Short bangs - who suits and what hairstyles are combined with?

A hairstyle is not only an element of the image and individual style of each girl, but also a way to change her appearance. However, if you are not ready for radical haircuts, you can only experiment with a separate part of the hair. And one of the most relevant solutions was a short bang.

Who suits short bangs?

Not every fashionista can afford an open forehead. Stylists identify several criteria for when a cropped front hair piece is a stylish and eye-catching choice. However, first it is worth noting that the shortened parameter is indicated by open eyebrows. If the curls reach eye level, this option is considered already elongated. The most successful is a short bang for a round face. But if at the same time you have a narrow forehead, it is better not to do such a haircut. But let’s see what you should pay attention to when choosing a hairstyle:

  • proportional oval;
  • round or heart-shaped face;
  • thick hair;
  • small facial features.

who suits short bangsstylish short bangs

Short bangs with long hair

For owners of luxurious long curls, a short haircut in the forehead area will be a stylish solution to change the appearance, but without resorting to drastic measures. If you have thick and heavy hair, it is better to thin out the front strands or use thinning scissors. A fashionable addition in recent seasons has become a very short bang with long hair, for example, torn or in the form of a neat hedgehog. This option will add freshness due to an open face. A combination of voluminous soft curls with hair stretched out in front has become a stylish trend.

short bangs with long hair

Short bangs with medium hair

If you have an average hair length, you can safely choose any haircut option. However, do not forget to make sure that your face shape allows such a choice. If you want to divert attention from skin imperfections or other imperfections on the face, asymmetry is a great solution. Short oblique bangs on the side can be slightly elongated at the edge, curled or clearly straightened. A semi-circular shape will also be a stylish choice, giving freshness and accentuating beautiful eyes. For thick hair, a straight or torn profiled haircut is suitable.

short bangs with medium hair

Short bangs with short hair

Short neat haircuts are considered very relevant in the hot season. However, this choice is also suitable for those who do not want to deal with complex styling daily. But the main disadvantage of such solutions is the inability to make original and unusual hairstyles, creating different images every day. And in this case, a very short bang will become a stylish addition. As hair grows out, it can be interestingly shaped or dyed. Especially popular were the ideas of a contrasting combination of shades of paint.

short bangs with short hair

Fashionable short bangs

Modern hairdressing offers many options for stylish and original solutions. Designers from season to season experiment with the length, density and shape of the haircut. In addition, interesting hairstyles can be combined with beautiful coloring, both in natural and unnatural catchy shades. A fashionable choice is a short bang on two sides, which is suitable for any type of appearance. However, girls with a narrow forehead should generally refrain from cutting their hair in front. Let’s see the most popular options:

  1. Short bright bangs. An original and attractive solution would be to color the front of the hairstyle in a bright or contrasting shade. If you are attracted to catchy unnatural tones, but do not want to walk for so long, you can use a tonic or other means of temporary action.

trendy short bangs

  1. Strand coloring. The techniques of highlighting and coloring remain in fashion. Stylists offer such ideas both for the whole head and partially, for example, only for the forehead area.

girls with short bangs

  1. «Hedgehog». In the last season, the trend is a very short haircut in the form of thick or rare strands sticking to the top, no more than two to three centimeters. This option is suitable for both long curls and neat haircuts.

very short bangs

Short torn bangs

The thinning technique remains a popular solution in modern fashion. This choice involves thinning the hair, which forms curls of different lengths and thicknesses. When finished, it gives the impression of torn strands. Especially popular was the short oblique ragged bangs. The advantage of this choice is the ability to do without daily styling. Chaos and asymmetry will always attract attention and emphasize the originality of the image as a whole. And unusual coloring will help add originality even more.

short ragged bangs

Short oblique bangs

The beveled shape not only looks attractive, but is also able to visually correct facial features. This choice is considered relevant for fashionistas who are dissatisfied with too plump cheeks or have forehead skin imperfections. Short bangs on the side can be slightly elongated. And in this case, ombre coloring with a transition from dark roots to light or bright edges will be especially successful. An asymmetric solution can be complemented with thinning with the effect of torn hair or emphasized with a clear framing line.

short oblique bangs

Short straight bangs

The even shape of the haircut remains classic. This option is good for those who naturally have straight hair. If you are endowed with curly curls, then to maintain an even effect, you will have to purchase an iron or any other straightener. Stylish short bangs can start both from the area above the forehead and from the crown. The border between the main shock of curls is often presented in a zigzag or wavy solution, which adds a special charm to the whole appearance. The advantage of this choice is the possibility of any styling, for example, on a round comb.

short straight bangs

Short round bangs

The fashion trend of the 80s and 90s has returned to modern style. Beautiful short bangs have a rounded shape. This effect can be done independently, using a curling iron or ironing. Stylists recommend stopping at this decision for girls who naturally have curly hair. Then you do not have to resort to complex styling every day. A rounded contour can also be given using the haircut technique. In this case, the parting is done from the crown, which creates a voluminous thick layer, and the ends are formed by a crescent. The edge line can be marked with contrasting staining.

short round bangs

Rare short bangs

The fashion trend of the last season has become the option with rare thinned strands. The easiest way to achieve this effect is with thinning scissors. In this case, the length of the curls can be both symmetrical and torn. Girls with short bangs should have perfect forehead skin and regular features of the upper face, because in this case, a stylish addition will not be able to hide flaws. In addition, this choice does not involve staining in contrasting shades. But a solid color can be both dark and light.

rare short bangs

Short thick bangs

A touch of mystery to the appearance will be added by a thick hairstyle addition, which in recent seasons is relevant from the crown. Stylish short bangs completely cover the forehead and clearly emphasize beautiful eyebrows and eyes. The ends of the hair can be slightly thinned using the thinning technique. But in the trend and smooth boundaries. If you have a wide oval face, then it is better to do a haircut from temple to temple, which will visually add harmony and focus on the cheekbones. An interesting solution would be a triangular shape, slightly elongated from the edges to the center.

short thick bangs

Short bangs arch

If your type of appearance is favorable for such a choice, then a semicircular shape will help to emphasize smooth and beautiful facial features. The arch perfectly accentuates the eyebrows and eyes, so in this case it is important to pay attention to makeup. Be prepared that fashionable hairstyles with a short bangs arch visually expand the oval. Therefore, if you have chubby cheeks, you should shade your cheekbones. This solution will be especially successful in an ensemble with coloring in a bright and saturated shade, for example, fiery or chestnut. The edge of the crescent can be either in the form of a clear line or torn.

short arched bangs

Fashionable haircuts with short bangs

If you decide to cover your forehead with a stylish haircut, it is important to take care of the overall look of the hairstyle. To date, stylists recommend focusing on solutions that require a minimum of time for daily styling or are easy for home care. However, fashion reviews present ideas that look more effective and original in combination with bangs. If you can’t find the perfect option for yourself, you can experiment with coloring, because the shade is also able to adjust the appearance. Let’s see popular hairstyles with short bangs:

  1. Long bob with short bangs. Shoulder-length hair looks very beautiful and stylish. In this case, the most successful would be the addition of an even thick shape, but you can experiment with oblique contours or an arch.

elongated bob with short bangs

  1. Shaggy. This messy messy hairstyle has become a popular choice due to its ease of maintenance. Shaggy is distinguished by random highlighted strands of different lengths. Such a haircut does not need to be specially styled daily.

trendy haircuts with short bangs

  1. Chelsea. An integral element of the bangs is considered for this type of hairstyle. Here, the main part of the hair is removed in a short “hedgehog”, and elongated strands are left on the sides and on the forehead.

hairstyles with short bangs

  1. Iroquois. This type of hairstyle will suit the most determined and outstanding fashionistas. Iroquois can be supplemented with unnatural coloring, both in total length and only in front, which attracts attention better.

trendy hairstyles with short bangs

Bob with short bangs

In addition to the classic square, the option with a shortened nape remains in trend. A fashionable bob will be a stylish solution for those who dream of a neat hairstyle, but do not dare to remove the length completely. In front, they remain elongated to the shoulders and even the chest, smoothly turning into a “hat” at the back. A bob haircut with short bangs provides for any form option. The most relevant are straight, oblique and torn solutions. Recently, the bob has been considered a good choice for brunettes and looks especially impressive with brightly colored ends, such as red.

bob with short bangs

Pixie with short bangs

The hairstyle “under the boy” looks neat and concise. This option involves both clearly combed and styled hair, and chaotic asymmetric strands. A pixie haircut with short bangs is perfect for the hot season. In modern fashion, there is a stereotype that this option is the choice of women over 40. However, stylists say that a laconic pixie perfectly emphasizes youth and lightness. An actual addition would be staining using the technique of highlighting or coloring. Front curls can be formed into a «hedgehog», oblique or torn shape.

pixie with short bangs

Cascade with short bangs

A fashionable choice for girls with long hair is a cascading haircut. A beautiful waterfall will help remove the density, but at the same time leave the length. Asymmetry can be obvious, for example, on one side it is ten or more centimeters shorter. In the trend and light thinning. This hairstyle can often be found in the image of celebrities, from which the cascade got its second name — Hollywood. The most famous stars with short bangs are Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon, Penelope Cruz and many others.

cascade with short bangs


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