female beauty secrets

“Beauty will save the world,” Dostoevsky once said. However, women sometimes have to make incredible efforts to continue to conquer men with their impeccable appearance.

Many stars are ready to endure operations to keep their faces young and fresh, some of the fair sex turn to professional cosmetologists, spending incredible amounts of money. But there is a third group of women who use the secrets of beauty and youth, and always look impressive and beautiful.

East is a delicate matter

No wonder people in the Land of the Rising Sun are famous for their longevity and eternal youth. For example, Japanese women at fifty look like thirty-year-old women, and this is the result of painstaking work on themselves. However, all women, and not just the inhabitants of the East, should know how to properly care for themselves in order to remain as beautiful after several decades.

10 beauty secrets

  1. Proper nutrition is the key to health and beauty. However, we are not talking about diets, many of which are harmful. Food should be balanced and consist of at least 50 percent of vitamins, and include proteins. A healthy and wholesome diet always has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, nails and hair. Well, the figure, of course, will be slim and fit.
  2. The body needs to maintain water balance. Drinking one and a half liters of water every day, not a single woman will face the problem of dehydration, which means that the skin will be healthy and radiant.
  3. The main secret of the beauty of a woman’s face is that you need to start caring for it from adolescence. However, care should be gentle, because the skin is quite young. But starting from the age of 25, the countdown begins, the first wrinkles appear. A smart approach is important here. Every woman needs individual care that suits her skin type exclusively.
  4. After applying cosmetics, the face needs deep cleaning. By the way, Japanese women pay special attention to cleansing and moisturizing the skin.
  5. During the application of creams, you can do a massage, which is also very useful. However, you need to follow some sequence, focusing on 4 main points: cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. Massage gently with fingertips. Starting from the chin, move towards the ears. Then smooth your cheeks with your palms, towards the ears. We pass to the nose, running our fingers along the bridge of the nose to the tip, capturing the wings and nostrils. The forehead is massaged, starting from the middle, moving the fingers in different directions to the temples. Lastly, the area near the mouth is massaged and ends with movements, in the direction from the corners to the ears.
  6. Contrasting compresses are necessary to improve blood circulation. After washing, alternately warm and cold towels are applied to the face. The procedure is repeated several times for greater efficiency.
  7. The face constantly, even in winter, needs protection from ultraviolet rays, so you should choose special creams.
  8. Once a week, you need to arrange a fasting day for your face from all cosmetics. All that’s left is the cleansing step. Your skin will rest and thank you.
  9. Do not neglect the secrets of hair beauty either. They are constantly exposed to sunlight or are affected by other factors such as exhaust and stress, so they need special care. Apply masks, use balms, comb them more often and in no case wash them with hot water. It should be warm or cool. Then the luxurious hair will be strong and shiny.
  10. And the most important rule is to want to be beautiful. Because a woman who has a goal will do everything to achieve it.

For the sake of beauty, many women are ready to make sacrifices, but they can be avoided by applying these simple rules all the time. And then in your fifty or sixty years you will hear many pleasant compliments.


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