rectangle shape type

Women’s wardrobe for a «rectangle» figure can be incredibly diverse, but very often girls make mistakes that make the proportions of their body ridiculous and ugly. Absolutely contraindicated are any products that expand the shoulders, for example, narrow straight dresses below the knee length. The female figure of a rectangle has a fairly wide chest, but at the same time, the chest does not differ in large size, so such non-figured girls should avoid any shoulder pads, as well as too large cutouts and necklines. Smooth and taut legs, on the contrary, you need to brag to everyone around you.

What to wear when the type of figure is «rectangle»?

Be sure to make sure that your clothes do not draw attention to the lack of transition between the butt and waist areas, as well as the complete absence of this very waist. Do not forget to visually increase the volume of the priests and chest. Clothing for a «rectangle» figure (and dresses suit such ladies very well) should be distinguished by fluffy skirts, have a trapezoid shape or a fitted silhouette. Empire style clothes are perfect for girls with this figure. Elastic corsets or bodices of dresses will perfectly lift the chest and add volume to it.

Choosing clothes for a rectangle figure

All clothes are bound to add extra sizes and volumes in the right places. This all applies to any product — and trousers, and skirts, and swimwear for a «rectangle» figure.

As for trousers for such a figure, almost any will do here. But remember the main thing — they are obliged to emphasize your dignity and increase the volume of priests and hips. The lack of priests is very easy to compensate for with large patch pockets. The choice of trousers will depend on the leanness of the girls: slender girls will fit narrower at the bottom and tight-fitting options, but for women who have problems with weight, loose, wide or straight-cut trousers are perfect.

As for skirts, a trapezoidal model that will expand downwards will be an excellent choice. It looks great when the top of such a skirt is in the waist area, and at the same time visually narrows the line of the female waist. Pay attention to tulip skirts and flared products, but you should not wear too narrow models, because they stretch your silhouette too much.


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