Short haircuts for girls - the best discreet and bold looks

The choice of bold and determined young ladies who love to experiment with their appearance is short haircuts for girls. They are part of the original style, emphasize the unique individuality and contribute to a radical change in the image. Hairstyles are loved for convenience and practicality, spectacular appearance.

Fashionable women’s haircuts for short hair

Stylish short haircuts are offered by masters in a wide variety, so you can choose the option when the hair is cut almost to the root or a short length is maintained. Choosing a hairstyle is an exclusively personal matter for each girl based on personal preferences and taking into account the individual characteristics of her appearance.

Short haircuts for girls are represented by such design variations:

  • a square that is suitable for any type of hair. Straightened strands should be cut very evenly:
  • pixie, which runs in different versions;
  • asymmetrical, which will suit bold and extraordinary girls. They are also extremely versatile.

fashionable women's haircuts for short hairstylish short haircutsstylish haircuts for short hair

Short haircuts for a round face

Particularly careful selection requires short haircuts for women on a round face. When creating them, it is recommended to take into account the following features:

  • give up straight bangs. It can be torn, oblique;
  • make short strands that visually lengthen the face;
  • lift the hair at the back of the head with a bouffant or tousled curls.

Short haircuts for chubby girls can be presented in the following design variations:

  1. It is worth taking a closer look at the bob with bangs, especially the bob.
  2. The second option is an elongated pixie. Chubby girls can cut their hair like a boy if they have thin hair that does not tolerate styling products. Haircut is convenient because it does not require styling and is appropriate at any age.
  3. An avant-garde haircut is well suited for creating a daring look. It distracts attention from the cheeks, and with a colored strand it looks unsurpassed.

short haircuts for round faces

Short haircuts for a square face

Masters should responsibly approach the selection of hairstyles, creating short haircuts for girls for a square face. It is not so easy to choose a suitable option for such a form. If you want to shorten your hair, then you should pay attention to lengthening the shape of the face:

  1. To do this, volume is created at the hair from above, and the strands are made torn, asymmetrical.
  2. Excellent examples of short haircuts for a square face are garcon, pixie, classic, long or oblique bob, boy haircut, where the strands are arranged randomly, highlighted or complete chaos is created on the head.
  3. A short hairstyle for a square face should smooth out roughness and soften overly defined contours.

short haircuts for square faces

Short haircuts with bangs

A great way to correct certain shortcomings is to create a haircut for short hair with bangs. This item is available in a variety of designs:

  • thick or sparse bangs are selected depending on the structure of the hair;
  • if you want to hide the protruding forehead, the choice is made in favor of an elongated version, and if, on the contrary, you need to demonstrate it, a very shortened bang is made;
  • a win-win option will be asymmetry, which will present any face shape in a favorable light;
  • the part can be double, in which case one of the layers is located above the other, while the bottom one will be available for viewing;
  • the sesson hairstyle is accompanied by an arch-shaped bang, shorter in the front and lengthening on the sides.

short haircuts with bangs

Short haircuts for curly hair

An excellent choice for curly strands are short haircuts for curly hair, because they emphasize the beauty of curls:

  1. For a wide face, a “ladder” haircut is suitable, which visually stretches it. Chubby curly girls should choose a garcon or pixie. For a narrow face with elongated features, a square is suitable.
  2. Much depends on the type of curls. If they are slightly curly, thin, then you need a bob haircut, which will add extra volume.
  3. When the curls are strong, then not short curly haircuts for girls are taboo. Otherwise, their mistress is simply tormented with styling.
  4. When you don’t want to spend time styling, you should make a “cascade” haircut. Made in layers, it will suit full girls.
  5. The Aurora haircut looks great. She has many similarities with the «cascade», but the «Aurora» has more volume on the back of the head, and the bangs are longer and there is no sharp transition between the strands.

short haircuts for curly hairshort haircuts for curly hairvery short haircuts

Short haircuts for thick hair

Original fashionable haircuts for short hair, made on thick strands, look truly unique. This option draws a lot of attention to the face, so it is important to think carefully about which features you need to emphasize. You can choose a short haircut from the following versions:

  1. Creating a pixie is a good way to keep your curls in order. The main thing is to leave the sides short, and concentrate the curls in front. A successful solution would be an uneven pixie where the curls are stacked in layers.
  2. A bob with light uneven layers is daring. For thick hair, a short bob is suitable, the strands of which can be tied into a small ponytail, braided into a braid. The bob can also be torn.

short haircuts for thick hairtrendy short haircuts

Short haircuts for thin hair

If nature has deprived the hair of volume, then this can be corrected by successfully choosing beautiful short haircuts:

  • A-shaped bob;
  • square;
  • garcon, asymmetric multi-level options, for example, an asymmetric cascade;
  • pixie with asymmetrical bangs.

The most popular stylish haircuts for short hair are also represented by the following options:

  1. For an elongated face with expressive features and high cheekbones, a garcon haircut is suitable. It is similar to a pixie, but the main difference is its compatibility with curly hair.
  2. For thin hair, a bob haircut is often chosen, in which the strands are cut 3.5 cm above the chin.
  3. Different versions of pixies are also suitable for thin hair. The haircut is easy to care for, and for attending special occasions it can be decorated with accessories.
  4. On thin hair, several varieties of the cascade look good, for example, with straight bangs, with asymmetry, with ragged tips, with smooth transitions.

short haircuts for thin hairbeautiful short haircuts

Haircut «asymmetry» for short hair

In the asymmetric version, a variety of short haircuts for teenagers, girls and older ladies are presented:

  • you can make a pixie, in which one of the side parts will contain shaved elements. This option will be appreciated by young women of fashion;
  • a bob or square can be shorter in one part and lengthen in another. This type of design is popular among women of all ages;
  • asymmetry can be applied by creating hairstyles such as «cascade» and «Italian». When performing them, the same principle is used — a greater elongation in one of the parts;
  • asymmetry can also be achieved with bangs made in the appropriate way.

asymmetric haircut for short hair

Bob haircut for short hair

Incredibly in demand are modern short haircuts, the female versions of which are presented in the form of a bob. There are such varieties of it:

  • elongation caret, where the heavily cropped back of the head contrasts with the lengthening front strands;
  • a square on a leg, where the back of the head is shaped with cutting out in a special way, providing splendor in this part;
  • asymmetrical caret, which will bring spicy notes to the image;
  • smooth straight square, which will be appreciated by lovers of the classics.

bob haircut for short hairmodern short haircuts for women

Women’s haircut «cascade» for short hair

One of the popular options for voluminous haircuts for short hair is a cascade:

  • the hairstyle is cut in tiers along the entire length. Due to the layering, the cascade acquires visual splendor, even if it is done on thin hair;
  • you can apply a clear cutting of the strands or make them milled. The latter option is suitable mainly for thick strands that need to be thinned out so that they fit better.

women's haircut cascade for short hair

Short women’s haircuts with shaved temples

In recent seasons, short haircuts for teenage girls containing shaved whiskey are extremely popular:

  • this design can be applied to many types of hairstyles, for example, pixie, bob, bob, cascade;
  • if in the classic version the haircut contains strands lengthening in front and in the side parts, this option can be advantageously beaten. Shaving can be done in such a way as to cover it if necessary. This provides the opportunity to modify the hairstyle at your discretion;
  • on the temples, you can create artistically shaved elements that will help to show the individuality of a young fashionista.

short haircuts for women with shaved sidesshort haircuts for teen girls

Haircut «Italian» for short hair

An extremely original solution would be a bob haircut for short hair for women, which contains elements of a cascade. She is known as «Italian» and is popular among women of all ages:

  1. A feature of the hairstyle is that the “hat” in it is combined with elongated strands, cut like a cascade. This variation will suit any face shape.
  2. Hairstyle is best worn with arched bangs.

Italian haircut for short hair

Haircut «sesson» for short hair

Retro haircut «sesson» for short strands is reborn:

  1. It can be recognized by the bangs and the smooth movement from it to the strands coming from the ears lengthening at the back of the head. Only a master with extensive experience can create an impeccable “sesson” haircut. A striking example of her is the French pop singer Mireille Mathieu.
  2. Difficult creation is the only drawback of a haircut. Cesson goes well with modern office wear, so business women should choose it. The hairstyle rejuvenates the face and gives its mistress some theatricality.
  3. The bangs are cut in the form of a semicircle, and the lower edge is twisted under the bottom. Although changes may be made to the execution of a haircut, its shape remains unchanged.
  4. Sesson will suit an oval and round face, but it will look good on other forms. The hairstyle looks original on ladies of any age. For styling, you only need a hairdryer and a round brush.
  5. Haircut «Sesson» will help out when you need to hide protruding ears, wrinkles on the forehead, soften the floating oval. However, it will need to be adjusted once a month.

sesson haircut for short hairshort sesson haircut

Haircut «bob» for short hair giving volume

To make a hairstyle visually magnificent, a female bob haircut for short hair is capable of. This is achieved through a special technique of its execution:

  • special attention is paid to cutting the back of the head. It rises, and the strands above it become voluminous;
  • a “cap” is often made on top, which gives splendor even to thin strands.

bob haircut for short hair giving volume

Short tomboy haircuts

One of the varieties that represent creative haircuts for short hair is the «tombo». The name from English is translated as «tomboy», «hooligan». This gives a clue as to what it looks like. «Tomboy» means a boy’s haircut and has a daring, rebellious character. The main features of the haircut are:

  • asymmetrical strands, including bangs;
  • strands should be torn, casually fall;
  • shaved nape or whiskey;
  • bangs are made exceptionally long.

Very short haircuts, which include tomboy, are characterized by the following details:

  1. There are no exact rules in the performance of a tomboy, so you can resort to small follies, for example, shave the back of your head or whiskey, one temple. It is chosen because the problem with split ends disappears, styling is greatly simplified.
  2. When choosing a variation, bangs and parting must be present, although they are subject to change. A round or square face requires oblique bangs and a side device, basal volume. Almost all options are submissive to an oblong face. The main thing is not to forget about the long bangs.

short tomboy haircuts

Haircut «page» for short hair

The original version, which presents modern short haircuts, is a hairstyle known as the «page»:

  • it has certain similarities with another haircut — «sesson», but is characterized by some distinctive details;
  • bangs can be arched or have clearer cuts;
  • the edges of the “page” haircut can be made smooth rounded or add spice to them with the help of thinning. In the latter case, the hairstyle will look somewhat torn.

short haircut

Short pixie haircut

One of the most popular options is pixie — a haircut for short hair for women:

  • the hairstyle is cut as short as possible, but at the same time it suits different types of faces. For an oval shape, you can choose a more open version, and adjust a square or round face with bangs;
  • young ladies can complement their hair with shaved temples, which will give the image originality and make it unforgettable.

short pixie haircutpixie haircut for short hair for women

Haircut «ladder» for short hair

An extremely feminine variety, which presents short fashionable haircuts for girls, is a ladder:

  • in the front, the hairstyle has a certain resemblance to a cascade, but in the back there is no tiering;
  • the ladder is ideal for owners of thick lush strands, it provides an opportunity to fully demonstrate their advantages;
  • Properly cut strands in the front will help visually narrow and lengthen a round or square face.

ladder haircut for short hair


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