Short bob - who needs a haircut?

A short bob haircut is suitable for any type, it can successfully hide all the minor errors in appearance and shift the focus to its merits, because this hairstyle looks great on a perfect oval, and on a square, and on a round or triangular face shape. It also suits plump beauties, especially if it is made in a cascade technique with bangs.

Who suits the short bob?

  1. Answering the question of who goes for a bob haircut for short hair, stylists say that this hairstyle compares favorably with its versatility, and any fashionista can choose the right option for herself. The bob will look especially advantageous on plump and chubby women and girls, with cascading transitions that create a certain splendor in the crown area, which hides fullness and gives softness and smoothness to any type of face. The basal volume at the top looks great even on thin hair, and the bangs allow you to make a type correction.
  1. A short classic bob is a relatively young hairstyle that has come to us since the beginning of the twentieth century, and immediately won the hearts of many fashionistas. In modern times, leading hairdressers create unique mixes, for example, bob-car, bob-cascade, bob-garcon, blunt-bob, shaggy-bob and some other varieties of this wonderful haircut, and pixie-bob has completely absorbed all the trends of the coming season. These variations are suitable for any type, especially if you want to try novelty and extreme in appearance.

Short bob for a square face

Bob for short hair for a square face is designed to soften the general outlines of the appearance, give them a smoothness and bring them to an oval shape with wavy and straight curls framing the face and tips tucked inward. If you want to make a bang, then it is better that it be elongated and profiled, both oblique and even, but not too thick, because thick bangs are more suitable for those who have soft features from birth. You should not do too short, as well as ultra-short haircuts, with bare temples and legs, because then the square will become even sharper.

short bob for square face

Stylists also do not recommend making a short classic bob for those with a square face, reminiscent of a traditional bob with straight bangs. It is better to pay attention to cascading transitions, ladders, combine shaggy and bob haircuts into one haircut, or make a blunt bob. An excellent idea would be elongated strands, oblique and side parting, an interesting color, the use of multi-colored feathers and curls, gradient transitions, highlighting and coloring. Style legislators note that with a square shape, you should not completely expose your cheekbones and face, it is better to frame them with curls.

bob for short hair

Short bob for a round face

A female bob haircut for short hair with round shapes can be made using a variety of techniques, there are no clear restrictions, because the smoothness of this haircut slightly stretches a round face, bringing it to a perfect oval. Experienced hairdressers with great pleasure will help you change, make a trendy hairstyle that will turn you into a stylish and modern beauty. It can be a bob-car, a bob-cascade with torn strands sticking out gracefully and chaotically, creating the effect of deliberate and slight negligence, which is so hit this summer.

short bob for round face

When you have a round face, you can experiment and make a short bob in combination with a square and a garcon, on a leg, expose the back of your head, make it narrow and fading away, giving the shape of your face a smooth ovality. Open cheekbones, a graceful and refined leg, as well as graduated cascading strands, will create an effect of tenderness, add playfulness, coquetry and femininity, envelop the image with an aura of mystery and add a few notes of extravagance to the appearance. It is better to profile bangs, make them light and airy, with torn strands.

women's bob haircut for short hair

Short bob haircuts for a full face

If you have a full face, then the best choice would be a bob haircut for short hair, which gives volume, because in this scenario, the cascading technique or ladder will create the effect of splendor in the crown and sides, which will transfer visual accents to the hairstyle, and not to the face. At the same time, styling will hide facial features due to voluminous strands and curls, and if desired, you can make multi-colored feathers, gradient transitions and highlights, which will add style and elegance to the overall appearance.

short bob haircuts for a full face

When you want to shorten your hair with a full face, then a short bob can be the best choice, because it is not only in the classic version, but also comes in combination with such eternal hits as a square and a cascade. And both with bangs and without it. It will be especially interesting to look at the solution with oblique bangs and asymmetry with an elongated one side and a clipped second temple with a bob-cascade combination. These variations will hide the fullness, give softness and smoothness, bring any face shape to the perfect oval.

bob haircut for short hair giving volume

Short bob for thin hair

According to experienced masters of hairdressing, a bob haircut for short thin hair can be performed using any of the modern techniques:

  • classic bob, which lacks a straight bottom cut and the front strands framing the face are longer than the back curls;
  • bob-cascade, when a stepped haircut is made with a voluminous crown and torn or profiled strands are added, both with and without bangs;
  • bob-car, both on the leg and with an emphasis on the classics, with straight and thick bangs, or with elongated side strands;

short bob for thin hair

  • a short shaggy bob with wavy curls, elongated front strands, with and without bangs, an excellent solution for thin hair, because it creates additional volume;
  • pixie bob, suitable for an oval shape of an incomplete face, as well as for a triangle, or a round shape, only when creating additional volume in the crown area;
  • bob-garcon, in which the main proportions are preserved, but an emphasis is added to the top of the head, and the face becomes open;
  • bob blunt with a perfect even bottom cut, recognized as the true trend of the coming summer.

bob haircut for short thin hair

Bob haircut for short curly hair

A chic choice for curly curls is the bob cut for short wavy hair, which is a real hit this season, as well as autumn 2021, because it has been a leader on the world hairdressing podium for several years, and style trendsetters are very pleased to present their models. with these hairstyles. As well as mega stars, and famous celebrities who have chosen these variations for themselves. A wonderful option — styling that covers the neck and face is possible in a cascade technique.

bob haircut for short curly hair

On curly hair, a short bob without bangs, or with elongated front strands, an asymmetrical bob in all its varieties, with an oblique or side parting will look great. In addition to the classic bob and bob-cascade combination, you can try the shaggy bob and bob too to create stunning experimental hairstyles that are just right for you and chosen for your type. Giving your appearance a touch of charm and charm, boyish enthusiasm and a bit of coquetry and femininity.

bob haircut for short wavy hair

Bob haircut for short thick hair

For thick hair, any women’s short bob haircut is suitable, made in a modern interpretation with diverse mixes and combinations with a ladder, torn strands, thinning and steps. However, lovers of laconic elegance should not abandon the classic version of the bob, with thick straight bangs and oblique lower cuts, which will give the appearance of charm, add efficiency and at the same time soften, dilute deliberate severity with mischief. You can also try asymmetry and torn cascading strands.

bob haircut for short thick hair

According to stylists, a bob haircut for short hair with bangs, versatile, torn, oblique, straight, elongated and offset, both on the parting and on the side, will be a stylish choice for thick hair. However, you should not refuse hairstyles without bangs, if there is such a desire, and facial features allow you to move away from the canons, and the absence of bangs will not spoil, but improve the appearance. To such hairstyles, leading hairdressers include bob-car and bob-blunt, a striking feature of which is an even lower cut.

women's short bob haircut

Short bob for dark hair

If you liked the bob haircut for short dark hair and wanted to make a unique hairstyle, then take a closer look at the classic interpretation of this hairstyle, with oblique lower cuts and a variety of bangs. On wavy dark hair, bob-car and bob-cascade are suitable, as well as some other varieties of bean, but do not forget that the choice of hairstyle also depends on the type of appearance and fullness of the face, so choose the haircut that best suits your type .

short bob for dark hairbob haircut for short dark hair

Bob haircut for short blonde hair

For blondes, all types of this hairstyle are good, and a short bob blond can be made using any modern technique, regardless of the density of the hair and the quality of the hair. A pixie bob will give your face youthful enthusiasm, add a touch of coquettishness and pleasantly rejuvenate your appearance, but a bob-car will bring a bit of elegance, it will be an excellent option for every day under business suits, as well as for a holiday. After all, it does not require careful styling and complex care, but your hairstyle will always look amazingly attractive.

bob haircut for short blonde hairshort bob blonde

Short bob for red hair

Fiery girls and women are very lucky with their appearance, and a red short bob will add a touch of charm, youth and extraordinary attractiveness to the natural beauty, no matter how it is made. An excellent choice would be an asymmetrical hairstyle or an option with an elongated bang on the side parting, both on smooth and wavy hair. Shaggy bob is also perfect for red hair, emphasizing their natural waviness and density. The classic will add mystery, and the bob-car will add extravagance, like the bob-cascade.

short bob for red hairred short bob

Types of short bob haircuts

What types of short bob haircuts can experienced international hairdressers and stylists offer you today?

  1. Do not neglect the classics, which get a raised nape and an elongated front with stacked strands and thick, diverse bangs, while the hairstyle goes without parting. Even to decorate the hairstyle, an elongated bang is added, which is the main focus of the entire haircut. The asymmetrical bob also has some charm, given that even the classic one is very easy to make with an asymmetric effect by tucking one part of the hair behind the ear.
  1. A short bob haircut is the choice of not only young and energetic girls, but also mature, stylish and elegant women who are used to being leaders and happy people in life, who are used to carefully monitoring their appearance and always being in the spotlight. Certain techniques, for example, a multi-layered bob, cascade, bob-bob, shaggy-bob and blunt-bob, are chosen with great pleasure by those women of fashion who are over 40, but who keep up with fashion and keep up with the times, want to be in trend and look amazing.

Classic short bob

The classic bob for short hair is different in that it has bangs, not only straight and thick, but also oblique, elongated, torn and profiled. In this hairstyle, the strands at the back of the head are shorter than those strands that frame the face. It can be confused with a bob, but the classic bob has an oblique lower cut, and the main focus of the haircut is on the back of the head and crown. The standard for classics is the length of the hair to the edge of the face. And multi-colored feathers, highlighting and coloring, as well as balayage, can give a certain charm to the hairstyle.

classic short bobclassic bob for short hair

Women’s bob haircut for short hair

A fashionable bob for short hair is a mix of a classic bob and a classic bob, where two modern hits are combined into one hairstyle. This haircut is ideal for square, triangular and even round faces, as well as for an oval. Its peculiarity lies in the transition from short hair at the back of the head to long hair in front, you can make a bob-car on the leg, which will pleasantly rejuvenate the appearance.

women's bob haircut for short hairtrendy bob for short hair

Bob cascade for short hair

What is a bob-cascade haircut for short hair? This is a great option for those who naturally have thin hair or a plump face. The voluminous stepped technique creates additional volume at the crown, and the oblique lower sections and elongated front strands visually hide all the minor errors in appearance, transferring visual accents to its merits, giving the face the features of a perfect oval. Graduation goes from the crown down to the back of the head, it can also be done on the sides by an experienced hairdresser, provided that it suits your type.

bob cascade for short hairbob cascade haircut for short hair

Bob garcon haircut for short hair

Another seasonal hit is the fashionable short bob-garcon, which is characterized by the fact that the back of the head is cut to nothing, like a garcon, and elongated strands go in front, like a classic bean. This hairstyle is suitable for slender women of diverse appearance and adds to the overall look not only femininity, but also boyish enthusiasm, as well as pleasant softness and mischief.

bob garcon short haircuttrendy short bob

Pixie bob haircut for short hair

Two trends of the summer 2021 season in one hairstyle — this is a pixie-bob, a women’s short haircut, which has the characteristics of both a bob and a pixie, torn strands, a shortened and open nape, milled bangs, both straight and oblique, or even and thick. Suitable for courageous and resolute women and girls, rejuvenates the appearance, gives originality to the image, suitable for every day and for a holiday.

pixie bob haircut for short hairpixie bob women's short haircut

Shaggy bob short hair

What other short bob-based haircuts can top stylists and hairdressers offer? One of these varieties is the shaggy-bob mix, when classic elegance and trendy, deliberate negligence inherent in hippies and grunge, boho and country are brought together, with curls provocatively sticking out in different directions. A wonderful choice for curly hair, both thin and thick.

shaggy bob short hairbob short haircuts

Blunt bob haircut for short hair

Fashionable bob haircuts for short hair for women are a combination of the splendor of the bob and the severity of the blunt, when the lower cut is perfectly even, without step transitions and graduation. These hairstyles are distinguished by the fact that for the most part they go without bangs, with straight and side parting, they are great for even hair of various qualities. They can afford both blondes and brunettes or brown-haired women.

blunt bob haircut for short hairbob haircuts for short hair for women

Asymmetrical bob haircut for short hair

Another fashion trend of the summer season 2021 is an asymmetrical short bob that looks amazing on any hair, adds mystery and a certain charm, especially with ragged elongated bangs and shaved temples. However, the effect of asymmetry in this hairstyle can be created even on a classic bob by tucking the curls on one side behind the ear.

asymmetrical bob haircut for short hairasymmetrical short bob


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