Romantic style - origin story, features, modern vision

Tenderness, sophistication, femininity, elegance, lightness — all these qualities can be described as the most beautiful romantic style in women’s fashion. And in order to match the fashion trend and the latest trends in your combinations, you should figure out what kind of romantic style it is.

History of the origin of the romantic style of clothing

This feminine trend owes its incredible popularity to the legendary Princess Diana, whose images ideally personified tenderness, sensuality and sophistication. The modern romantic style of clothing, whose history goes back to the end of the 18th century, gained relevance only in the 80s of the last century. Over the past century, girls periodically tried to transform themselves according to the romantic style, but due to working specialties, such combinations were only seen at parties and clubs.

the history of the origin of the romantic style of clothing

Romantic style 2018

In the new season, such a gentle direction is considered one of the most relevant. Especially feminine images are welcomed in the warm period, when beautiful ensembles are backed up by a graceful gait and a slender figure. The most fashionable element of clothing is considered to be a dress in a romantic style in 2018. However, stylists also offer beautiful, memorable alternatives — comfortable trousers, flying skirts with a variety of top combination solutions. But let’s take a closer look at the characteristic features of the romantic style:

  1. fabrics. For products of this fashionable branch, light and airy materials are relevant. The most popular fabrics are lace, silk, satin, chiffon, fine linen, cotton, soft wool.
  2. romantic style 2018

  3. colors. Feminine images are especially in line with the given direction if their details are made in pastel shades. The most relevant are pink, turquoise, blue, lavender and nude.
  4. romantic dress 2018

  5. Decor. The gentle direction is varied for finishing in the design of stylish clothes. Small and voluminous ruffles, frills, flounces, false stripes in the form of bows and flowers, appliqué decorations with rhinestones and stones, pearls, and beads are inherent here.
  6. romantic style features

Romantic style in clothes

If a few decades ago, delicate feminine bows were considered relevant only for going out or themed parties, today beautiful ensembles are also relevant for everyday wear. Stylists insist that women should always be feminine — not only on the streets, but also at home. The romantic style in the clothes of girls is distinguished by a certain modesty. There are no hints of vulgarity and frankness here. But this is the highlight of the romantic style. Let’s see the fashionable wardrobe items:

  1. Pants. When choosing practical clothes, it is worth stopping at models of a wide flying style — culottes, sails, hip flares made of thin materials. Tight-fitting trousers made of cotton, denim, knitwear in a cropped cut are also considered characteristic romantic models.
  2. romantic clothing style

  3. Blouses. Romantic products are made of cotton, satin, silk and chiffon. In the design of beautiful blouses, one or more types of trim are always present — lace inserts, bows and frills, a flashlight sleeve.
  4. romantic style for girls

  5. Underwear. Women’s sets or individual pieces of underwear are attractive, but modest in design. There is always lace and any ruffles. A one-piece bodysuit is also considered an actual choice.
  6. fashion trends romantic style

Romantic style in outerwear

When choosing outerwear, it is important to pay attention to this detail to emphasize the feminine silhouette. The best solution would be a midi-length coat or raincoat with a fitted cut. The romantic style of clothing for women also includes stylish jackets — leather jackets, bomber jackets. And although such styles do not belong to the romantic direction, in an ensemble with beautiful and delicate other elements, the overall appearance will be appropriate.

romantic outerwear style

Dresses in a romantic style

This element of the wardrobe is considered the most characteristic of a beautiful sensual trend. Features of the romantic style suggest the presence in the design of the dress of a distinguished waist, a flying hem, open areas of the body that attract attention, but do not go beyond the bounds of decency. The most fashionable styles were models in the style of the 60s. A tight-fitting yoke in an ensemble with a wide skirt perfectly emphasizes harmony and grace. In the warm season, sundresses and loose dresses made of flowing materials are popular.

dresses in a romantic style

Romantic style — skirts

The skirt has become an alternative solution to the dress in the gentle feminine fashion direction. In this case, wide hemlines made of fabrics that hold their shape well are considered an actual choice. The classic romantic style of clothing is a midi-length sun skirt. A typical solution would be a strict pencil made of lace material. If you are looking for an original version that will reveal your originality, pay attention to the models of an asymmetric cut made of thin and flying materials — chiffon, tulle, silk and others.

romantic skirt style

Wedding dress in a romantic style

Wedding fashion in any season is not complete without beautiful notes of romance. The main element of the image of the bride is always the dress. Therefore, such clothes should embody the femininity and sensuality of their owner. In modern fashion, both flying and lush, as well as concise short styles are presented. But not every model matches the romantic style. Let’s see the most popular wedding dresses in a romantic style:

  1. Romantic Greek style. One of the styles inherent in the gentle direction remains the product in the Empire cut. High waist, cut on one shoulder, flowing straight skirt — these features of the dress will perfectly convey the romance and sophistication of the image.
  2. wedding dress in romantic style

  3. Romantic elegant style. Classic-cut outfits have also become topical solutions. A sheath dress of moderate length will help you remain delicate and fragile if its design includes elements such as lace trim, soft ruffles or flounces, sparkling appliqués.
  4. wedding dresses in romantic style

  5. innocent sexuality. Products made of opaque fabrics look beautiful and very gentle, both in a lush and straight cut with a deep neckline trim and a high hem slit. This option looks very attractive, but it does not trivialize the bow.
  6. classic romantic style

Shoes in a romantic style

An important element that determines the entire direction of the image is its completion. When choosing shoes for a feminine combination, the model must be appropriate. The main criteria are a comfortable and neat shape, stability of the last and a beautiful design. A basic wardrobe in a romantic style can include both high-rise and flat styles. Let’s see the most fashionable solutions:

  1. Heels. Laconic glasses and kitty heels, a square stable cube and a streamlined barrel are considered an actual choice. However, if you are creating an image for the exit, then sophisticated studs will be the most successful solution.
  2. romantic shoes

  3. With bows or flowers. Bows and flower buds have become an actual addition to the design of stylish shoes. Such decor can be placed on the toe, heel or side of the product. Models made of suede, velvet and patent leather with a romantic finish are considered especially popular.
  4. basic wardrobe in a romantic style

  5. Classic. Strict styles remain a win-win solution for an image in any direction. Pumps, ballet flats and closed heeled ankle boots perfectly convey the idea of ​​femininity and sophistication in the image.
  6. romantic style features

Bags in a romantic style

When choosing a stylish «assistant», it is important to remember that this detail should not overload the image. It is worth excluding such models of bags as a bag, a hobo, a city backpack and a briefcase. A good choice would be products made of suede, leather or soft textiles. For everyday active wear, an elegant bag with a long handle or a crossbody with an adjustable chain strap is suitable. For ensembles on the way out or to meet with your favorite stylish addition, a clutch in a romantic style, an envelope or a mini backpack will become. Small handbags are also considered relevant.

bags in a romantic styleclutch in a romantic style

Romantic style — accessories

Such a feminine and gentle direction involves the use of beautiful decorative additions that will not only help to dilute the image, but also add a touch of originality, individuality and originality to the bow. Any types of belts and belts that emphasize the waistline and emphasize a slender figure are considered relevant. Stylists recommend adding non-functional accessories. Let’s see the most popular solutions:

  1. Hats. Reviewing current fashion trends, the romantic style draws attention to the fact that the most extraordinary and original headwear is used here. In this case, the choice can be stopped on classic wide-brimmed hats.
  2. romantic style accessories

  3. Handkerchief. A stylish accent in the image can be a silk or chiffon flap, tied both around the neck and on the head. For beautiful combinations, both printed scarves and models of solid colors in pastel colors are suitable.
  4. fashion trends romantic style

  5. Decorations. Emphasize femininity and coquetry in your combination with delicate pearl beads or a bracelet, a massive cocktail ring, or a laconic pendant around your neck. Earrings of a neat but expressive form — flowers, broaches, paths, brushes and others are considered an integral decoration.
  6. romantic style 2018

Hairstyles in a romantic style

When making beautiful styling, it is important to consider the length of your hair. For short haircuts, you should use beautiful accessories — a bandage, a hairpin with a flower or a bow, a diadem and others. A hairstyle for long hair in a romantic style provides for both accuracy and negligence. Complex weaving and voluminous braids, a careless tail and a high bun are acceptable here. Modern hairstyles in a romantic style are also presented in a simple design — a neat shell or loose curls, laid in soft curls.

romantic hairstyles

Makeup in a romantic style

The main criterion that should be followed in make-up is tenderness and expressiveness. The ideal solution would be the choice of classic tools — red lipstick and black eyeliner. However, the eyes should not be added too wide lines. Romantic style in 2018 is accentuated by the popularity of natural makeup. In this case, it is worth designating the contours of the face, and making the skin smooth.

romantic makeup

Romantic style prints

The gentle fashion trend is not only plain pastel colors, but also attractive patterns and abstractions. The most popular romantic print is the floral motif. Buds can be both large and small. The main features of the romantic style are also indicated by a contrasting Indian pattern. A good choice, both in clothes and shoes, would be a lace print. And the simplest, but no less attractive, is geometric peas.

romantic style printsmain features of the romantic style


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