Sand manicure - 36 ideas for nails of any length

Sand manicure is one of the latest fashion trends. With it, you can give the image sophistication and a luxurious look. It is characterized by versatility and will help decorate any bow and make it unique. This nail art goes well with many outfits.

Manicure 2018 with sand

Many stylists use a manicure with sand on their nails when creating original images. It has the following distinctive features:

  • nail art gives nails a velvety effect;
  • this design is characterized by versatility, it can be combined with both everyday and evening dresses;
  • sand manicure can be done using both glossy and matte finishes, and their combination with each other is also allowed;
  • the velvet effect can be present on the entire nail plate or laid out in the form of certain patterns that can be made on a floral, floral, geometric, abstract theme;
  • when decorating, there may be a variety of effects, such as ombre, moon design, jacket;
  • as for the color scheme, it is characterized by diversity, it can be classic black and white, delicate pastels or bright saturated ones.

manicure 2018 with sandsand nail manicure

Manicure for short nails with sand

Such a stylish and original type of design as a “velvet sand” manicure looks great on shortened nail plates. Sedi features of its design can be identified as follows:

  • at such a length, almost any shade will harmoniously look;
  • it is recommended to give preference to monochromatic colors. The use of prints is also allowed, but it is better if they are discreet, made in a minimalist style;
  • it is better to refrain from abundant decoration with rhinestones so that the image does not come out overloaded; if a combination of different tones is used, then their combination will be very organic, made in the form of a smooth transition from one shade to another. This can be done with the help of such a design technique as an ombre, which can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

sand manicure for short nails

Manicure for long nails with sand

On elongated nail plates, you get an unsurpassed manicure with granulated sugar. It has the following characteristic features:

  • when creating it, stylists will be able to fully express their imagination and apply a variety of patterns to the surface of the nail. It can be a marine theme, imitation of lace, all kinds of geometric shapes;
  • sand manicure can be generously decorated with rhinestones, which are applied in small quantities or completely cover any of the nail plates;
  • almost any design will look organic on elongated nail plates. It can be ombre, French, moon nail art. At the same time, when creating them, all kinds of shades can be used, both restrained muted, and extremely bright and saturated.

sand manicure for long nails

Sand Manicure Ideas

Stylists, creating a spectacular sand manicure, use numerous ideas. Among the most common and popular of them are the following:

  • nail art with a matte finish looks extremely stylish. The velvet pattern can be applied over it or on separate fingers;
  • You can give the image depth and saturation with the help of a black tone;
  • freshness, tenderness and romance will give a white tint;
  • to complement evening dresses, a brilliant effect will be indispensable, it can be a “golden sand” manicure or having a metallic sheen;
  • the addition of rhinestones looks extremely organic;
  • when creating nail art, a variety of original design techniques are used. For example, the image of footprints is popular;
  • the marine theme becomes especially relevant with the onset of the summer season;
  • additional femininity will give the image of roses;
  • velvet effect can be done with a single shade or several multi-colored tones;
  • this version of nail art will fit very organically into the wedding look.

sand manicure ideas

Sand Manicure Ideas

velvet sand manicuremanicure with granulated sugar

Matte manicure with sand

One of the most elegant options is a matte manicure with velvet sand. Among the common variations of its design are the following:

  • on the nail plates, a matte finish and a velvet effect can alternate;
  • as for the color scheme, it can be black, pastel, red manicure with sand;
  • nails can be covered with a matte varnish, and a variety of patterns can be applied on top of it. It can be openwork curls, stripes, images of geometric shapes.

matte manicure with sand

Black sand manicure

The “sand effect” manicure, made in black tones, is capable of making the image extremely sophisticated. It can be formatted in the following ways:

  • velvet pattern can be applied to a glossy or matte finish;
  • absolutely on all nail plates a similar effect can be present, while they can be evenly coated;
  • decorating with rhinestones looks organic, they can be transparent or bright colored.

black sand manicure

White manicure with sand

Nail art, made in white, is invariably associated with freshness, tenderness and romance. It is often used to create the image of the bride, but it will also become a harmonious addition to everyday attire. Among the design techniques that are used in its creation, we can identify the following:

  • it can be a single-color snow-white design, which is evenly applied to all nail plates;
  • a manicure with monograms and curls with velvet sand looks incredibly elegant;
  • a combination with a jacket or moon nail art can be used.

white manicure with sand

Shiny sand manicure

Lovers of bright and memorable bows can use a manicure with shiny sand when creating them. It has the following distinctive characteristics:

  • one of the most luxurious design variations is the use of golden or silver shades. They will be a harmonious addition to any evening dress;
  • a variety of color combinations can be applied, for example, it can be a pink manicure with sand, blue, yellow and other tones;
  • an organic solution would be a combination with a glossy finish or with one that contains a mirror rub.

glitter sand manicure

Manicure with sand and rhinestones

Nail art with rhinestones is consistently considered one of the most catchy, luxurious and memorable. Its design depends on the length of the nail plates and the individual preferences of the fair sex. Among the most common and popular design techniques are the following:

  • nail art can be simple and concise, for example, this is a beige manicure with sand, decorated with several rhinestones;
  • with the help of rhinestones, all kinds of patterns can be laid out, for example, openwork curls or stripes, which are arranged horizontally, vertically or diagonally;
  • rhinestones can completely cover any of the fingers, for example, the ring finger.

manicure with sand and rhinestones

Manicure with sand and rhinestones

sand effect manicure

Manicure «footprints in the sand»

In the summer season, the “sea and sand” manicure becomes extremely relevant. It can consist of several elements, among which the following can be listed:

  • there may be an image of feet on a beige surface, this is considered a real trend of this season;
  • marine themes may include images of shells, sea waves, the sun, anchors. These details form the original composition.

manicure footprints in the sand

Marine manicure with sand

Among fashionistas, a manicure with velvet sand shells has become extremely relevant. It is often performed on a blue or blue background, it can be complemented by drawing seagulls, the sun, sea waves. Shells can be flat or voluminous, they act as the main accent of a stylish nail design and its peculiar highlight. They are applied to one or more fingers.

sea ​​manicure with sand

Velvet Sand Rose Manicure

One of the most feminine and romantic design options is a sand glitter manicure containing images of roses. It can be made in the traditional gamut characteristic of these floral motifs, which is represented by pink, red, burgundy, cream. Any other shades are also allowed, such as black, white, green, purple.

velvet sand rose manicure

Colored sand manicure

To create a bright and eye-catching bow, a summer sand manicure is designed, made using a variety of shades. There are the following variations of its design:

  • colors can alternate among themselves on different fingers;
  • the alternation of shades can be carried out using stripes that can be drawn vertically, horizontally, diagonally, they can run parallel to each other or cross each other;
  • all kinds of motifs are allowed, it can be floral, floral, geometric, abstract themes;
  • openwork patterns imitating lace look feminine.

colored sand manicure

Wedding manicure with sand

An organic addition to the wedding dress will be a light manicure with sand. When creating it, the following design techniques are used:

  • nail art can be completely plain white;
  • matte or shiny elements can be selected for decoration, their combination is also allowed;
  • all kinds of patterns can be laid out, among them those that imitate openwork lace are especially popular;
  • decorating with rhinestones is welcome, they can be located on the nail plates in a single copy or completely cover any of the fingers;
  • there may be an ombre effect when the snow-white shade smoothly turns into some other, for example, light pink, blue, cream, peach;
  • there is a combination with a jacket or moon nail art.

wedding manicure with sand


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