Sneakers for jeans - a comfortable and stylish combination for every day

Casual style is one of the most practical and popular trends in modern fashion. And these images are very diverse. But the combination of sneakers with jeans is considered ideally appropriate — the choice of confident, functional and thoughtful fashionistas in trend.

What sneakers go with jeans?

An ensemble of denim trousers with sports shoes always looks harmonious and stylish. Such images provide complete comfort and functionality, which is especially important for energetic and active fashionistas. In addition, stylish bows are suitable for absolutely everyone, regardless of physique and appearance. However, due to the variety of styles of clothing and accessories, interesting and attractive models can be harmonized, which in the ensemble will emphasize your creativity and originality. Let’s see the most popular solutions:

  1. Classic sneakers for jeans. A win-win choice is shoes of a standard sports style. This choice is suitable for absolutely any cut of clothing.

what sneakers fit jeans

  1. Jeans with high top sneakers. The fashion trend of recent seasons has become oversized shoes that cover the ankle. This option should be combined with denim trousers of a narrow silhouette or with trouser legs.

jeans with high tops

  1. Insulated sneakers under jeans. Winter accessories always look somewhat bulky and voluminous. And in order not to look outwardly shapeless, clothes should be chosen in a tight-fitting style, better than a plain, even color.

bow with jeans and sneakers

  1. Platform shoes. Another popular solution was sports-style accessories with thick soles. But in order for the image to look feminine and elegant, stylists advise staying on light models. Ensembles are especially relevant — white sneakers and jeans.

jeans and white sneakers

  1. Bright sneakers under jeans. The completion of a practical casual bow can also be a catchy accent. In this case, the actual choice would be shoes in bright or printed colors, combined with trousers in a solid traditional design.

sneakers under blue jeans

How to wear sneakers with jeans?

To date, it is not difficult to choose a stylish style of denim trousers for the individual parameters of the figure. The advantage of such clothes is practicality and functionality in everyday active wear. However, due to the popularity of mixing different styles in one bow, combinations with both classic and romantic feminine details are in trend. Sports shoes have become a trendy finish for almost any occasion. And in an ensemble with denim pants, the variety of tops becomes even more extensive. Let’s see the most fashionable combination of jeans and sneakers:

  1. Flared fit. Such models look great in romantic feminine ensembles. This is where shoes come in a solid color. As a top, it is important to wear a top with a frill, a lace or chiffon blouse, a tunic.
  2. With prints. Pants with beautiful patterns and abstractions will always be the main detail in the image. And in this case, the actual choice would be the top and shoes in the same color. It is better to select additions in monochrome design.
  3. Classic. The classic cut of the pants is perfect for a non-strict business dress code. This choice is also relevant for images of other directions, but will always act as a background or addition.
  4. Design with decor. The design with embroidery and contrasting appliqué looks attractive and original. Such trousers have become especially relevant for romantic combinations in an ensemble with light blouses and tops and shoes in light colors.

Rolled up jeans with sneakers

The trouser legs look attractive and original. Designers offer models with already turned edges. However, you can make such a finish on your favorite clothes yourself. In the trend, both the wide form of the lapel and the narrow, and even uneven, careless. This detail effectively opens the ankle, which emphasizes the slenderness of the legs. In this case, it is appropriate to choose shoes in a classic or understated style. Rolled up jeans under white sneakers or accessories in bright colors have become a fashionable solution, which will focus directly on the completion.

rolled up jeans with sneakers

Women’s jacket with jeans and sneakers

One of the stylish additions to the image, which combines two styles at once, is a strict jacket. Such ensembles have long been popular because they are practical due to the comfortable bottom and elegant due to the business element of the upper part. A jacket with jeans and sneakers is perfect for a casual office dress code or everyday wear. You can use the traditional straight cut with lapels, collarless Chanel models, fitted and elongated silhouettes. In trend and printed colors. Romantic floral abstractions remain popular.

women's jacket with jeans and sneakers

Skinny jeans with sneakers

One of the fashionable styles of comfortable denim trousers is considered to be a narrow, tight-fitting cut. This option emphasizes the sexuality in the image and the elegance of the figure. From year to year, light colors remain in trend. However, designers offer fashionable skinny and acid washed effect, with torn decor, in black and navy blue. To accentuate slender legs and visually lengthen your height, you should not complete the bow with bright or contrasting shoes. Solid dark, white or black sneakers with skinny jeans are a great solution.

skinny jeans with sneakers

Coat, jeans and sneakers — bow

For several seasons in a row, the ensemble of denim trousers, sports shoes and classic outerwear has been considered a trendy combination. However, not every style of coat will be appropriate here. The most relevant models are straight cut, oversized or short coats. Items made of bouclé, draped or pressed wool became especially popular. In ensembles with long-cut outerwear, the pants are almost invisible. Therefore, stylists recommend focusing on completion, where printed, pink or red sneakers under blue jeans are considered relevant.

coat jeans and sneakers bow

Jeans, T-shirt, sneakers

In the hot period, you especially want comfort and lightness. In looks with denim pants and a sporty finish, a simple t-shirt is a good choice for the top. However, in modern fashion, stylish models are presented that emphasize originality and originality of taste. In this case, the emphasis should be on one of three details. For example, red sneakers for jeans and a blue, black or white T-shirt will be a fashionable solution. You can also accentuate the upper part of the bow by choosing a printed or contrasting top for trousers in traditional colors and white shoes.

jeans sneakers t shirt

Mom jeans with sneakers

This style of practical casual clothes is characterized by femininity unusual for a denim wardrobe. The main features are the high waist and tapered legs. This look with jeans and sneakers will perfectly fit into a romantic style. Therefore, the actual choice in this case would be light or pastel-colored shoes. A stylish solution will be the roll-ups of the trousers that highlight the ankle. A tight-fitting turtleneck, knitted T-shirt or crop top is best suited as a top. You can add an elegant classic jacket or a knitted cardigan.

mom jeans with sneakers

Sneakers with ripped jeans

In recent seasons, models with torn decor are increasingly fading into the background. Fashion designers offer a more discreet design. However, on the fashion catwalks, products with large non-scale holes in the knees are still presented. This option is great for hot weather. Dark and black trousers are considered especially relevant. And such styles are perfectly complemented by bright or contrasting shoes. A fashionable solution would be white or red sneakers with jeans. Such casual looks will be stylishly complemented by a sports top — sweatshirt, sweatshirt.

sneakers with ripped jeans

Cropped jeans with sneakers

In the collections of women’s denim trousers, there are also models that can visually adjust the parameters of the figure. One of these are the styles of a shortened cut, which outwardly lengthen the growth and slim. When asked which sneakers fit with oversized jeans, stylists recommend choosing low-cut or classic sports shoes. Narrow and tight-fitting products can be complemented with accessories on the platform. But do not use the completion of a high form, as the legs will appear full.

cropped jeans with sneakers

Cardigan with jeans and sneakers

An alternative choice of coat in the warm demi-season period was a knitted cardigan. Both elongated styles and short cut products are in trend. Such images always look feminine and attractive. Sweatshirts with a three-dimensional pattern have become especially popular. Lalo braids have been a trend for several years in a row. And in this case, sneakers under light jeans will be a stylish addition to the gradient colors. The style of trousers is better to choose narrowed, classic or with high legs.

cardigan with jeans and sneakers

Sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers

One of the most popular solutions in choosing a top in a casual urban look is a comfortable sweatshirt. This practical jacket is suitable for everyone without exception. In an ensemble with denim trousers and shoes, a sports sweatshirt looks very harmonious and stylish, regardless of color. Relevant as a monophonic and stitched design. Women’s sports sneakers with jeans can be complemented with a regular cut or oversized top. Other accessories will fit perfectly into such a bow — a cap or a baseball cap, a voluminous scarf, a shoulder bag or a backpack.

sweatshirt jeans and sneakers

Sneakers, jeans, jacket

In the cold season, the jacket is considered the most practical and convenient solution in choosing outerwear. Such an element of the wardrobe is able to complement the bow of any style — casual, casual business, romantic. Given the versatility of denim trousers, the jacket can be picked up in both bright colors and discreet designs. In this case, the texture of the fabric may also differ. Let’s see how to wear sneakers with jeans and a jacket:

  1. Biker jacket. An excellent solution in a practical way would be a leather model with an oblique zipper. The cut of outerwear can be both standard and shortened or elongated.

sneakers jeans jacket

  1. Jean jacket. Denim outerwear will be the most harmonious and stylish choice. At the same time, the colors and finishes of the jacket may differ from the design of the trousers. But the option in light colors, with the effect of acid washing, with ombre gradient transitions, looks especially attractive.

how to wear sneakers with jeans

  1. bomber. A win-win solution in a comfortable casual bow will be outerwear in a sporty style. The bomber jacket complements the image especially harmoniously, as it corresponds to the main direction. And here the jacket can be both bright and in restrained colors.

what sneakers go with jeans

  1. Parka. In the cold season, a functional parka will be a good solution. Considering that the cut of such jackets is usually elongated, trousers should be chosen in a contrasting shade, preferably light. But the shoes can be the same color with the top or in a bright, printed or contrasting design.

combination of jeans and sneakers


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