Shiny nails - fashionable design for any length

Metallic and golden overflows are the undoubted trend of this year. This is expressed in the colors used both for clothing design and for creating fashionable nail art. Shiny nails, depending on the design features, can organically complement everyday and evening looks.

Shiny nails 2019

Many stylists prefer to create shiny nails, the design of which is characterized by extreme diversity:

  1. To apply a shimmering effect, different types of materials are used. These can be sparkles made in different shades, foil or a special rub or varnish that has a special structure or contains iridescent particles.
  2. Shiny nails are often designed to be the most eye-catching. In this case, the gloss is present on the surface of all nail plates or covers their predominant amount. Such elements can cover more than half of the nail.
  3. Another variation of the application is a laconic design, which is perfect for creating images for every day, such nail art can even be used for going to the office. In this case, only one nail plate is made iridescent, or the glitter effect is applied to the fingers in a minimal amount, in the form of drawing certain details that occupy a small area.

glitter nails 2019glitter nails design

Glitter design for long nails

Fashionistas who prefer the most bright and eye-catching bows will be able to use a brilliant manicure on long nails:

  1. Due to the fact that the nail plates have a significantly larger area compared to short ones, any ideas can be realized on them. This can be the application of a variety of drawings made in the form of intricate patterns or clear geometric lines.
  2. The gloss effect can be present on the surface of all nails, evenly covering them. An ombre effect or stretching of sparkles on the surface of the nail plate can be applied.
  3. With the help of iridescent elements, you can focus on the beautiful shape of the nails and emphasize it. Depending on individual preferences, it can be square, sharp, almond-shaped. The original version is the form known as the «ballerina».
  4. Glitter nails can have an iridescent effect, created with a traditional gold or metallic finish, or using multi-colored materials that give the nails a different tone.

shiny design for long nails

Glitter design for short nails

Lovers of elegant laconic looks will be able to apply a brilliant manicure on short nails:

  1. Since the nail plates have a small surface, it is preferable to be guided by restraint in their design. So, certain small elements can be made with a glitter effect, for example, these are strips made using foil.
  2. Any one finger can be made iridescent, often it is the ring finger.
  3. A classic design variation, such as a French or moon nail art, looks unbeatable in a brilliant way.

shiny design for short nails

Shiny sharp nail design

In a shimmering design, sharp shiny nails look unique:

  • with the help of sparkles, you can highlight the tip of the nail, placing an additional emphasis on the original sharp shape;
  • a pointed jacket looks great in this design variation;
  • nail plates can have a bright and eye-catching combination, which consists in combining sparkles and rhinestones.

sparkly nail design

Brilliant Nail Design Ideas

Many stylists use glitter nail polish to create unique designs. In doing so, they use a variety of ideas, among which are the following:

  • a classic jacket looks very interesting and original in a similar performance;
  • if you want to create a seasoned image and at the same time give it a bright zest, you can choose an iridescent design for only one nail;
  • shiny nails may contain an ombre effect made with a coating or sparkles;
  • overflows can be contained in any particular part, for example, at the tips;
  • the combination with rhinestones looks incredibly organic;
  • the color palette of the iridescent coating can be traditional metallic or golden or made in a multi-colored version;
  • the design can be created using varnish, sparkles or rubbing;
  • applying all kinds of patterns is common, while geometric stripes are very popular.

beautiful shiny nails

Shiny french nails

A brilliant French nail design has won great popularity among fashionistas. It becomes especially relevant in winter, when it is reasonably associated with snow shine:

  • the traditional tip drawing with a shimmering coating can be performed;
  • other material can also be used to decorate the tip, for example, foil or sparkles;
  • shiny nails may contain a stretch effect, when glitter is applied liberally to the tip of the nail, their amount gradually decreases towards the main part.

glitter french nails

Manicure with one shiny nail

Among lovers of elegance, a nail design with brilliant varnish, which is applied to only one finger, is extremely popular:

  1. The choice of the nail plate for the location of such a coating varies depending on individual preferences. Often this is the ring finger, but alternatives are allowed, such as the little finger or index finger.
  2. The effect of gloss can be created using rubbing, varnish, sparkles.
  3. It is allowed to combine with rhinestones, which make the nail even brighter and attract attention.

manicure with one shiny nail

Shiny ombre nails

Another design variation that is popular this season is a brilliant gradient on the nails:

  1. Ombre can be created in many ways. For example, a traditional technique is used, in which nails are painted in different colors, smoothly flowing one into another. At the same time, the surface is evenly covered with sparkles from above.
  2. Ombre can also be done with multi-colored rubbing.
  3. The gradient looks extremely extraordinary, for which multi-colored sparkles are used.

glitter ombre nailsglitter gradient nails

Nails with shiny tips

Shiny colored nails look incredibly interesting, in which the iridescent effect is contained exclusively at the tip. With the help of this technique, the main accent is created in this part, which at the same time looks unobtrusive and sophisticated. This design variation can even be used to complement office bows:

  • the tip can be clearly dyed, then the French type;
  • such an option as stretching is common, when a significant part of the sparkles is concentrated in the tip area, they gradually decrease and spray to the base;
  • with the help of glitter, a certain pattern on the tip can be depicted, for example, this is an openwork flower;
  • as for the color scheme, it can be delicate pink shiny nails, and very bright scarlet.

nails with shiny tips

Glitter stripe nail design

Geometry remains one of the main trends for several seasons in a row. For example, you can depict spectacular shiny stripes on the nails:

  • such details are drawn with a special varnish, laid out with sparkles, applied with foil;
  • the arrangement of the strips can be arbitrary or have a clear parallel sequence;
  • shiny geometric stripes can have different widths, applied to a background made in a variety of shades.

glitter stripe nail design

Shiny nails with rhinestones

If you want to create a unique and luxurious evening bow, you can use red shiny nails or a design of any other color, made with the help of such stones:

  • sequins and rhinestones can be placed alternately on different nail plates or combined on one finger;
  • with the help of these elements, all kinds of patterns can be laid out, for example, this is openwork lace weaving, floral and floral ornaments;
  • if you want to create a deep and mysterious image, you can choose black shiny nails, and if you want to bring a touch of romance, then gentle pastel options are perfect;
  • rhinestones can be traditional transparent or multi-colored. In the latter case, they can match the shade with the coating or make an effective contrast with it.

glitter nails with rhinestones

Glitter patterned nail design

Such a variation of the design as a drawing on the nails with a shiny varnish will help to create a truly unsurpassed bow:

  • drawings can be painted with varnish, made with foil, lined with sparkles or rhinestones, applied using stickers;
  • the themes of the drawings can be very different, these are floral or floral ornaments, and animalistic images, and ethnic motifs;
  • sparkles can organically fit into the image and make up any specific part of it. For example, with their help, butterfly wings can be laid out.

glitter nail design with pattern

Bright shiny nail design

Nail art can be made incredibly bright and saturated if you use special elements for this:

  • you can achieve maximum brightness with the help of a special coating, for example, it can be red, yellow, blue shiny nails;
  • all kinds of bright details can be applied to a matte or glossy surface: these are rhinestones, sparkles and sequins;
  • certain elements can be bright, which are made in the form of images applied using details of rich, eye-catching tones.

bright glitter nail design

Golden glitter nail design

Beautiful shiny nails made in golden tones can be a real decoration of any evening bow. They go great with dresses that contain the same shades, as well as dresses of any other color. Nails can be completely golden or contain certain patterns applied with gold foil or varnish.

gold glitter nail design

Shiny polish for nails

Rubbing is a real trend of recent seasons and enjoys reasonable popularity among fashionistas:

  • thanks to the application of this element, the nail plates acquire unique mirror overflows;
  • rubbing can decorate both shiny short nails and elongated nail plates;
  • rubbing can completely cover all fingers or any specific ones, alternating with a coating of another type;
  • rubbing does not require additional decorative elements, it looks catchy on its own. However, if desired, it can be combined with rhinestones or other details.

glitter polish for nails


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