Simple hairstyles - 20 ways to look stylish every day

Owners of both luxurious hair and thin strands want to diversify their image without spending a lot of time and effort. For this, simple hairstyles are designed, many of which are created in just a few minutes. They are presented in a significant amount, so you can easily choose the option to your taste.

Beautiful and simple hairstyles

Stylists offer a variety of styling options. Any girl is capable of creating simple hairstyles for herself:

  1. Bob haircut for medium hair is a universal solution. She gained her popularity among women of any age, for her there are a variety of styling ideas. These can be collected upper strands in the form of bundles, creating a braid on one side, collected upper strands, fixed with a hairpin at the back.
  2. For long hair, there will be common options for tails. A low tail with plaits is created as follows. The upper part of the hair is separated and a low tail is made. Strands remain on the sides, which are twisted in small bundles and fixed with invisibility. The left one moves to the right side, and the right one vice versa. If you decorate such beauty from above with flowers or decorative hairpins, then an ideal hairstyle for going out will be created.
  3. A great option for simple hairstyles is to create an original high ponytail.
  4. The low tail position is also extremely popular. At the same time, it can be threaded through other strands, which gives it additional originality.
  5. Decoration with all kinds of decorative elements is allowed. It can be a headband of different widths, containing in its structure a bow or a flower, pearl hairpins, originally designed crabs.
  6. Hairstyles can be slightly or deliberately careless, or they can be perfectly neat and smooth.

beautiful and simple hairstylessimple hairstyles for myself

Simple hairstyles for long hair

Masters bring to the attention of fashionistas beautiful simple hairstyles for long hair:

  1. Often buns are created from long hair, both high and low. This choice is preferred by girls who value accuracy and restraint.
  2. To elegantly collect hair, you can turn to the French twist. A strand is taken from the left and right sides, and they are connected with an elastic band, the lower part is also fastened with this part. The released tips must be fixed by the upper elastic band and secured with hairpins.
  3. In recent seasons, the trend is simple hairstyles, in which there is some kind of negligence. An extremely easy option to perform is a ponytail, from which several strands are released freely descending.
  4. The French twist ponytail is elegant and neat styling. To create a vertical twist, you first need to straighten your hair, then separate it into two parts and throw the right part over the left side. Each strand is fixed with the help of invisibility, and the second part is twisted, and in this way a tail is created.

simple hairstyles for long hairbeautiful simple hairstyles for long hair

Simple hairstyles for medium hair

It is extremely easy to perform simple beautiful hairstyles for medium hair:

  1. If you want to neatly lay the strands, you can turn to the hairpins. The simplest option is embodied as follows: you need to make a side parting, part of the hair is separated by hairpins, and the second side remains freely falling down.
  2. Simple hairstyles such as ponytails are common, which are also used on medium hair. It can be high or low ponytail.
  3. Another original version is the «Malvinka». The upper strands are collected in the tail, and the lower ones remain loose, slightly curled hair looks original.

simple hairstyles for medium hair

Simple hairstyles for short hair

Short hair is the most convenient option, while this length is in trend, although many girls are of the opinion that this option is associated with boyish haircuts. On shortened strands, design variations can be used that fit beautifully and increase practicality:

  1. Simple hairstyles on a square can be created using a braid. Her weaving begins at the crown, gradually the remaining strands are added to the braid.
  2. There is an option where the combination of braids with a tail occurs. Side braids are made, which are fastened at the back, and a tail is formed.

simple hairstyles for short hair

Simple hairstyles for every day

Every day, many fashionistas want to look attractive and stylish, in order to achieve this, you need to carefully consider the image:

  1. The tail is a practical hairstyle, to diversify this option a little, you can make it on its side.
  2. A popular interpretation of simple hairstyles for curly hair is the side ponytail. Thanks to the wavy structure of the strands, this styling looks unsurpassed. On straight strands for curling hair, you can use tongs or curlers, after which the curls are collected on the side.
  3. Another popular option, which presents simple and light hairstyles, is the creation of a bouffant.
  4. For every day, you can refer to braid options. The execution of a voluminous braid with a fleece will look stylish.
  5. The braid-waterfall looks original on long hair. It runs horizontally, and if you wind curls, then this hairstyle is suitable for a holiday.

simple hairstyles for every daysimple and easy hairstyles

Simple hairstyles with loose hair

On loose strands, you can embody the simplest hairstyles, which at the same time will look incredibly stylish:

  1. A popular retro styling option is a babette, which should be complemented by bangs. Hair is divided horizontally into two parts. The top part of the hair is combed down. A roller is formed from the finished pile, it is attached with the help of stealth. The rest is straightened, the hairstyle should be in a neat semicircle.
  2. A playful curl, which is located on the side, looks original on the hair. First, a low side parting is made, after which the strands are twisted with a curling iron. A flat comb is applied to the hair, and it is wound around the handle. A tourniquet is created, which is fixed with hairpins, and loose strands are thrown back.

simple hairstyles with loose hair

Simple hairstyles with braids

Braiding is a great way to create simple and quick hairstyles:

  1. The light weaving of the figure-eight braid looks amazing. A thin layer of hair is taken from the inside of the right strand and wraps the entire right strand on top, then it is pulled under the bottom and directed towards the left strand. After that, a thin layer is detached and returned back to the right side. This pattern is repeated all the time. At the end, the braid is secured with an elastic band.
  2. French braid for every day looks very original. First, a side parting is made, most of it will be where the braid lies. The braid begins to weave from the forehead, while it does not need to be tightened strongly. It is necessary to weave the braid to the middle of the ear, and then go to the smaller side and continue weaving.

simple hairstyles with braids

Simple hairstyles with rubber bands

simple hairstyles with silicone rubber bands will help to look truly unique:

  1. There is an incredibly easy option. First, the hair is combed, one thin strand is separated on the sides. They are connected with an elastic band and move to the side. A little lower, two more thin strands are made, and they are again connected at the ear. So weaving goes to the end.
  2. With the help of elastic bands, you can create a fish tail. Two strands are separated along the edges, which are tied in the middle with an elastic band, but not very tight. The next tail is made in the same way, and after the second tail is thrown up and turned out through the first. The next strands are also created in this way and threaded through the first tail. The tip of the braid can be decorated with a beautiful elastic band.
  3. For the office, you can apply the following option, which presents simple hairstyles. First, a smooth tail is created, after which you need to take a separate strand and wrap it with an elastic band. The tip of this strand is hidden in the hair and fixed with an invisibility. After that, an indent is made a little more down, and a silicone elastic band is tied on the tail.

simple hairstyles with rubber bands

Simple hairstyles with curls

Simple hairstyles with curls will look extremely romantic:

  • hair can simply be curled in large curls or small curls;
  • if desired, you can create simple asymmetrical hairstyles, when wavy strands are combed on one side, and the second is made smoothly combed and fixed with invisibility and varnish;
  • curls may consist of a high-lying tail.

simple hairstyles with curls

Simple hairstyles with corrugation

With the help of corrugation, you can make incredibly stylish simple hairstyles for every day:

  • corrugated, you can make several side strands located near the face;
  • simple shirred hairstyles can contain wavy strands all over the head. At the same time, they can be left loose or collected in a tail.

simple hairstyles with corrugation

Simple hairstyles with a bun

With a bun, you can make gorgeous simple everyday hairstyles:

  1. A French bun will look perfect. First you need to divide the hair into three parts. The back is combed with a thin comb. The main part is twisted into a tourniquet, while a free tip remains, which hides inward. The resulting bundle must be secured with hairpins. The hair that remains on the sides is twisted and connected to the main bun. At the end, you need to use hairpins to secure the hairstyle.
  2. For office work, you can turn to the double Greek beam. It is embodied, and the usual version of this styling, but is made in a double version, which looks like two beams located one above the other.

simple hairstyles with a bun

Simple ponytail hairstyles

A ponytail is a great way to make very simple hairstyles:

  1. You can create a low beautiful tail. It is often wrapped with a strand specially released for this, which acts as a stylish highlight of the image.
  2. You can also tie a high tail, decorating it with two side strands.

simple ponytail hairstyles

Simple hairstyles with a headband

To make the simplest and most beautiful hairstyles, you can use all kinds of accessories, for example, it can be a headband:

  1. decoration can be thin or wide and voluminous. In the latter case, it can be complemented by various decorative elements, such as flowers;
  2. the rim can be supplemented with loose fashionable and simple hairstyles;
  3. the headband is also suitable for complementing the collected styling, such as a tail or a bun.

simple hairstyles with headband

Simple hairstyles with hairpins

Hairpins will help to embody all sorts of interesting and simple hairstyles:

  • with the help of thin invisibles, a high or low beam is fixed;
  • a simple hairstyle with a crab looks great, while it can be realized in a matter of minutes;
  • small-sized hairpins will also adorn half-loose styling, for example, complemented by two small bunches located at the top of the head.

simple hairstyles with hairpins

Simple evening hairstyles

For an evening out, different simple women’s hairstyles are suitable:

  1. The “waterfall” styling looks original, for its implementation a spikelet is created, where the braided strands are stretched to the sides and fixed with varnish.
  2. Another beautiful option is an elegant hair bow. It is created from strands that are fixed with the help of small silicone rubber bands and stealth.
  3. You can connect several styling elements, for example, combine a bundle with braid weaving.

simple evening hairstyles

Simple Greek Hairstyles

A simple hairstyle in the Greek style can make a stunning addition to the image:

  • it can be a highly located and entwined oblique bundle;
  • a braid artistically wrapped around the head is also suitable;
  • a high tail will also be a great solution, especially if you curl strands into large curls.

simple greek hairstylessimple greek hairstyle

simple office hairstyles

Restraint and accuracy are characterized by simple hairstyles for the office. Among the most common variations are the following:

  • high or low beam;
  • tail, which can also be high or low;
  • several braided braids gathered in a bun;
  • smoothly combed hair, fixed at the back with hairpins.

simple office hairstylessimple office hairstyles

Simple wedding hairstyles

A bride can look stunning with these simple wedding hairstyles:

  • coarsely curled curls that can freely descend over the shoulders or be combed to one side;
  • high tail, consisting of curled curls;
  • a bundle created using wicker elements;
  • decorating hairstyles with all sorts of decor is welcomed in every possible way. These can be large beads or stones woven into braids, headbands with large or small flowers, satin ribbons that fit especially well into the collected styling variations.

simple wedding hairstylessimple wedding hairstyles


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