Sneakers under the dress - 42 photos of the most fashionable combinations

The modern style is so diverse that several seemingly incompatible directions can be combined in one image at once. One of the fashionable striking examples today is the ensemble of sneakers under the dress. A wide selection of clothing and footwear models will help you find an option that fully reflects your individuality and originality.

Dress with sneakers 2018

In the new season, designers are interestingly experimenting with the choice of feminine clothing and sporty finishes for it. And if earlier such combinations were considered purely casual, then this year unusual ensembles in evening, business and even wedding style are also acceptable. The main feature of fashionable looks is practicality and confidence, stylishly harmonizing with femininity and sophistication. Such bows are especially suitable for active and energetic fashionistas. Let’s find out how to wear a dress with sneakers:

  1. Classic sneakers under the dress. This style of shoes is considered universal in the choice of acceptable clothing models. The classic design features a low ankle but closed foot. There is always a lace closure.
  2. Platform sneakers under the dress. If you want to draw attention directly to the completion of the image, then a style with a thick high sole is an excellent choice. The trend is also products on a platform with a tractor relief, which looks very original.
  3. High top sneakers under the dress. If you can boast of slender long legs, then high-cut shoes will be a stylish find for you, especially in bright or contrasting colors. But for short girls with full legs, it is better to refuse such a decision.
  4. Sneakers without laces under the dress. In addition to standard sports shoes, popular slip-ons have also become an excellent choice. This option not only looks more sophisticated in an ensemble with a feminine top, but is also easy to put on and take off due to the lack of a fastener.
  5. White sneakers under the dress. The most popular color choice in shoe design is the classic light shade. This solution not only looks gentle and sophisticated, but also universal for choosing the color of the upper part in combination.

What dresses can be worn with sneakers?

Initially, stylists allowed ensembles of sports shoes and feminine styles of clothing in a casual or sports style. But over time, the range of choice of sophisticated products has expanded and today such solutions are very diverse and even original. In a stylish look, you will emphasize not only practicality and elegance at the same time, but also your creative approach to creating a bow. At the same time, you will always feel comfortable and confident. Let’s see how to wear a dress with sneakers:

  1. Asymmetrical fit. A stylish solution is to choose clothes with an uneven cut, which always attracts attention. And the most popular are models that are elongated at the back and shortened at the front, which will also emphasize practical completion.

what dresses can be worn with sneakers

  1. Fitted silhouette. If your main style is romantic, then waist-hugging clothes are a stylish choice. It can be a flying sun of short or moderate length or a free silhouette with a belt, complete with a maxi, midi or mini hem.

how to wear a dress with sneakers

  1. Knitwear. One of the most successful solutions is considered to be a product made of elastic everyday fabric. It can be knitted fabric or yarn. In any case, the image will be practical, comfortable and functional.

is it possible to wear a dress with sneakers in 2018

  1. with shuttlecock. Another stylish choice that will emphasize your grace and romance is clothes with a beautiful wide frill on the edge of the hem, on the shoulders, in the neckline or on the sleeves. And in this case, the completion of a white or pastel shade is considered relevant.

dress with sneakers 2018

Shirt dress with sneakers

One of the most relevant styles that perfectly complements a stylish look for every day is a practical shirt. Such models are presented from organic cotton, linen, denim and even chiffon. The product can be plain or printed, long, short or with a moderate hem, straight, A-shaped, asymmetric or fitted silhouette. A trendy solution is a striped shirt dress with sneakers. In such combinations, both the completion and the upper part can act as an accent.

shirt dress with sneakers

Denim dress with sneakers

A win-win solution that always looks harmonious and stylish in an ensemble with sports-style shoes is denim products. And such clothes are appropriate in the bows of any season. For the heat, models of a light shade are suitable, made of thin fabric, with a torn and shabby decor, careless fringe along the edges. For such a design, contrasting trim is considered popular — embroidery, appliqués. For the cold season, products made of dense fabric of a dark shade are suitable. A denim dress and sneakers are a casual style, so you should choose the appropriate bag and jewelry.

denim dress with sneakers

Lace dress with sneakers

Such ensembles do not go unnoticed. After all, in combinations of openwork clothes and sports completion, polar directions are collected, which a few years ago were considered unthinkable in a duet. A lace midi dress and sneakers in light or pastel colors have become especially relevant. However, monochromatic total black bows are also in trend. The advantage of stylish images with a translucent top and sports shoes is their universality — this choice is suitable for informal parties, and for romantic walks, and for everyday urban wear.

lace dress with sneakers

Floral dress with sneakers

Floral prints have been on trend for several years now. Drawing with flowers always emphasizes romance. However, everyday styles look great in an ensemble with sports shoes. But you should carefully combine colors. If the print is large, choose one main color and match the finish in an identical shade. If the colors are abstract with a small motif, then it is better to focus on plain accessories in a neutral or classic tone. Floral summer dresses with sneakers look especially impressive with bare shoulders or back, midi or maxi length.

floral dress with sneakers

Sports dress with sneakers

This version of clothing is considered the most relevant solution, because the image corresponds to one style, which always looks harmonious. The most fashionable sports dresses for sneakers are presented in an asymmetrical and short cut. Such products not only rejuvenate and emphasize vigor, but also demonstrate a stylish finish. The wardrobe element is often complemented by a hood, a drawstring at the waist, a letter or digital print. Designers use natural breathable fabrics, adding elastane to the composition, which provides functionality and freedom of movement.

sports dress with sneakers

Loose dress with sneakers

The fashion trend in recent seasons has become “not from your shoulder” styles. Oversized products are not only an attractive and original detail in the image, but also one hundred percent comfort, practicality and functionality. At the same time, loose models perfectly emphasize the fragility and sophistication of the female figure. In an ensemble with sports-style shoes, such combinations are suitable for active urban wear. Given the voluminous cut, clothes will always be the main focus. Therefore, the duet of white sneakers with a dress of a free silhouette of any color has become relevant.

loose dress with sneakers

Chiffon dress with sneakers

Another stylish way to show your originality and creativity is to choose clothes from translucent flowing chiffon in combination with sports shoes. Chiffon products always create the effect of a flying gait, unconditional grace and sexuality in the image. Therefore, it is the upper part of the bow that attracts attention, acting as the main detail. And in this case, the completion should be chosen in a discreet color — beige, black, white sneakers under a chiffon dress. In cool weather, a leather biker jacket or a chunky knit cardigan will be a stylish addition.

chiffon dress with sneakers

Bodycon dress with sneakers

Tight-fitting products emphasize the grace and harmony of the figure. In combination with sports shoes, such clothes will create a confident, practical and at the same time sexy look. Mini or midi length elastic knitwear are considered popular. If you have extra volumes, do not despair, because stylish clothes in the right colors can visually lengthen your height and smooth out unnecessary centimeters. In this case, the most relevant solution would be a black dress with sneakers of any color. But if you do not want to overshadow the appearance, stop at dark color tones.

fitted dress with sneakers

Long dress with sneakers

Maxi models are not only able to hide unnecessary centimeters of a voluminous constitution, but also emphasize elegance even in combination with the completion of sports. For such bows, oversized styles, a shirt with a straight or fitted silhouette, a sundress with a cut hem, and an asymmetric cut are considered the most popular. A fashionable solution is an ensemble in universal classic colors — a black dress with white sneakers or vice versa. This choice is perfect for any occasion. To dilute the restraint of style, pick up bright and large jewelry or a bag.

long dress with sneakers

Sheath dress with sneakers

It would seem that such a strict business style is absolutely incompatible with finishing in a sporty style. However, such images have become a lifesaver for active business women who are forced to spend a lot of time on their feet. When choosing a case style, it is worth remembering that the colors should not be printed or too catchy. It is better to dwell on the classic combination — a black dress with white sneakers. But the finish is welcome. The trend is a wide flounce peplum in clothing design, lace inserts or openwork material as a base, neckline, asymmetrical drapery.

sheath dress with sneakers

Evening dress with sneakers

Sports shoes have become an original choice for prom looks. This youthful finish looks great with short flirty outfits. A stylish solution in this case would be a babydoll style or an asymmetrical cut with a train. The question of how to combine a dress with sneakers for going out is appropriate for informal parties. After all, such ensembles look relaxed and at ease, which does not correspond to a strict elegant dress code. A fashionable trend in bows with sports accessories are graceful and sexy models in lingerie style made of silk, satin, with lace trim.

evening dress with sneakershow to combine a dress with sneakers

Wedding dress with sneakers

In modern wedding fashion, non-standard and original celebrations are becoming more and more popular. The appearance of the bride and groom primarily conveys a similar style. And the simplest solution that matches both the traditional wedding and the informal direction at the same time is the choice of sports shoes for a beautiful snow-white outfit. Finishing can be bright or discreet colors. But let’s see the most relevant wedding dress under sneakers:

  1. Lush styles. A classic style with a layered or tulle skirt looks great in an ensemble with casual accessories. This option will emphasize your creativity and originality.

wedding dress with sneakers

  1. Short cut. Finishing in casual style perfectly complements a modest mini-length outfit. This idea is especially popular among young fashionistas filled with energy and activity.

wedding dress under sneakers

  1. With train. Another stylish choice are asymmetrical cuts — short in the front and long in the back. In this case, the stylish accent will be not only on the original choice of shoes, but also on your graceful legs.

dress and sneakers style

Dress under sneakers for full

For girls with a plus size figure, stylists recommend that you carefully approach the creation of such bows. This does not mean that it is better to abandon the idea of ​​combining feminine clothing and athletic shoes. But it is important to smooth out the shortcomings as much as possible and emphasize the advantages. The actual solution will be everyday models with light accessories — a shirt, oversized, denim dress with white sneakers. Shoes are better to choose an underestimated style. A fitted sun of moderate length is also considered fashionable clothing.

dress under sneakers for fullhow to wear a dress with sneakers


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