Sometimes acne, dry skin, peeling is just a cosmetic problem associated with improper care. But these same troubles can be a symptom of a disease that requires an appointment with a specialist. Consider what cosmetic skin and hair problems require more attention than the use of improvised and cosmetic products.

Spots on the skin of the face and body

Spots on the skin of the face and body

The appearance of age spots can be caused by various reasons. Most often, spots on the skin of the face and body appear after a summer vacation due to excessive sunbathing without the use of sunscreen cosmetics. It can also be a consequence of aggressive peels and cleansing of the epidermis, cosmetic procedures that are inappropriate for the season, and improper use of cosmetics.

For example, it is known that acid peels or cosmetic products with a high concentration of acids should not be used during periods of increased solar activity, as this can provoke the appearance of age spots. Pigmentation can also be age — as one of the signs of aging.

However, the appearance of spots cannot be treated only as a cosmetic problem, since they may indicate certain processes occurring in the body. Moreover, the manifestation of pigmentation requires immediate contact with a specialist if the spots have a pronounced border, are accompanied by itching, redness, peeling.

Therefore, you should not try to remove stains with improvised means and cosmetics before you contact a specialist and find out the reason for their appearance.

Increased oiliness of the skin

If your skin has always been oily, then you need to choose cosmetics that will clean it well and regulate excess sebum secretion. A person can become fat due to an unhealthy lifestyle: for example, if you do not watch your diet and have bad eating habits.

If you abuse fatty, spicy, salty, fast food, then it is quite natural that the skin has become more oily and inflammation has appeared. In this case, you need to review your diet and choose the appropriate care that will help solve the problem. But at the same time, when drawing up a care regimen, do not overdo it with products that dry out the skin, otherwise it may react with even more sebum production.

The causes of excess sebum formation may be more serious. So, if the skin has become very oily for no apparent reason, then this may indicate a malfunction of the thyroid gland, stomach diseases, gynecological problems. Therefore, if the face suddenly becomes very oily, be sure to consult a doctor.

Pimples, acne, inflammation on the face: improper care or symptom

Pimples, acne, inflammation on the face: improper care or symptom

Pimples and acne can appear on the face of not only adolescents, but also adults. However, if in the first case this is a characteristic phenomenon, then in the second case it is a reason to find out the reason for this behavior of the skin. In no case do not touch acne yourself, otherwise you can introduce an infection and aggravate inflammation.

If acne suddenly appeared on the skin of an adult, then this is a serious reason to consult a dermatologist. Do not be surprised if the doctor refers you to other specialists for tests and examinations, since acne can be caused by health problems: hormonal disruptions, malfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the nasopharynx, etc. Therefore, the doctor should not only prescribe a course of cosmetic procedures, but also to help identify and fix a deeper problem.

Dry skin as a cosmetic problem and symptom

Dry skin can be both normal and a symptom. In the first case, dry skin may be due to physiological or genetic characteristics. So, for example, it is most often found in women with thin and white skin, the sebaceous glands of which produce little sebum. The tendency to dryness of the dermis can be inherited: if your mother had a dry epidermis, then it is quite natural that your skin is prone to dryness.

The skin can become dry under the influence of external factors: temperature changes, dry indoor air, prolonged sunbathing, the use of cosmetics that do not suit the type of epidermis, the abuse of peels and scrubs, aggressive cosmetic procedures.

In all these cases, dry facial skin is only a cosmetic problem. Care for such an epidermis should be aimed at regular moisturizing. If dry skin has a good tone, then it is enough to choose good moisturizing cosmetics: your arsenal should include not only creams, but also serums aimed at maintaining water balance. Moreover, serums can be used already at a young age. For daily cleansing, choose the most delicate product: cream, cleansing cream or oil, micellar water.

If dry skin has poor tone, is thinned, then in addition to cosmetic care, it needs more effective cosmetic techniques: hyaluronic acid injections, mesotherapy, laser biorevitalization.

However, dry skin can be a symptom of a disease, such as hypothyroidism, eczema, atopic dermatitis, etc.

How to determine when dry skin requires a visit to a dermatologist? If the epidermis has become rough, cracked, peeled, peeled off with scales, you feel itching and severe discomfort, red spots appear — all this signals that you need to contact a specialist.

Hair loss

Hair loss

If, after combing, a few hairs remain on your comb, this is a completely natural situation, because our hair is “renewed” daily: normally, about 100 hairs fall out every day, in the place of which new healthy hair grows.

Another thing is if the amount of hair on the comb is constantly increasing, and you notice that your hair has become rapidly thinning. In this case, changing shampoos, balms and masks does not make sense: they will not stop intense hair loss.

If your hair began to fall out, do not waste time on «grandmother’s» recipes in the form of pepper tinctures and nettle infusions, but immediately contact a trichologist. Perhaps the loss is associated with hormonal changes, an unbalanced diet, a strict diet, taking some medications, stress, and requires competent treatment.

Thus, cosmetic problems should not be taken lightly: it is very likely that your body is signaling some kind of problem that requires treatment.


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