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Every woman has a special place in her wardrobe. After all, she is able to decorate and revive any outfit. And every season, designers delight fashionistas with an abundance of new models. However, today there are so many shoe names that it is very easy to get confused. Of course, it’s always nice to come to a company store and know exactly what consultants offer you. This review is dedicated to all women who want to be aware of all the news and know about every product created by great couturiers.

If earlier shoes served exclusively to protect the feet from cold, moisture or heat, today they are able to decorate the image and give the legs harmony and elegance. In each season there are many models, but today we will talk about only a small part of them.

Names of flat shoes

  1. Ugg boots are the warmest, because they are made from natural sheep’s wool. They have flat rubber soles. For several seasons in a row, they occupied a leading position among other products.
  2. Temdera — boots with wide tops. Fashionistas who like to tuck their trousers inside their shoes will appreciate this model.
  3. Ballet flats are women’s shoes with ultra-thin soles.
  4. Gladiators are a classic version of sandals in a new design solution with many straps and clasps. Their height can reach both to the ankle and reach the level of the knee.
  5. T-strap Sandals are T-strap sandals.
  6. Chukki are boots made of leather and have several holes for laces.
  7. Deserts are also boots, but they are sewn exclusively from suede and have only a couple of holes.
  8. Sneakers are sports shoes that are very flexible and plastic thanks to a rubber flat sole. The upper can be made of leather or textile.
  9. Guarache — Mexican sandals with interlaced leather straps.

Names of shoes with heels

  1. Over the knee boots — boots with a very high top, sometimes covering part of the thigh. This year, designers have presented a new interpretation of them, creating a model that resembles stockings. They look very seductive with shorts, tight-fitting trousers, short dresses and skirts.
  2. Pumps are an elegant and feminine shoe model that does not have straps or fasteners.
  3. Clogs are women’s shoes with a massive wooden sole and heel.
  4. D’orsay — shoes with a closed back and front. The sides remain open.
  5. Slides — women’s slippers with an open toe. There are also models without heels.
  6. Loafers — shoes without laces, having a tongue and a heel.

As you can see, there are more than enough names for the types of women’s shoes, and we have listed only a small part. But, nevertheless, knowing even about them, you can safely go shopping and choose what you like.


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