Shoulder-length hair - who suits and how to choose a stylish hairstyle?

With the advent of new seasons, the young ladies are craving some changes. The best alternative will be newfangled styling and shoulder-length women’s haircuts 2020. Stylists and leading hairdressers sincerely advise you to get acquainted with current trends in the hair industry. Ultra-modern interesting hairstyles for any occasion and new coloring deserve special attention.

Who suits shoulder length hair?

Most girls often complain about the lack of desired volume after styling. In this case, it is better to make small changes, cut your favorite curls. This solution will help you achieve maximum splendor for all kinds of hairstyles. Shoulder-length short hair 2020 is a universal option that allows you to carry out all kinds of stylistic techniques and coloring novelties.

Current trends include diverse hairstyles for different hair lengths. Ladies with straight strands should consider the current ladder, asymmetric interpretations. Curly people will like the stylish ideas of a cascade, an elongated bean, and a bob. Fashionable variations represent a variety of outlines of bangs. Straight, oblique, beveled, short, torn are possible — which one suits you?

who suits shoulder length

Shoulder length straight hair

A straight shoulder-length haircut was to the taste of many owners of even hair. Such a length serves as an excellent canvas for implementing the most interesting experiments with strands. For a long time, the most popular hairstyles have been a short flight of stairs, an elongated bob, a bob, in some variations even asymmetrical. Whatever haircut you choose, it will provide many opportunities for further styling.

You can independently reproduce any hairstyle for every day or festive events. To get the desired result, you may need to use a variety of styling products, mousses, varnishes and other fixatives. When using styling tools, do not forget about thermal protection. You can emphasize your curls using newfangled coloring techniques.

straight hair

Shoulder length curly hair

Playful curls or lush curls for shoulder-length hair? Any option will look amazing, because the curls themselves are very seductive. The average length provides an opportunity to add more volume, to create real charm. If by nature you have straight strands, do not be discouraged. Wrapping on a curling iron or curlers will help achieve the proper result.

A selection of topical haircuts for curly curls broadcasts unusual updated interpretations of the cascade, bob-car, ladder and many other classic designs. Focusing on the shape of the appearance, it is easier to choose the appropriate type of styling. Cutting-edge staining technologies pleasantly surprised with new products. Most of them are ideally combined with charming curls.

curly hair

Shoulder length hair without bangs

Haircut to the shoulders without bangs has a lot of advantages. First of all, it is worth noting the versatility and practicality, since a variety of options are suitable for all girls with every face shape. The fact that the absence of bangs helps to visually make the face longer and correct all the shortcomings in other types of appearance is considered to be of great importance. In addition, curling strands on a curling iron will be much easier.

Among the haircuts suitable for interpretations with or without bangs, it is worth highlighting the cascade, medium bob and similar stylistic devices. Collected designs are also very popular. With straight hair, it is better to tie tight or high tails. And for more curly hair, lush braids in the Greek style are suitable. Do not forget about additional accessories that emphasize your hair.

hair without bangs

Shoulder length hair with bangs

Shoulder-length haircuts with bangs have been on the top of the trend list for several seasons. Stylists have introduced this trend for women who want to make a stylish change in their appearance. The most relevant bangs design is torn, oblique, elongated with a section in the middle or side. Please note that each option can be presented in different ways, interpreted according to your desires and preferences.

Cutting-edge trends offer many different stylistic solutions for creating chic hairstyles. Thanks to the newfangled trends of street style, staining techniques have been greatly enriched. Many methodologies allow you to change the color of the hair and at the same time add a natural tone. Bold fashionistas can afford to dye their bangs in some bright color or a different shade.

With a bang

Fashionable shoulder-length haircuts 2020

If you dream of luxurious loose curls or a collected version, you need to choose the appropriate outline. Shoulder-length haircuts 2020 are distinguished by their diversity and advanced features. Classic cascade patterns, ladders, bob and bob are always very popular because they are ideal for any face shape.

Many girls dream of extra volume at the roots of the strands. It can be obtained with unusual hair-sphere tricks. Exclusive interpretations of gavroche or feather cuts are also suitable for fashionistas with any appearance and type of hair. Therefore, if you still doubt that the average length will not suit you, do not worry. This option is universal for all young ladies.

shoulder length haircuts

Shoulder-length hair cascade

Hairstyle cascade is considered one of the most common in the world. This solution is suitable for straight, wavy or curly hair. Smooth strands acquire additional volume and splendor, and curled curls fit amazingly on their own. Stylists recommend this haircut because it is versatile and allows you to implement all sorts of desired design ideas.

Beautiful combinations are also available with collected hair. Hairstyles made in the Greek style will look best. You can cut your hair in many ways, with or without bangs. A shoulder-length cascade is a great option for newfangled coloring. Cutting-edge trends are presented in the form of shatush, ombre or diverse highlighting techniques. If you are looking for a universal option for any life occasion, the cascade is what you need.


Kare to the shoulders

Girls are used to thinking that a square is a very impractical haircut that is not suitable for everyone. However, elongated variations will perfectly complement shoulder-length hair. The classic outline implies straight strands with clear tips. On curly curls, you can also make a square, although an even cut will not be so noticeable. The latest interpretations of a bob-car or just a bob also captivated the fashionable public.

The most pleasant news was the latest trend, which broadcasts a shoulder-length bob with bangs. Torn or beveled long bangs will be in special demand. With the help of actual monochromatic coloring or stylish techniques, you can achieve amazing results. Casual hairstyles include careless ponytails or braids, and solemn ones — exquisite weaving over loose hair.


Shoulder length haircuts

Every young lady dreams of stunning volume and splendor of her own strands. In such cases, you can resort to the intervention of styling products. But it is better to choose a good haircut that gives an additional effect of thick hair. On straight strands, it is better to arrange an elongated bean or gavroche. Curly curls are best seen as asymmetrical bob variations, a cascade or a feather haircut.

Haircut to the shoulders greatly facilitates life and the process of long-term styling. Fixing unruly hair does not take much time in the case of medium length. Therefore, do not worry that you will not be able to pick up unique hairstyles. The above haircuts suggest a lot of actual designs. Do not be afraid to experiment, this is the only way you can find the perfect design.

voluminous haircuts

Hairstyles for shoulder length hair

If you are interested in shoulder-length hair styling, you need to consider a few topical ideas. Modern trends have presented many unusual designs. Among them, the most popular were:

  • ‌loose;
  • ‌curls;
  • ‌receptions with corrugation;
  • ‌high and free tail;
  • ‌Pigtails;
  • ‌beams;
  • ‌hairstyles with ribbons.

With the help of neat weaves and careless styling, you can get the perfect option in the Greek style. The average length of the strands is not a problem, since it is enough to carry out the most desired design. Shoulder-length hair with bangs are considered the ideal basis for reproducing high collected hairstyles. The newfangled «khan» bun is rapidly gaining popularity and sympathy among fashionistas around the world.

hairstyles for shoulder length hair

Evening hairstyles for hair to the shoulders

On romantic dates, festive events or corporate meetings, you always want to look the part. Everything must be perfect from shoes to hair. If you do not know what styling to choose for your formal attire, check out examples of classic interpretations of loose curls. As additional decorations, you can make weaves or decorate with a rim.

For elegant floor-length dresses, collected variations are best suited. You will love the bun on your shoulder length hair. It can be formed on the back of the head or crown, the main thing is to fix it well with stealth or hairpins. Released front strands will look very elegant. Among the accessories, you should pay attention to the stylish images of hairpins, hoops, diadems.

evening hairstyles

Shoulder length hair coloring

The color of your strands plays the most important role in a holistic image. In search of your own style or a new image, you should try not only the classic monochrome ways of painting. But also newfangled coloring techniques that perfectly emphasize fashionable shoulder-length haircuts. Interesting color interpretations are available, suitable for all types, hair outlines. The most popular this year will be the following methods:

  • ‌shatush;
  • ‌balayage;
  • ‌babylights;
  • air touch;
  • ‌highlighting;
  • stretching.

Enlisting the efforts of an experienced master and high-quality means, your reincarnations will pleasantly surprise you. Cutting-edge techniques will give your curls a natural glow, accurate overflows and the most natural highlights. They can be applied to any color, in some cases, preliminary clarification or painting is necessary.

hair coloring

Shatush for shoulder length hair

Actual and ever-in-demand haircuts for shoulder-length hair can be perfectly designed using the stylistic staining technique — shatush. This solution actively refreshes, makes the color saturated and bright. And, from the side it looks unusually elegant and very natural. At the end, you will get chic hair with the effect of burnt strands.

To implement such a painting, the tones must be similar to each other. Shatush can be applied to the entire length, only from the middle and only at the ends. The most chic interpretations include light shades of blond, light brown or chestnut. Coloring of this type looks elegant on loose curls with weaves, high tails or buns. However, iridescent braids also deserve your attention.


Balayage for shoulder length hair

Haircuts to the shoulders 2020 please with their variety and number of exquisite outlines. This length serves as an excellent base for applying the latest painting techniques. Balayazh is an up-to-date staining technique based on the well-known highlighting. The type and shape of the hair is not important, whether it is straight or curly. The key feature of the technology is the primary clarification of the strands, then their tinting. The process requires professional skills, so it is better to order this service in the salon.


Shoulder length hair extension

For several seasons, ombre for shoulder-length hair has been especially popular. This trend quickly swept the fashion world and won the hearts of many ladies. Stretching looks perfect on any type and color of strands. Thanks to this universal approach, it has become in demand. The average length will be a good basis for the implementation of a spectacular color transition. The gradient can be sharp or smooth. The second option looks very neat and as natural as possible. Regardless of whether your curls are straight or curled, the ombre will lie in the best way.


Highlights not shoulder length hair

Women’s shoulder-length haircuts can be dyed not only with newfangled techniques. Do not forget about the classic highlighting techniques. Many girls believe that this technique is no longer relevant. But in fact, it all depends on how carefully the work is done. Sloppy contrast differences will look ugly. And carefully crafted strands, with neat transitions, are another matter. Therefore, for carrying out such a procedure, it is better to choose proven professionals.



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