Simple nail design - a selection of ideas for manicure for all occasions

Any manicure attracts attention not least. Given the trends of the spring and summer season of 2019, a simple nail design is recognized as the most stylish. Minimalism and simplicity are in fashion, so this solution will be a win-win option to complement your everyday look.

Simple and beautiful nail design

Beauty in simplicity is the motto of the summer season 2019. These words apply not only to clothes, shoes and the image in general, but also to such small but important details as makeup and nail art. A simple manicure for short nails and elongated nail plates is characterized by such current trends:

  1. The decor of the nail plates is acceptable, but it is minimal and not striking, the inlay with a large number of rhinestones, sparkles and patterns fades into the background.
  2. The drawings are actual floral, floral and geometric, rhinestones are not large, sparkles and foil are inconspicuous shades.
  3. Everything that concerns the classics remains in fashion: a simple French nail design, a plain matte and glossy finish.

simple and beautiful nail designmanicure simple design

simple design for short nails

Lovers of neatness will appreciate a simple and beautiful manicure for short nails:

  1. Shortened nail plates look equally good both with a plain coating of different colors, and with decor of varying degrees of complexity. But it is most beneficial to emphasize the trendy simple nail design — this is the most minimal decoration.
  2. The fashion of the spring-summer 2019 season is in simplicity and a minimum of details. So, the most relevant on a short length of nails will be a plain simple nail design. Any color is acceptable.
  3. You can combine with a monochromatic coating decoration with foil, sparkles or a minimum of rhinestones.
  4. The design with geometric details and a discreet matte finish looks original and neat.

simple design for short nailssimple manicure for short nails

Simple manicure for long nails

Neat long nails are a real decoration. Therefore, girls tend to build up such or give their own long nails a luxurious look. Considerable length provides an opportunity to create a simple and beautiful manicure:

  1. Long nails often do not require additional and unnecessary design tricks. Enough of either a jacket, or a monochromatic coating that matches the image or mood.
  2. A simple long nail design can be decorated with light floral patterns, discreet rhinestone inlays or covered with foil.
  3. Matte manicure on long nails will look especially elegant.

easy manicure for long nailssimple and beautiful manicure

Ideas for a simple nail design

The simpler and more natural nail art, the more relevant the whole image. In the new season of spring and summer 2019, pretentiousness, excesses and variety of simultaneously used decor fade into the background, giving way to simplicity, conciseness and style. A simple summer manicure is represented by such fashion trends:

  1. The trend will be geometry, and the geometry is simple, consisting of lines, herringbone patterns, triangular and square ornaments, echoing ethnic motifs.
  2. Coloring nail plates with simple but stylish shimmering elements is also relevant. This is a metallized foil, sequins of different sizes, rhinestones.
  3. French does not leave his positions, he is still in trend.
  4. Monochromatic nail coatings in nude or contrasting dark shades can be designed both in glossy form and matte varnishes.

simple nail design ideaseasy summer manicure

Simple manicure with rhinestones

Manicure is extremely relevant, the simple design of which contains the addition of rhinestones:

  1. Nail art with rhinestones is as popular among girls as geometric patterns are popular. With the help of rhinestones of different sizes, shapes and degrees of shimmer, you can create the most intricate patterns that resemble jewelry inlay, or you can stop at something concise, which is very popular this season.
  2. Single rhinestones can successfully decorate any simple nail design, both nude and bright. It only takes one rhinestone with a high degree of iridescence to make the design special. This technique is often used on long nails, decorating the tip of the nail with a simple rhinestone layout.

simple manicure with rhinestonesmanicure simple design

Simple bright manicure

Bright nails are invariably in fashion, and you can also embody the simplest manicure on them:

  1. The spectrum from scarlet to extravagantly dark shades of the nail coating is relevant in any season and for any length of nails, often replacing the beloved nude manicure.
  2. Laconic bright design ideas are a godsend for those girls who do not change themselves and their taste. So, bright red nails are relevant both in winter and in summer.
  3. On a short length, a simple nail design is appropriate even in some offices and organizations.
  4. Dark cherry, coral and hot pink shades of gel polish will look great in combination with tanned skin, so this nail art can be done before going on vacation.

simple bright manicureeasiest manicure ever

Simple glitter manicure

Glitter has been decorating nail plates for many years. This is one of the most spectacular ways to decorate. With their help, they make out a simple summer nail design:

  1. To date, there is a large selection of sparkles, there are many options and all of them are available, they can be worked independently at home. Glitter is the easiest design to work with.
  2. You can choose a gloss for every taste: large and small crumbly in jars, the smallest shimmering type of sparkles in the form of varnish or gel polish, which can be applied with a brush, creating either geometric patterns or twisted monograms.

simple glitter manicuresimple summer nail design

Simple french manicure

One of the most elegant types of nail design is a simple french manicure:

  1. French manicure is loved by many girls, this is a great way to emphasize the accuracy, length and shape of the nail plates.
  2. The most classic type of French design is white. The tip of the nail is highlighted with white varnish or gel polish. This is a classic that can not be further decorated. This simple nail design looks appropriate for any occasion.
  3. Another version of the common decor with a French coating is a colored plain French manicure. It is not necessary to highlight the tip of the nail only in white, the jacket looks great in bright or pastel colors.

simple french manicuresimple french manicure

Simple matte manicure

Matte manicure has been in trend for a long time. Stylists and nail art masters predict the popularity of this type of coating for several seasons to come:

  1. Matte finish is ideal for both short and long nails.
  2. This type of top coat immediately changes the catchy gloss to matte elegance. Therefore, a matte manicure does not have to be additionally decorated with rhinestones, foil or geometry, although this is acceptable in many cases.
  3. The simplicity of a matte design lies in the coating. Matte looks good on dark gel polish or regular polish, a simple red manicure looks great.
  4. Matte finish emphasizes naturalness and nude coverage.
  5. Matte design is chosen by girls of different ages. They can complement both everyday look and evening bow.

simple matte manicuresimple and beautiful nail design

Simple nude manicure

Nude simple gentle manicure with or without decor looks concise and elegant at the same time:

  1. Natural nail art in the last few seasons is a trend that most fashionistas rush to follow. Nude nails subtly overshadow popular dark shades and many types of shimmery manicures.
  2. The most common and simple type of natural nail art is a combination of nude with a glossy finish and minimal decoration with rhinestones, geometry or sliders.
  3. Nude looks great without any decor. This type of simple design on short nails is considered the most suitable as a professional for many specialties, because many companies require nails to be covered with a natural shade coating.

simple nude manicuresimple gentle manicure

Manicure with simple geometry

Simplicity and style are the main trends of the current fashion season. These two accents should be paid attention to when designing nails. As a decor, girls often choose simple geometry:

  1. Such a detail in the coating of the nails creates the necessary accents, small but very stylish elements that attract attention. So, contrasting geometry is popular, for example, it is a simple black and white manicure or nail art in dark color on a light background or metallic on a dark one.
  2. Even vertical stripes, which are created both manually and using stencils, have gained popularity.
  3. Patterns in the form of triangles, herringbones, intersecting squares, checkmarks and a combination of several geometric shapes are one of the most popular design techniques.

manicure with simple geometrysimple and beautiful manicure

Simple foil manicure

Foil in nail design has been used for many seasons:

  1. This is the thinnest metallized sheet, similar to gold leaf, which is widely used in art. Foil for decorating nails is as thin as gold leaf, and is also applied with a whisk brush.
  2. Foil in the decor of nails gives originality to the manicure, because no foil decor is similar to the next, the pieces fall on the nails in a free order.
  3. The simplicity of manicure using a special foil for decor is that it perfectly sets off nails with both nude and dark coatings. A simple light manicure looks extremely gentle, but the dark one is not inferior to it in elegance.
  4. In addition to the foil in the decoration of nails, neither patterns nor rhinestones are required. Foil creates a stylish and eye-catching design.

simple foil manicuresimple nude manicure

Simple manicure with flowers

You can create a simple and delicate nail design with flowers:

  1. Floral and plant motifs in nail design are one of the oldest and most popular decoration techniques. Floral décor is revisited time and time again due to its high demand.
  2. Flowers can be drawn manually by the master of design using brushes and special acrylic paints, or lined with rhinestones, plastic elements or have the form of a slider design.
  3. Floral and floral decor can qualitatively decorate any nail covering, both in light or nude shades, and in dark colors. So, a white floral ornament is ideal for a wedding manicure.
  4. Bright or voluminous flowers with a 3D effect are an option for lovers of a more catchy and eye-catching simple design.

simple flower manicuresimple black and white manicure

Simple plain manicure

Monochromatic nail polish is the most popular:

  1. Many girls choose the color of a simple design for clothes, a specific image, some — for mood, and others — depending on the season. There are many options for monochromatic coatings available to manicure masters.
  2. The easiest thing is to choose any color, top coat and create a manicure that you like, for example, a white simple manicure.
  3. Monochromatic nail art can be done on your own, without visiting salons, with gel polish or regular nail polish.
  4. Often, a solid, simple design does not require decorations, although it is acceptable to decorate nails with rhinestones, broths, stickers, or simple geometric patterns.
  5. You can combine several colors in one nail art that are similar in shades or, on the contrary, create a bright contrast.

simple plain manicureeasiest manicure ever

Simple manicure by the sea

Summer is the time of the year when more and more people think about the upcoming vacation by the sea. Beach mood can be created not only with the purchase of summer clothes and shoes, but also with the help of such simple tricks as a simple manicure for the summer:

  1. When creating such nail art, you can use both plain coatings and simple types of nail decor.
  2. A nautical theme is welcome, the main colors of such a theme are red, white, blue and cyan. With the help of these shades and simple geometric techniques, you can create a manicure in a marine style.
  3. Monochromatic coatings are better to choose the most summer ones: light, bright, pink, yellow sunny colors. It is good to complement such nail art with metallic sparkles or foil.

simple manicure by the sea

Simple wedding manicure

For a wedding, you can make a simple manicure without a pattern or with a simple decor:

  1. As a simple wedding design, it is customary to choose a light light coating, it is better to decorate nails in a French style or floral and floral patterns. But this is not a complete list of options that an experienced nail service master will be able to offer the future bride for the upcoming celebration.
  2. The best options for wedding nail art are a gentle gradient from pink to white, French manicure, decorating the nail with shimmering rhinestones, sparkles, velvet powder, you can manually create subtle snow-white patterns.
  3. You can complement the wedding coverage with light monograms using metallic sparkles or thin stripes of a silvery hue.

simple wedding manicuresimple manicure without pattern


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