The stereotype that “a real man should be huge, muscular, smelly and hairy” has long been a thing of the past. True, this did not happen all at once, but in parts.

First, there was no need to be the biggest and strongest — in a civilized society, not brute force is more successful, but intelligence, which fits perfectly in a body that is not too big and not too strong.

Then the smell turned into a repulsive quality: ladies react much better to the pleasant aromas of deodorant or to the smell of just a clean body than to testosterone-saturated sweaty ambergris.

Now it’s hairy’s turn. Many modern men choose smooth skin. And, according to MedAboutMe, this does not diminish their masculinity in the slightest.

Hair removal: why do men need it?

Hair removal: why do men need it?

First, it is hygienic. Men sweat more than women, and it is much more difficult to wash sweat from hair thickets.

Secondly, it looks more aesthetically pleasing, according to many men and women. Especially if there is something to show — pumped up muscles without a furry coat look more prominent. And if a man wears a tattoo, even more so.

Thirdly, this is done for the sake of a partner in an intimate life. Kissing a smooth body, without spitting out the hair climbing into your mouth, is much more pleasant. And better contact.

Fourthly, hair removal has long been done by serious athletes in many sports — those where seconds and fractions of seconds are important. A smooth body helps swimmers «feel the water» and reduces drag when moving, for example.

Some professions also require smooth skin on the entire body, or only on certain parts of it. Models with hairy backs are unlikely to be in demand.

In some cases and places, men prefer to simply keep the vegetation under control with a trimmer. They also use depilation. But more and more often the choice falls on hair removal of vegetation.

The path to smooth skin: from shaving to sugaring and epilation

Hairy men, don’t worry: there are still those who like to feel mohair fluffiness under their fingers. But there are fewer of them. Most women of the most active age prefer to see a smooth-skinned loved one next to them. And often it is women who initiate a visit to a salon that provides hair removal services.

By the way, this is not an invention of modern mods. Even the ancient inhabitants of Egypt practiced hair removal using adhesive compounds. They were applied to the skin, and then they pulled out all the vegetation along with the bulbs. And this was done mostly for reasons of hygiene — in a hot climate, walking in your own “fur coat” was uncomfortable and unhealthy.

If you ask any man about shaving, every first one grimaces, and maybe even add a couple of words from the list of those that Roskomnadzor does not welcome. Epilation is a way to get away from the hated procedure, if not forever, then for a long time.

But men should remember: due to the greater rigidity of the hair, deeper roots and faster growth, epilation on their body will be more difficult and more expensive. And for a sustainable result in the form of smooth skin, more procedures will be required.

Even the stronger sex tolerates pain worse, so men often choose not more effective methods of hair removal, but the most painless and fastest. And more often resort to anesthesia than women.

Men from different countries and hair removal

Men from different countries and hair removal

In different countries, they prefer to remove hair from different parts of the body.

  • Russians, for example, are still not too often resorting to procedures that get rid of excess vegetation. Even having made the decision to become less hairy, the Russian in many cases prefers not to clean everything clean, but to turn the lush thickets on the torso or in the armpits into a kind of English lawn, shortening and cultivating with the help of a trimmer. But Russian men also prefer to completely epilate their backs and buttocks. Like the area around the penis. According to some unverified reports, there is a saying in men’s circles that «a tree seems larger if bushes do not grow around it.»
  • In Spain, men lovingly grow beards, but everything below the beard is preferred to be «worn» without hair. The chest, by Spanish standards, should be smooth, like the back. The groin and armpits are at least “cultivated” and trimmed.
  • In Brazil, the legs may be fluffy, but the chest is preferred to be smooth. Armpits are also shaved, purely for hygiene reasons. But the inguinal area is freed from hair for better sensations during intimate contacts. Local girls prefer men with a well-groomed groin so that they do not have to wade through the thickets to the cherished «tree of love».
  • In Germany, men do not touch the vegetation on their legs, slightly shorten the hair on the chest and in the groin, but prefer to completely remove the growth in the armpits.
  • The French are hairy. They prefer to keep everything in the form that nature gave them. Especially in the groin and legs. Actually, not all French women go around with shaved armpits, so what can you expect from the French?
  • Australians, on the contrary, have long mastered hair removal and treat it like a normal hygiene procedure. Here they prefer waxing.

Endure the pain: how difficult is it?

Representatives of the strong half of humanity are more sensitive to pain than girls. It becomes especially scary if there are scenes from films in which the hero has to endure hair removal torture. There it is always accompanied by eyes bulging in pain and screams that any Tarzan and half of the mammoths would envy.

In fact, everything is not so scary, and the pain is not so strong. Here are some reviews of men who regularly carry out procedures for getting rid of vegetation on the body.

  • Dmitry G., a review of hot wax epilation in the buttocks.

“Similar feelings were in childhood, when parents gave a slap on the pope. Tolerable, but annoying. But, since the effect lasts for three weeks, and you have to repeat all this regularly, addiction occurs over time.

  • Anatoly I., armpit laser hair removal.

“An alexandrite laser was used, they say it is the “softest”. The skin just warmed up, I didn’t feel anything special anymore. ”

  • Dmitry B., laser epilation of the inguinal zone.

“It’s like going back to the 90s and the racket era. I felt like a businessman from whom they demand a lot of money, threatening to burn everything in the most intimate part with a hot iron. But as soon as the “iron” starts to heat up, how — that’s it, take off your dark glasses, the procedure is over.

  • Vadim S., back laser hair removal.

“I remembered my childhood when my grandmother treated with jars. The laser acts almost the same: it sticks to the back, it burns slightly. Then the hair falls out. This procedure is best done before the age when gray hair appears. The laser «does not see» gray hairs.

What to do after epilation?

What to do after epilation?

  • The first day or two, you should refuse to visit the pool, sauna. The skin is susceptible to infection due to enlarged pores.
  • Sunbathing should also not be earlier than a few days.
  • You can use special means to wipe the skin, this will help to avoid irritation and inflammation. There are also creams that slow down hair growth. Their use will make it possible to repeat the procedure less often.

Are there any contraindications?

Like many cosmetic procedures, there are contraindications.

  • Epilation should not be carried out during an exacerbation of viral diseases, which include herpes.
  • Do not perform epilation at elevated body temperature, as well as in the presence of an allergy to any components of the wax (if hair removal is performed with wax).
  • Diabetes mellitus, varicose veins in the epilation area are also contraindications, as well as the presence of wounds and pustules on the skin.

Expert comment

Janet Fairley, dermatologist

Men no longer want to go hairy. They do not like excessively abundant vegetation on the back and arms, on the buttocks and on the neck. They seek to get rid of bushy eyebrows and tufts of hair sticking out of the ears and nose.

It is important to choose the right hair removal method so that the effect is long-lasting and the procedure is the least painful.

As a rule, men use wax strips or laser hair removal to remove hair from their backs, arms and legs. The latter differs in that it allows you not to completely remove the vegetation, but only to thin it out, and this is what many men want.

To trim the eyebrow line, remove hair in the ears, on the arms and legs, waxing is often used, although it cannot be called completely painless. There is evidence that laser hair removal of the back gives the best effect if waxing was performed before this procedure.

It should be borne in mind that laser hair removal is most effective when dark hair is removed from fair skin. For gray and blond hair, this method is not suitable.

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