Short haircuts for stylish and modern women

Stylish short haircuts are a good way to radically change the appearance, emphasize the individuality and originality of the image. The main thing is to determine your ideal option from the variety presented by stylists. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the features of appearance.

Short haircut options

The stylists brought to the attention of the girls the most beautiful short haircuts, among which any fashionista will be able to choose the option to her taste:

  • lovers of bold experiments will appreciate a haircut with a shaved head;
  • certain types of hairstyles are designed for hair of different structure: thick and thin, straight and curly;
  • short haircuts can be done with a clear cut or be presented in a torn version;
  • such haircuts as garcon, pixie, bob, giving volume, gavroche, asymmetry are justifiably popular.

short haircut optionsmost beautiful short haircutsmodern women's short haircuts

Short women’s haircut with a shaved nape

Young women of fashion will appreciate women’s haircuts for very short hair with a shaved nape:

  • such a detail often complements the pixie hairstyle. The peculiarity is that it is recommended not to make the upper part of the hairstyle too short, it is preferable to leave it elongated in order to play advantageously in contrast;
  • short creative haircuts can contain not only a shaved head, but also whiskey. If desired, curly patterns can be applied by shaving;
  • with a shaved nape, you can also find feminine varieties of hairstyles, such as a bob or bob. In this performance, they acquire spicy notes.

short women's haircut with shaved napewomen's haircuts for very short hairshortest haircuts for women

Short haircuts for a square face

Careful selection requires a haircut for a square face shape:

  1. Such features need to be visually brought closer to the oval. To do this, the shortest part is placed below the level of the chin.
  2. The best option would be such a classic short female haircut as an elongated bob or bob.
  3. Asymmetrical versions, variations with beveled bangs are also great.
  4. In the presence of a massive forehead, it is recommended to cover it with bangs. If this detail is made oblique and with pronounced asymmetry, this will completely divert attention from the problem area.
  5. The main task is to divert attention from heavy features, which can be achieved with the help of streamlined forms. To do this, it is necessary to refrain from strict clear cuts, but to give preference to some layering, which will bring softness to the image.

short haircuts for square facesclassic short haircutshort trendy haircuts for girls

Short haircuts for a full face

Properly selected fashionable short haircuts for a round face will help bring your appearance closer to the ideal:

  1. A cropped dyne is the best that can be chosen by women with a full face. Short strands, skillfully arranged on the sides, hide full cheeks.
  2. Of the current options, it is worth taking a closer look at the pixies.
  3. If you have time for styling, then you should choose a bob-car. A hybrid of two haircuts looks good on wavy hair.
  4. Playful shaggy perfectly masks the fullness of the face with volume.
  5. On short hair, you can even create a cascade with natural volume.
  6. Cesson is an elegant short haircut for a full face.
  7. When choosing a hairstyle, it is recommended to refrain from excessive openness. A win-win solution would be the use of asymmetric details, which have an undeniable advantage — they distract attention from shortcomings.

short haircuts for a full facetrendy short haircuts for round facesmodern haircuts for short hair

Short haircuts for thick hair

To present the appearance in the most advantageous light will help short haircuts for lush hair:

  1. A creative pixie will add spice and originality to the image. The ultra-short length is suitable for girls who love bold experiments and are ready to open their neck. If nature has endowed the correct facial features, then it is worth adding oblique bangs to the pixie.
  2. Bob is a real salvation for thick hair. The haircut looks good due to the splendor at the back of the head and openness in the lower region. The best option would be to add asymmetry. Haircut can be modeled depending on the shape of the face. Soft lines and light curls are suitable for a square one, and elongated strands in front with volume at the back of the head are suitable for a round one.
  3. A strict page looks good on thick hair.

On thick hair, a caret is allowed in the following versions:

  1. On the leg, where there is a back cut, flowing hair on the sides and transition angles.
  2. An A-shape that will transform any innocent look into a vamp.
  3. «Swallow», in which there is a sharp transition from the shaved back of the head.

short haircuts for thick hairshort haircuts for curly haircreative short haircuts for women

Short haircuts for straight hair

Easy care for straight strands is complemented by a variety of haircuts that will suit them. Fashionable short haircuts for thin hair are represented by such solutions:

  1. A versatile and relevant variation would be a short bob. The haircut beautifully frames and emphasizes facial features.
  2. Another popular option is the classic square, which is optimal for ladies of any age.
  3. Bob-caret also looks good on straight hair and will help out when a fashionista does not know which hairstyle to choose. The main difference is straight curls and raised hair at the back of the head.

short haircuts for straight hairtrendy short haircuts for thin hairshort haircuts for women

Short women’s haircuts for curly hair

Very carefully you should choose short women’s haircuts for curly hair:

  1. Kare is ideal for curly hair, especially if the base is graduated.
  2. Owners of curls should take a closer look at the asymmetrical options. If the heart asks for a bold decision, then a garcon will definitely suit them. That’s just a lady should have a perfect head shape, clean skin and fine facial features.
  3. Bob is also relevant for short curly hair. He can have both elongated strands and shaved temples, asymmetrical bangs.

short haircuts for curly hairshort haircuts for curly hair

Short haircut with long bangs

A short women’s haircut with long bangs will look elegant and unique. This detail goes well with hairstyles such as:

  1. Pixie, in which bangs can be styled in different ways. The haircut is especially suitable for young girls.
  2. Bob, in which long bangs help hide a massive forehead, and make facial features visually smoother.
  3. Shaggy, where the bangs, like the rest of the strands, fit randomly.

modern short haircuts for womenshort haircut with long bangsshort haircut for women with long bangs

Haircuts for short hair — blondes

Extremely impressive and at the same time a blonde girl with a short haircut can look romantic:

  1. To emphasize the sophistication of the owner of blond hair, you can make a caret that looks unsurpassed with styling in the form of light curls.
  2. Fans of very short haircuts can turn to pixies, but in this case it is recommended to leave an elongated bang that will emphasize the beauty of light strands.
  3. With insufficient volume, which is clearly visible on fair hair, you can turn to highlighting or other coloring that can be applied to the elongated part of the hairstyle.

most beautiful short haircutshaircuts for short blonde hairblonde girl with short hair

Short haircuts for gray hair

Recently, the trend is the maximum naturalness. Many owners of completely gray hair have stopped painting over them. There are also women who deliberately choose this shade and color their curls in it. In both cases, a short female model haircut will help present the appearance in a winning light:

  • pixie is a universal option, suitable for all occasions. It can be made very short or containing an elongated bang;
  • the beauty of the “silver” strands can be emphasized if you make a voluminous “hat” in the upper part, and cut the temples and the back of the head short, giving a contrast;
  • bob and bob will suit any type of face and will look harmoniously on gray strands.

short haircut optionsshort haircuts for gray hairshort female model haircut

Short haircuts for black hair

Choosing haircuts for short hair, brunettes can not limit themselves in the manifestation of fantasy. Dark strands will attract attention on their own and will look advantageous in any hairstyle design:

  • if there is sufficient density, you can make a very shortened pixie, this option is preferred by bold fashionistas;
  • Feminine short haircuts are also suitable, this is a bob or bob, which is combined with light curls. However, on the owners of the correct oval of the face, such a variation of the hairstyle with perfectly aligned strands, complemented by a clear straight bang, will also look unique;
  • if you want to bring insolence to the image, you can stop at torn haircuts, for example, it can be gavrosh.

haircuts for short brunette hairshort haircuts for black hair

Short haircuts for red hair

Red-haired beauties will be able to present their appearance in the most advantageous light if they successfully select modern short haircuts for women:

  • on red strands, any hairstyle will look bright and spectacular, so the hair structure should be the determining factor. It is recommended to give thin strands additional volume using multi-level cutting, but at the same time processing the tips with clear, unfiltered cuts. In this way, a bob-car or a variation of a shortened cascade can be decorated;
  • owners of thick curls, on the contrary, can be advised to choose short torn haircuts or resort to thinning. It can be a gavroche, a shortened version of the she-wolf haircut, a tattered pixie hairstyle. With the help of such techniques, it will be possible to achieve that the strands will be better pressed.

short haircuts for red hairmodern short haircuts for women

Haircut «garcon» for short hair for women

Certain model haircuts for women for short hair, which include the garcon, will help to visually reset a few years:

  • the hairstyle is characterized by the fact that the main volume is concentrated in the upper part, and the back of the head and temples are cut short. From a pixie, such a haircut is distinguished by the presence of a kind of “hat” at the top;
  • when creating the upper part, more elongated than the rest of the sections, the “cap” can be made uniform along the entire length or multi-level, when one layer of hair is located above the other.

garcon haircut for short hair for women

Ragged haircut for short hair

Torn creative haircuts for short hair for women are designed for bold, self-confident fashionistas:

  • torn design can have any kind of haircuts. It can be an asymmetrical bob, a multi-level caret, a pixie, a shortened cascade;
  • there are hairstyles that in themselves imply their execution in a torn version. Such haircuts as «wolf» and «gavrosh» can be cited as such examples.

torn haircut for short haircreative short haircuts for womenmodern women's short haircuts

Short women’s haircuts «asymmetry»

Asymmetric creative short women’s haircuts will give a unique charm and zest to the image:

  • the difference in length can be slight or pronounced. As a last example, we can give a hairstyle that looks like a pixie on one side, and on the other like an elongated caret;
  • bangs are a very good detail to create asymmetry. It can be cut obliquely on one side and laid on its side. Such a detail looks especially impressive in contrast with a short haircut, for example, with a pixie;
  • a popular way to create asymmetry is to shave one of the temples.

short women's haircuts asymmetrycreative short women's haircutsshort trendy haircuts for girls

Bob haircut for short hair giving volume

Original voluminous haircuts for short hair can advantageously transform your appearance:

  1. Bob haircuts for short hair have many advantages. It gives the image elegance, makes it a little gentle and even slightly careless. Given the many variations, it will be possible to choose a haircut for any type of face.
  2. Both an asymmetric female short voluminous haircut and a legged bob give splendor to the hair.
  3. A multi-layered bob is a combination of a «ladder» with a classic. The graduated version is suitable for women over 40.

bob haircut for short hair giving volumevoluminous haircuts for short hairwomen's short voluminous haircut

Gavroche haircut for short hair

Certain short fashionable haircuts for girls will help to create a unique daring youth bow, among them is “gavrosh”:

  1. The main volume is concentrated in the upper part of the head. The side strands and the lower occipital part can be made in a shorter version or the parts that lengthen downwards can be left.
  2. Another feature that characterizes these modern women’s short haircuts is to give a torn effect. Because of this, the gavroche looks deliberately careless, which gives the haircut a piquant zest. However, when choosing, it is worth considering such a moment — the hairstyle will look good on owners of strands of sufficient density.

Gavroche haircut for short hairshort trendy haircuts for girlscreative short women's haircuts

Women’s pixie haircut for short hair

Pixie is one of the most popular varieties that present modern haircuts for short hair:

  1. The hairstyle has gained great popularity among the fair sex. This is explained simply — the lightness and dynamism of the images. The shortest women’s pixie haircuts are in fashion. The opposite trend is the options with elongated bangs.
  2. Relevant haircut with ragged processing in the style of «thrash».
  3. A bright and original image is obtained with multi-level strands.
  4. A bold decision would be a pixie with shaved patterns.

pixie haircut for short hairmodern haircuts for short hairshort haircuts for women


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