegant for any occasion. As a rule, such products have a length just above the knee, a fitted or semi-fitted silhouette and a flirty fluffy hem. In addition, such models can be decorated with ruffles and flounces, a playful belt or fur trim.

retro coatwomen's retro coat

Retro leather jackets

Fashionable retro style for girls also includes a lot of wardrobe items made of genuine leather, which find their place in the wardrobe of the vast majority of young ladies. An incredibly popular leather jacket can also be attributed to this direction, although this style has remained relevant for several decades and acquires new features every season. In addition, in the middle of the twentieth century, wide-shouldered genuine leather jackets were a real hit, which can now be found in the collections of many manufacturers.

retro leather jackets

Retro raincoat

All retro-style outerwear has a unique cut that can mask any flaws and make the figure of its owner as attractive as possible. Raincoats are no exception, which in most cases have a flared hem that hides excessively wide hips and massive buttocks, and a single-breasted fastener that visually stretches the silhouette.

In addition, in such models there is often a turn-down collar, which visually reduces the volume of the upper body. Since retro fashion always creates the most feminine and graceful looks, a raincoat from previous eras should be combined with elegant hats, long gloves, flying scarves and laconic shoes with neat low heels.

retro raincoat

Retro swimsuit

Charming retro swimwear is chosen by those fashionistas who want to remain in the spotlight even on the beach. Such products do not leave anyone indifferent and can decorate any young lady, however, it can be difficult to choose their model and style correctly. So, depending on the shape of the body and build, women should choose the following options:

  • one-piece swimsuits, made in black and white, with stripes of various thicknesses are ideal for full ladies who have extra pounds in different areas of the body;
  • girls of short stature should choose models of light color shades, decorated with a floral print;
  • beauties with a pear-shaped silhouette are best suited for a retro-style swimsuit with a high waist and drapery on the bodice, which visually enlarges the chest and makes the figure more proportional;
  • You can remove the disproportion with the help of contrasting color combinations.

retro swimsuithigh waist retro swimsuit

Retro style wedding dresses

Since the retro direction covers an impressive period of time, all wedding dresses of this period can be divided into several eras:

  • the Victorian era means snow-white hourglass dresses with a mandatory attribute in the form of a belt at the waist. Such models are almost always complemented by lace trim and an exquisite retro-style wedding hairstyle;
  • gorgeous high-waisted dresses with long, flowing skirts come from the 1920s;
  • in the 1930s, dresses with a train reigned on the fashion catwalks;
  • starting from the 1940s and 1950s, dresses with bare shoulders and full skirts came into fashion. To make them more conservative, such dresses are usually complemented with long sleeve boleros;
  • the retro style also includes the most concise models with a minimalist design, such as those in the style of «dudes»;
  • finally, in the 1970s and 1980s, all kinds of robes with lace trim prevailed. In order for a wedding look based on such products to look harmonious and attractive, it should be complemented by an elegant hairstyle, neat retro-style shoes and suitable accessories.

retro style wedding dressesretro style in clothes for women

Retro lingerie

For girls who prefer to dress in clothes from previous eras, designers have developed a lot of collections of panties and bras, reminiscent of the same wardrobe items from the 1920s-1970s. Retro style lingerie has the following distinctive features:

  • moderately closed bras that do not expose the chest;
  • panties with high waist;
  • feminine garters;
  • slimming corsets;
  • wide belts for stockings.

retro lingerieretro lingerie

Retro hairstyles

The choice of retro hairstyles is incredibly wide. They allow you to always look as feminine, elegant and attractive as possible, so many young ladies choose them for their own wedding or other type of celebration. As a rule, long curls are required to create such styling, although this is not always the case. Among girls and women, the following retro hairstyles for long hair are especially common:

  • flowing wave;
  • asymmetric roller;
  • hairstyle a la Marilyn Monroe;
  • babette;
  • The Great Gatsby.

retro hairstylesretro hairstyles for long hair

Makeup in retro style

The art of applying makeup does not stand still, and the trendy retro style can be clearly seen in this direction. At the same time, experts share the makeup of the early 1920s and the various methods of applying decorative cosmetics, as in the middle of the century. So, at the beginning of the century, girls preferred neat lips with a “bow”, underlined by red or peach lipstick, thin eyebrows with a slight bend and smokey eye makeup. In addition, special attention was paid to the eyelashes, which were supposed to be long and fluffy.

In the middle of the century, on the contrary, bright, playful and flirtatious make-up came to the fore, which at present can be done only for a certain solemn event, while in everyday life it would be completely inappropriate. During this period, the young ladies chose the most thick and curved eyelashes, voluminous eyebrows, shadows of bright and saturated color shades and a light artificially bleached complexion. You can complete this look with the help of flies, artificial moles and other elements of beauty makeup.

retro makeuptrendy retro style

Retro manicure

Thinking about creating a retro look, girls without fail pay attention to their nails, the design of which must be designed in the appropriate direction. Modern retro style involves different types of decoration of nail plates, for example:

  • moon manicure;
  • monophonic matte coating of dark color shades;
  • simple print — stripes and peas;
  • gradient;
  • french nail art.

retro manicuremodern retro style


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