Rules for wearing office uniforms

A folk proverb says: «They meet by clothes, see off by mind.» What we wear determines our position, status and self-confidence. This is especially true of the professional sphere, where the form and style of clothing plays a major role. An office dress code is like a set of rules about what employees should wear. Unfortunately, when we come to work, we are not provided with clear instructions on what to wear or not to wear. Therefore, we will analyze the basic rules of business style in clothes.

Rules for wearing office uniforms and business etiquette

The most basic rule is modesty and neatness. It’s better to dress a little conservatively than to be too frank. Deep necklines, high heels and platform, sheer blouses, short skirts that are longer than 9 cm above the knee, slits on skirts over 10 cm, jeans, T-shirts and tops with straps, sandals, any sports clothes, thick sweaters, stretched and not ironed clothes.

It is a mistake to believe that office style implies a huge amount of special clothes. To create the right wardrobe, you will need a couple of suits, a few skirts, blouses and, of course, dresses. All these things should be well combined with each other and complement each other. The rules for combining colors in clothes are simple: do not combine warm and cold shades together. You can use several shades of the same color, this will give your business look a little lightness. In spring and summer, you can afford to dilute your wardrobe with clothes in brighter colors, for example, aquamarine, red, electric blue, terracotta, muted yellow. It can be either a suit or a separate skirt, trousers or blouse.

Stick to the rules for combining office style clothes, because this is your calling card and a stepping stone for career growth.


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