At 25, looking 18 is easy if you take care of your skin and take care of its health. But having stepped over the 35-year milestone, to remain as young and fresh as ten years ago is a task of increased complexity. What beauty tips will help a woman keep her youth?

Add tenderness to your care

Add tenderness to your care

With age, a woman’s skin becomes more sensitive and capricious, loses its natural colors, and turgor decreases. In order not to disturb already irritated skin, show tenderness in caring for it. Use sparing cosmetics with a large number of active natural ingredients.

Remove make-up from the skin of the eyes and lips with hydrophilic oil. This excellent tool copes with all types of pollution, without causing dryness and tightness of the skin, and without damaging the sensitive area around the eyes. An alternative to it can be a biphasic serum, it can be found in the arsenal of any brand. It gently removes make-up without friction, redness or effort.

Buy beauty masks

Not every woman has the opportunity to visit a beautician twice a week, but everyone can provide themselves with cosmetic care comparable to salon procedures. Twice a week, make masks, selected individually for the problem.

These can be products from the «rejuvenating» lines — for example, an intensive anti-aging mask with hyaluronic acid, beauty vitamins — A and E, as well as elastin and collagen; or a nutritional formulation with antioxidants, natural oils and plant extracts. It is very convenient to buy masks in individual packaging at a time, so every day you can pamper yourself with a new complex of useful substances.

Find an effective day cream

The main criterion for choosing a day cream for 35-year-old skin is the presence of a sunscreen. Renowned dermatologist Harold Lancer of Beverly Hills says, «The only time you can go without an SPF cream is when you need a flashlight to see.» Use SPF all year round! And make sure it contains collagen. It is this component that is responsible for the frame of the skin — its firmness and elasticity. Due to the activation of collagen production by the body, wrinkles do not lie in the skin so quickly and gain depth.

Consider night care

Consider night care

As soon as you notice age spots on your face, and they can appear on the skin as early as 20 years old, you need to use products with retinoids — vitamin A derivatives — in night care. They fight wrinkles, prevent acne and stimulate collagen production.

The combination of vitamin A and C is ideal for dull skin with enlarged pores and pigmentation. According to dermatologist Dr. Patricia Wexler, a night cream with these ingredients is the most effective in preserving the youthfulness of aging skin. Other active ingredients worth mentioning include peptides, AHAs, seaweed, aloe vera, arnica and ginkgo biloba extracts.

Forget classic scrubs

If at the age of 18-25 you can afford to buy popular products based on apricot kernels, sea salt or coffee beans, then after 35 years of age, it is better to prefer soft chemical peeling to scrubs that exfoliate the skin mechanically.

Such products have a more delicate effect on the skin, removing the upper stratum corneum as accurately as possible and making way for new young cells. Homemade chemical peels usually contain fruit acids, such as lactic acid or glycolic acid.

Prevent puffiness under the eyes

After the age of 35, it is useful to reduce salt intake and establish a normal drinking regimen. For freshness and natural radiance of the skin, drink 1.5-1.7 liters of pure water per day (the skin is 70% water), but it’s better not to eat pickles before bedtime and you need to limit them during the day.

Review your diet for «hidden» salt — foods that contain it in abundance. Semi-finished products, sausages, smoked meats and marinades are the enemies of a woman’s skin after 35 years.

Nourish the skin around the eyes

Nourish the skin around the eyes

The area of ​​​​the eyelids is the first to be affected by age-related changes. It can noticeably lighten against the background of the rest of the skin, or, on the contrary, darken, forming blue, brown or purple highlights.

In order not to have to show miracles of color correction, studying the technique of applying concealers and primers, the skin around the eyes needs to be nourished twice a day. At the age of 35, a cream with a lifting effect will cope with this task. This tool effectively tightens and refreshes the cover, saturates it with the necessary substances.

Love beauty concentrates

Cosmetic serum is a concentrated beauty product, the action of which is aimed at solving a specific problem. The fair sex 35+ cannot do without her help. Beauticians assure that the serum must necessarily complement the care of mature skin, increasing the effectiveness of three products at once — night and day cream and eye contour.

Entrust the choice of serum to a professional, depending on the initial data, the doctor can offer you moisturizing, nourishing, regenerating, anti-aging, anti-acne and other options. Oil-based serums are ideal for the cold season, and water-based serums for the warm season. Serum should be applied 2 times a day under the cream.

Check out your makeup bag

After 35 years, many women notice an increase in dry skin, especially in the cold season. Good cosmetics for daily use and protective creams in windy weather and hard frost will save the situation, but they are not enough. The health and beauty of the skin are designed to maintain all the means with which it comes into contact.

So that your skin does not resemble a “road map” of fine lines with age, carefully select decorative cosmetics. It must be hypoallergenic and of high quality. Equally important is the texture of funds. After 35 years, choose predominantly creamy textures that smooth the skin well and hide imperfections. Instead of a thick foundation, use BB and CC creams. Prefer soft pencils to liquid eyeliners, and silky lipsticks of natural colors to matte lipsticks.

Rest properly

Rest properly

A reliable recipe for beauty for a woman of any age is a good night’s rest. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep at night to keep your skin and well-being at its best. US esthetician and plastic surgeon Dr. Gozel Anson calls for special attention to posture during sleep. If you rest your face in a pillow, deep wrinkles and skin creases are guaranteed to you.

“The key to clear, firm and healthy skin is to lie on your back while you sleep. And although all skin problems are successfully solved by cosmetology and plastic surgery, with an incorrect position during sleep, filling wrinkles with fillers or Botox injections will not give a lasting effect, or cosmetic defects will develop in adjacent areas.

Start your morning with fitness

Morning exercises help to wake up and cheer up not only a woman, but also her skin. Physical activity improves blood circulation and complexion, helps to reduce weight, has a beneficial effect on all organs and systems, and strengthens the immune system.

An important condition for useful fitness is that the sports load should be given in a well-ventilated room and in comfortable conditions. Therefore, before warming up, let fresh air into the room.

Find your beautician

Home care procedures give excellent results, but they cannot be limited to them alone. Beauty sessions in the clinic on the advice of an experienced specialist will not only prolong youth, but also improve your mood and have an anti-stress effect.

The skin is a hormone-dependent organ. At the age of 35-40, hormones are produced in sufficient quantities, so the skin during this period responds well to any procedure. With well-built home and salon care, at 35 you can look 20. See for yourself!

Expert comment

Razmadze Tamara Otarovna, dermatologist-cosmetologist, head of the cosmetology department

It is important to understand that when we talk about skin after 35 years, we mean not only facial skin. You need to approach the problem comprehensively and monitor the beauty of the skin of the face, neck, décolleté and hands.

Of course, first of all, women pay attention to the face: puffiness, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, pallor. These are all signs of aging, unfortunately. No one can escape them, but we can delay the process.

Moisturizing the skin is the basis of all the basics for maintaining youth. When choosing cosmetics for care, you should not independently determine your skin type. Consult with a beautician. Expensive cosmetics does not mean the best. Everything is individual.

Each woman is individual and unique. Therefore, beauty must be preserved according to an individual program. Do not neglect proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. A bottle of champagne drunk yesterday — today five years will be added to your age in the form of puffiness of the face.

Skin cleansing is an important part of a comprehensive beauty program. Just removing makeup is not enough. It is necessary to additionally cleanse the skin of the face, neck and décolleté with special cosmetics.

You will have to exclude or limit visits to the bath, sauna, solarium and pool with chlorinated water. All these joys of life are detrimental to your skin.

Take care of your youth and be healthy!

Expert comment

Elizaveta Buidenok, dermatovenereologist, cosmetologist

10 rules for skin care after 35 years:

  • Find your beautician

After 35 years, every self-respecting woman should have two true friends — a gynecologist and a cosmetologist. As the saying goes: «It’s definitely time!».

  • Protect yourself from the sun

Solar radiation dries the skin, which increases the number of wrinkles, causes the formation of age spots and blood vessels, stimulates the growth of benign neoplasms — keratomas, which also does not add to attractiveness. Day cream should always contain SPF 15-30. And forget the solarium!

  • Finally, choose home care products that are appropriate for your age and skin condition.

If necessary, bypass several specialists and try N-number of cosmetic brands, but close this question and enjoy the result.

  • Stop smoking if you have this bad habit

Smoking reduces the amount of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin.

  • Eat properly

Beautiful skin requires a regular fish menu and vegetable salads seasoned with hemp oil.

It has been proven that a lazy mind ages faster.

  • Take vitamins for the skin

Course intake of vitamins or dietary supplements “skin, hair, nails” is a must have for every girl living in a metropolis.

  • Cryomassage at home with a piece of ice

An old-fashioned way, but incredibly effective for a beautiful complexion, and it also invigorates in the morning!

  • Do sport

“And then sports?”, You might think. “And where without him?”, I will answer. «Not a day without sports!» Physical activity improves microcirculation and metabolism of cells throughout the body and in the skin in particular.

In fact, a smile is the best skin lift.

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