Skirt length

The formation of the basics and rules of business style in clothing lasted for several decades, but the legendary Coco Chanel set all the accents by introducing a women’s two-piece suit, consisting of a jacket and trousers or a skirt, into the office dress code. But some changes in office fashion do occur over time, so modern ladies should know how long a skirt should be according to the rules of business etiquette. We invite you to familiarize yourself with simple, but very important rules that will help you avoid annoying mistakes that are unacceptable in the world of modern business.

Business and corporate dress code

It has long been known that the length of a skirt according to a business dress code is optimal if the hem reaches the knees. There are no liberties in serious business structures and there cannot be. In some companies, the requirements for the clothing of employees are even spelled out in the contract, and their violation is a reason for dismissal. It would seem, how can the length of a women’s skirt affect the productivity of work? The fact is that each employee is the face of the company, and his appearance indicates the status, compliance with the rules of corporate ethics, and even the level of income. But you must understand that a dress code-compliant skirt is not a faceless uniform. If you cannot change anything regarding the style, which implies a straight classic cut and a fixed length, then the choice of fabric, its texture and color is up to you! But even here there are limitations — the skirt should not be light, translucent and too tight. All shades of dark gray, brown, blue are allowed.

Before choosing the length of the skirt, it is worth checking with colleagues whether small deviations from generally accepted norms are allowed. The fact is that some companies make concessions to women, allowing you to wear skirts a little higher or a little longer, because the standard length is not for everyone.

And how to choose the length of the skirt if there is no dress code? It is believed that the optimal length for each girl is measured as follows: you need to stand in front of the mirror, lower your straight arm along the thigh, the point where your index finger touches it and will indicate the length that is ideal for your height. Short skirts and skirts suit all slender and long-legged girls, with full hips it is better to wear a midi or maxi length (slightly tapering styles), and thin legs will perfectly hide a puffy skirt or an ankle-length sun skirt.

skirt length

You can find examples of skirts of different lengths in our gallery.


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