Silver manicure - fashion trends and trends for short and long nails

Silver manicure is one of the most popular variations of trendy nail art. It is especially relevant in the winter season, as it is perfectly complemented by festive outfits and is associated with this snowy season.

Silver manicure 2019

Many stylists prefer to use a silver manicure when creating fashionable bows. It is characterized by such current trends:

  1. Nails can be made exclusively in silver, contain a metallic sheen and iridescent effect if a rub-in coating is used, or an uneven rough structure when sparkles are used.
  2. Silver is able to decorate the nail plates of any shape, they can be almond-shaped, pointed, square, have the shape of a «ballerina».
  3. It is common to lay out all kinds of patterns and patterns with silver, which can be both as simple as possible and extremely pretentious.

silver manicure 2019

Silver manicure 2019

silver manicureshiny silver manicure

Silver manicure for short nails

Lovers of neatness will be able to apply a silver manicure on short nails:

  1. Shortened nail plates require a certain restraint and conciseness. This is necessary so as not to overload the image and not to make the nail art unnecessarily sloppy. However, silver details are characterized by the fact that they look elegant and sophisticated, so almost any variation in their application is allowed.
  2. You can create a silver manicure in the version when the nails are completely covered with a metal coating in the form of a rub or sparkles evenly distributed over the surface.
  3. All sorts of ornaments and patterns can be used, but in this case it is recommended to give preference to a concise design, since the small surface of the nail plates will not allow you to fully express your imagination.
  4. French or moon nail art looks unsurpassed, in which the tip or hole is traced in silver.

silver manicure for short nails

Silver manicure for long nails

A stylish, refined silver manicure will look luxurious on elongated nail plates:

  1. It is allowed to completely cover the nails with a silvery tone, made using a variety of methods: large or small sparkles, varnish, rubbing.
  2. Openwork patterns and curls evenly distributed over the surface of the nail will look unique. They will give the image elegance and femininity.
  3. Decorating with rhinestones is welcome, while they can be used in combination with silver details or act separately.
  4. The color scheme is presented in a variety of variations and is used very widely. It can be a delicate white and silver manicure or a seductive bright red.

silver manicure for long nails

Silver Manicure Ideas

When creating such an original design as a silver manicure, stylists use a variety of ideas:

  • it is common to cover nails, lay out patterns and certain details with sparkles. At the same time, they can have a different shape and size, be very small or, on the contrary, large;
  • nail plates can be completely silvery. One of the techniques used to create such a design is the use of rubbing;
  • a shiny effect can be achieved by using foil;
  • applying all kinds of drawings is common, for example, it can be a manicure with silver stars, snowflakes and other elements;
  • a combination with any other shades is allowed, for example, these are red, black, white, gray tones;
  • rhinestones are selected to give extra shine;
  • interesting variations of certain varieties of classic nail art are French and moon designs;
  • shiny details look unsurpassed in combination with a matte finish;
  • in winter, the New Year theme becomes especially relevant, which consists in applying appropriate drawings.

silver manicure ideassilver manicure

Silver Manicure Ideas

shiny silver manicure

Silver glitter manicure

Glitter is one of the most sought-after elements when creating such a stylish design as a silver manicure:

  1. There is such a stylistic device as stretching, when most of the glitter is concentrated in any particular part of the nail plate and decreases towards the other. Small details arranged in the form of a placer look very organic in this design. With the help of this technique, a jacket can be created.
  2. Large sequins can be in the form of circles, stars, triangles, rhombuses. They can be simply applied to the surface of the nail, such elements will become an organic replacement for any pattern.
  3. Sequins can be arranged in the form of stripes, geometric shapes, floral and floral ornaments, openwork curls.
  4. The color scheme can be completely different, for example, it is a white manicure with silver sparkles, gray, red, black.

silver glitter manicure

Manicure with a silver rub

The cat’s eye silver manicure looks extremely catchy and bright. A brilliant effect is achieved using a special rub:

  • mirror metal coating can be applied to all nail plates;
  • another option would be to perform several shiny nails in this technique, the rest of the fingers can be covered with ordinary glossy or matte varnish.

silver nail polish manicure

Silver foil manicure

One of the most stylish solutions can be called a shiny silver manicure made with foil. This element can be applied in different ways:

  • foil can cover any specific part of the nail, for example, the tip is laid out with it when creating a jacket;
  • using foil it is convenient to apply strips having a different arrangement, they can be longitudinal, transverse or arranged in random order;
  • a silver manicure looks very original, during the creation of which patterns are laid out with foil. Their application is carried out using a special technique that gives the nail plates a unique look.

silver foil manicure

Manicure with silver stripes

Geometry has not lost its relevance for several seasons in a row. One of her original variations is a silver metallic manicure, which is made using stripes. They can be applied in the following ways:

  • be lined with large or small sparkles. In this case, the strips may have clear or blurry boundaries;
  • silver striped manicure can be created using foil. This element is very convenient for the implementation of such details;
  • stripes can be drawn in the traditional way — with a shiny metallic varnish;
  • the arrangement of the strips can be very different: longitudinal, transverse, diagonal, they can be clearly parallel to each other or intersect with each other in an arbitrary order;
  • the number of strips can be minimal or they are located densely, occupying most of the nail.

silver stripe manicure

Black and silver manicure

Black manicure with silver sparkles looks expensive and luxurious:

  • the coating acting as a background can be glossy or matte;
  • there is an alternation of black varnish and sparkles, which are applied to different fingers;
  • stretching can be done with the help of sparkles, it looks very organic on a black background;
  • silver black manicure is perfect for complementing evening looks, especially when sequins are used in combination with rhinestones.

black silver manicure

Red and silver manicure

To create sexy and seductive bows, a red manicure with silver sparkles is perfect:

  • red color will be an ideal background for drawing all sorts of patterns with sparkles, it can be clear geometry or artsy openwork curls;
  • sparkles can completely cover any one finger, acting as a spectacular contrast with the red tone;
  • sequins effectively set off a jacket or moon nail art, covering the tip or hole. There are also combinations of these elements.

red silver manicure

Silver manicure with rhinestones

A beautiful silver manicure decorated with rhinestones looks truly luxurious:

  1. The color of the pebbles can be selected according to the individual wishes of the girl, it is presented in the traditional transparent version or in bright colors, echoing the coating or making up a spectacular contrast with it.
  2. Rhinestones can organically fit into a pattern laid out with sparkles. For example, a pebble can serve as the core of a flower or depict dew drops on leaves.
  3. There is a design option when any particular finger is completely covered with rhinestones. This technique is often used on the ring finger on elongated nail plates and serves as a bright accent of the image.

silver manicure with rhinestones

Manicure silver french

An original and extraordinary variation of the classic nail art can be a silver French manicure:

  • a common technique is when the tip is lined with shiny elements. At the same time, glitter, foil or a metallic coating can be taken for its design;
  • another option would be to apply a shiny varnish on the main part of the nail plate. The tip in this case can be drawn using a certain shade; bright or deep tones, for example, red or black, look spectacular.

silver french manicuresilver french manicure

Silver matte manicure

A silver manicure with a design made using a matte finish looks incredibly elegant:

  • the base is made in a matte version and serves as an excellent background for applying brilliant patterns. Thanks to this design, they look very catchy and noticeable, but at the same time elegant;
  • alternation of matte varnish and metallic rubbing is allowed, they are applied alternately on different fingers and give the image a spectacular contrast.

silver matte manicure

Manicure with a silver pattern

To give the image originality and emphasize the individuality of one or another representative of the fair sex, a design with a pattern is perfectly capable of:

  • images can be made on a variety of topics, these are traditional floral and floral ornaments, geometric shapes, drawing ethnic motifs;
  • throughout the winter period, the corresponding theme is extremely relevant, for example, this is a manicure with silver snowflakes or openwork frosty patterns;
  • the drawing can be made using sparkles, foil, other elements can be organically woven into it, for example, rhinestones, beads, bouillons.

silver pattern manicure

Lunar silver manicure

Lunar manicure in silver style looks incredibly elegant:

  • a common technique is when the hole is decorated with a shiny coating, it can be laying out with sparkles or drawing with metallic varnish;
  • there is a design variation when the hole is made without the use of gloss, but the corresponding elements are applied in another area of ​​​​the nail plate, for example, they can lay out a pattern in the main part.

moon silver manicure

Silver manicure for the New Year

In the winter season, New Year’s silver manicure is very popular:

  • with the help of shiny elements, snowflakes are laid out, openwork frosty patterns are depicted;
  • glitter can serve to decorate New Year’s paraphernalia, for example, be applied to Christmas toys, enhance the shine of snow lying on tree branches;
  • shiny details look extremely bright on their own and are associated with the New Year holiday, so almost any design is suitable for creating such nail art.

silver manicure for the new yearNew Year's silver manicure


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