Russian image

The original female image in the Russian style looks very colorful. It harmoniously combines ethnic orientation and primordially Russian flavor. If we take into account the fact that the image of a Russian girl is unusually attractive, then one should not be surprised at how surprisingly elements of casual casual and glamorous chic coexist in it.

Russian style in clothes

What is the difference between the original Russian images? Why do vintage elements in clothing remain relevant today? It’s all about harmony, which has been created over more than one century. In modern designer collections, you can see embroidery, handmade lace trim, an abundance of complex patterns and printed floral arrangements inherent in the Russian style, which has not gone out of fashion in recent years. The Russian image is manifested in the styles and forms of silhouettes, reflecting belonging to a particular ethnic group. This also applies to long straight skirts to the floor, and lantern sleeves, and deferred collars, and unchanged sundresses with wide straps. The dress in the Russian style is distinguished by its simplicity and conciseness of cut. The waist in it is usually underestimated or overestimated, the emphasis is on a thin belt or belt woven from a rope. Designers who create collections in the Russian style prefer flowing fabrics that look simple and elegant at the same time.

Thanks to the use of accessories, you can easily change the style, and give the usual image a characteristic national flavor. An ordinary Russian scarf or a rope belt can radically change the outfit. Choose stylized jewelry made of bright material, give preference to simple forms of jewelry. By the way, ballet shoes and straw bags that are fashionable today will easily add a touch of Russian style to the image. The presence of handmade jewelry made of textiles, stone or straw is also welcome.

If you want to create an evening look in Russian style, pay attention to elements such as lace and hand embroidery. A free-cut maxi or midi skirt combined with an embroidered shirt or blouse made from natural fabrics will look stunning! But do not forget that the image for a social event should not be too decorative.

Fur products are also a spectacular manifestation of the Russian style in clothing. For several seasons in a row, short fur coats and fur vests have been at the peak of fashion. Another accessory that easily introduces an element of Russian style into the image is a high hat made of natural fur.

Styling Tips

If you have a theme party or participation in amateur performances, then the abundance of such elements is only welcome. In other cases, they should be dosed. One or two elements will cope with this task, emphasizing the stylistic decision. The optimal combination is a sundress on the floor and shoes with flat straps, a business suit and a Russian scarf around the neck, a short dress with a turn-down collar and tight tights. By the way, a loose-fitting Russian shirt with embroidery goes well with worn jeans.


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