Simple Manicure - 52 Photo Ideas for a Quick and Trendy Design

In order to look unique every day, but at the same time not spend a lot of time creating nail art, a simple manicure is designed. Its undoubted advantage is the design, which will become a universal addition to any look. Thanks to the absence of frills in the design, elegance and sophistication can be traced.

Simple and beautiful manicure

Stylists who create a simple manicure design use all sorts of ideas to implement it:

  • the easiest solution would be to cover the nail plates with varnish of the same color. Depending on the chosen tone, nail art can be given tenderness, richness or severity;
  • if you want to make it catchy, you can use the application of a shiny rub or decorate one or more fingers with sparkles;
  • one of the popular trends is polka dots, which can be easily implemented on nails;
  • stamping is a technique that is ideal for such an option as a simple manicure. Ready-made templates of drawings or patterns are applied to the nails;
  • Another good solution is stickers that will help convey any ornament, for example, floral or geometric.

simple and beautiful manicuresimple manicure designsimple everyday manicure

Simple manicure for short nails

For shortened nails, the simplest manicure will be the most successful solution:

  1. For a short length, it is not necessary to use an abundance of glitter or confetti. Even simple symmetrical lines or other geometry can emphasize the nail design.
  2. French continues to be an integral classic. Basically, you can see in it a light shade of the base and an evenly created strip, complemented by a delicate pattern.
  3. Fashionable nails will also be those represented by moon manicure.
  4. On a short length, a laconic design looks great, painted in one color and complemented by several rhinestones.
  5. Another option is to apply a matte base on the nails, which can be supplemented with even single lines.
  6. On a short length, drawings in the form of funny faces, images of fruits, a marble effect or bright geometric shapes are welcome.
  7. A simple short manicure can depend on the season, you can turn to neon ombre, flower buds or abstract painting. For the summer season, nail art in bright, pink, sky blue colors will be suitable.

simple manicure for short nailseasiest manicure ever

Simple manicure for long nails

It is extremely easy to implement the simplest and most beautiful manicure on elongated nail plates:

  1. Water-based nail art will look amazing. To create it, varnish of all suitable shades is diluted in water. Then stir it with a stick to form an arbitrary pattern. Lacquer, preferably in light shades, is applied to the nails, and then glue is placed. The nails are immersed in an aqueous solution, and when the finger is removed, a pattern unsurpassed in beauty is obtained.
  2. You can apply a geometric design. A simple manicure allows the use of strips, which can be metallic or other shades.
  3. The monochromatic design looks amazing. If such nail art is a little boring, then it can be embellished with a pattern, pattern, different stones, beads or sparkles.
  4. French manicure, lunar nail design, ombre continues to be at its best, stamping looks great.

easy manicure for long nailsthe simplest and most beautiful manicure

Simple manicure for round nails

A simple manicure on round nails can look truly unique:

  1. The round shape is perfect for the office version, it is often combined with a short length. The fastest and easiest option is to use glitter. They can be located on one nail or cover the entire surface.
  2. A matte finish looks great on a round shape. Here you can experiment with any shades. Most of all, girls prefer neutral and calm tones.
  3. Fashionistas also turn to dark manicure options, because rich dark shades can look luxurious on round nails. The main thing is to turn to deep shades, it can be dark blue, dark purple, bluish black or purple.
  4. The round shape can perfectly emphasize a simple gentle manicure made in the form of a jacket.
  5. On round nails, you can use a simple manicure with a pattern, for example, a twig, flower or marble lines.

easy manicure for round nails

Simple manicure for sharp nails

If you want to attract the attention of others, you can make a very simple manicure on sharp nails:

  1. This form will be relevant in pastel shades, you can choose a bright palette that suits the season.
  2. For the warm season, lilac, pale pink, white, rich turquoise and coral are suitable.
  3. For a cold pore, brown, burgundy and berry shades will become relevant.
  4. A matte finish, a variant with rhinestones will be relevant on such a form; on sharp nails, you can apply a plain simple manicure, complemented by a pattern or patterns.
  5. On sharp nails, you can apply techniques such as rubbing, foil, stamping, openwork patterns.

simple manicure for sharp nailsvery simple manicure

Easy Manicure Ideas

Stylists offer to the attention of fashionistas a variety of ideas for a simple and beautiful manicure:

  • the solution for all occasions is to cover the nails with a plain varnish;
  • you can add shine to nail art using rhinestones or sparkles applied to the surface of the nail;
  • you can depict an easy-to-execute drawing;
  • depth and mystery will give a black coating;
  • a simple matte manicure looks elegant and noble;
  • if you want to make the image gentle, you can use a nude coating;
  • jacket remains out of the influence of fashion and will become a universal solution for any look;
  • design can be made transparent;
  • simple geometry can be used as a pattern.

simple manicure ideassimple and beautiful manicure ideas

Simple plain manicure

A great and affordable solution at any time to create a simple everyday manicure would be to make it in a monochromatic version:

  • the color of the coating can vary from translucent nude, barely noticeable on the nails, to very rich bright or dark;
  • the texture of the coating may also differ, it is a glossy or matte varnish, velvety powder, rubbing;
  • plain nails, although easy to perform, can also attract maximum attention. This effect can be achieved by applying a metallic or golden rub;
  • a simple bright manicure is another way to make nail art memorable. To create it, varnishes of catchy shades are used, for example, it is red, yellow, orange, crimson. This design will especially organically fit into summer looks.

simple plain manicure

Simple manicure with rhinestones

Rhinestones are an element that will harmoniously complement the simplest manicure ideas:

  • a monochromatic coating can be refreshed and diversified if you decorate your nails with rhinestones in a single copy or in several pieces;
  • pebbles can fill the hole area, thus creating an original lunar design;
  • a simple light manicure, decorated with rhinestones, will also sparkle with bright colors. Small-sized pebbles can be laid out in the form of longitudinal or transverse strips.

simple manicure with rhinestones

Manicure with a simple pattern

You can make a bright, dark or nude manicure with a simple design containing a picture:

  • often only one nail is decorated with an image, but decoration of several fingers can also be applied;
  • drawings are varied, it can be an easy-to-perform flower, a twig, geometric shapes or an image of an animal made using geometry;
  • You can apply the picture using stamping or stickers.

simple pattern manicuresimple manicure design

Simple black manicure

Truly unique on the nail plates will look black:

  • the coating is presented both in glossy and matte versions, it can be velvet powder or rubbing;
  • a simple black and white manicure looks extremely interesting, where geometric shapes are depicted on a dark background in snow-white color
  • rhinestones, a golden or silver ornament will look very advantageous on a black background.

simple black manicuresimple and beautiful manicure

Simple matte manicure

A universal solution suitable for any occasion of life will be a matte design:

  • such nail art is suitable for everyday life, for visiting the office or parties;
  • as for the color scheme, it can be completely different, it is a simple red manicure, nude, dark nail art;
  • You can diversify the matte effect by applying a glossy finish to one or more fingers, decorating with rhinestones or sparkles.

simple matte manicure

Simple glitter manicure

Using glitter is a great way to create a simple and stylish manicure:

  • shiny elements may be present in the structure of the coating, so when applying varnish they will be evenly distributed over the nail plate;
  • with the help of sparkles, you can create a stretching effect, which is achieved by placing shiny details in one part of the nail and reducing them towards the other part;
  • glitter can completely cover one or more nails, and make the rest contrast;
  • with the help of sparkles, the simplest drawings are laid out, for example, lines or clear geometric shapes.

simple glitter manicure

Simple nude manicure

Girls who prefer gentle romantic bows will appreciate a simple pastel manicure:

  • to create this kind of nail art, beige or pinkish tones are used;
  • the nude coating can be combined with the transparent one, for example, by highlighting the last area of ​​the hole;
  • to bring brightness to the design, decoration with sparkles or rhinestones is allowed;
  • Gentle floral drawings made in light colors will serve as a harmonious addition.

simple nude manicure

Simple french manicure

French is one of the best solutions to create a simple manicure for every day:

  • nail art can be classic, created in white or delicate nude shades;
  • lovers of brightness can draw the “smile” zone with catchy tones, such as red, orange, aquamarine, yellow, light green;
  • the tip of the nail can be traditionally rounded or designed in a non-standard way, for example, in the form of intersecting lines forming a triangle;
  • French can be single or double, when the «smile» is made using two or more shades.

simple french manicure

Manicure design simple geometry

Geometric ornament is one of the most common trends of recent seasons. Its undoubted advantage is that it is extremely easy to implement it:

  • you can do a simple manicure with stripes. They can be applied parallel to each other or in different directions, painted with varnish of a different color or laid out in the form of golden stripes;
  • the simplest design with geometric shapes is also popular. However, they can be completely shaded or depicted as outlines. Details are located separately or find each other, forming an original composition.

manicure design simple geometry

Simple transparent manicure

The transparent design is characterized by incredible lightness and tenderness:

  • it can be a simple manicure without a pattern, when the nail plates are covered with clear varnish;
  • to bring variety, nail art can be decorated with thin lines located in different directions;
  • another option would be delicate light, barely noticeable pastel flowers or hearts;
  • the design can be made in the form of a jacket, choosing a transparent varnish as the base, and covering the tips of the nails with a white or pastel shade;
  • it is also acceptable to apply a small amount of sparkles on a transparent background.

simple transparent manicure

Simple wedding manicure

To complement the wedding look, the bride can use a simple cute manicure, represented by such ideas:

  • French or lunar design will be a win-win solution;
  • modeling can be applied on one of the nails;
  • part of the nails can be filled with rhinestones or sparkles;
  • the image of floral motifs applied in light, silvery or golden tones is popular;
  • the base is often presented in white or some pastel color.

simple wedding manicuresimple cute manicure


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