Snowdrop manicure - the most delicate spring design ideas

Each young lady always complements her image with beautiful and attractive nail art, which can emphasize her femininity and unique charm. With the advent of the first days of spring, some girls choose a charming manicure with snowdrops, which goes well with both casual clothes and elegant dresses.

Manicure 2019 with snowdrops

This season, floral designs have gained incredible popularity. At the same time, both bright roses and unusually spectacular poppies, as well as charming wild flowers or delicate snowdrops are in trend. Nail design 2019 with snowdrops is especially relevant with the advent of the first spring days, when the sun is just starting to warm up and the snow is melting.

With drawings imitating these magical flowers, you can experiment in different ways. They are best suited to complement the elegant image of a young bride or a spring-summer look based on a dress made in one of the pastel shades. Meanwhile, the snowdrop manicure can also find its place in the simplest everyday look, consisting of jeans, sneakers and a printed t-shirt.

manicure 2019 with snowdrops

Manicure with snowdrops for short nails

It is not easy for owners of short nail plates to create a beautiful design, however, it is quite possible if you use a few useful tricks that professional nail artists can advise. So, on small claws, you should not draw large drawings and place volumetric elements — they can visually reduce their area even more.

In addition, short nails with snowdrops should not be too dark — it is correct to give preference to light shades, for example, pastels or snow-white colors. The first spring flowers also look great on a transparent surface — in this case, you can carefully highlight the smile line with a thin strip, which will visually lengthen the nail plates and make them more attractive.

manicure with snowdrops for short nails

Manicure with snowdrops for long nails

Owners of long claws have much more opportunities to create beautiful and attractive nail art. One of the most popular options is the snowdrop french nail design, which looks great in any color scheme and on any plate shape. In addition, a French manicure with white snowdrops can be appropriate even in the image of a young bride.

Meanwhile, French is far from the only possible design option. The fair sex with long nails can choose the following types of nail art:

  • plain manicure with snowdrops, which can be covered with a glossy or matte top;
  • moon nail art with accent fingers decorated with floral motifs;
  • options with an unusual image of flowers using lines and geometric shapes;
  • festive design with sequins or rhinestones;
  • nail art with negative space.

manicure with snowdrops for long nails

Beautiful manicure with snowdrops

The charming snowdrop nail design is perfect for the first days of spring and summer. It looks very feminine and cute, so it harmonizes with any age and social status of its owner. In addition, this floral nail art can be appropriate both in everyday life and during a publication or at a party.

beautiful manicure with snowdrops

Manicure with willow and snowdrops

Spring manicure with snowdrops can be supplemented with willow, which will fit very organically into the floral design and make it even more feminine. During the flowering period of these wonderful white flowers, Palm Sunday is often celebrated, followed by Orthodox Easter. For many Christians, this holiday is important, so it is given special attention. A manicure with snowdrops and willow looks simply charming, especially if it is made in light pastel shades.

manicure with willow and snowdrops

French manicure with snowdrops

The most common option is a French manicure with snowdrops, which can be done in different color shades. The classic variation looks interesting with a transparent surface and a snow-white smile line, in which the accent fingers are decorated with charming spring flowers. In addition, the following French design options are possible:

  • snow-white surface and green smile line to match the stem and leaves;
  • light green or light green surface in combination with a snow-white free edge;
  • pale pink surface and snow-white smile line;
  • in the case of long claws, a manicure jacket with snowdrops, in which floral motifs adorn the smile line, while the main surface is covered with transparent varnish.

french manicure with snowdrops

Nude manicure with snowdrops

A discreet and concise nude manicure with snowdrops does not attract undue attention, so it can be appropriate in absolutely any situation. To create it, you should use neutral shades of varnish, for example, beige or pale pink. In addition, a transparent surface, on which floral motifs look great, will also be an excellent choice. One of the advantages of nude nail art is that it does not conflict with a formal business dress code and can even be combined with a formal suit or a classic sheath dress.

nude manicure with snowdrops

Lunar manicure with snowdrops

The snowdrop manicure design, made in the moon technique, looks incredibly interesting and attractive. As a rule, a classic semicircular hole is used to create it, which is covered with a transparent varnish. However, a variety of variations of such nail art are possible, each of which attracts attention.

In the lunar design, the pattern of snowdrops usually adorns the accent fingers. In addition, the lunula area is often not distinguished on them — unlike all other claws, the accent ones are covered with a single-color gel polish, on top of which charming spring flowers are depicted. Such nail art can be supplemented with other decorative elements, such as rhinestones or sparkles.

moon manicure with snowdrops

Blue manicure with snowdrops

A stylish manicure with a pattern of snowdrops, made in a blue tint, is invariably associated with the arrival of spring. Such nail art adds lightness and freshness to the image, emphasizing the youth and incredible femininity of its owner. The charming blue design goes well not only with summer dresses, but also with jeans made of thin denim, made in classic colors.

blue manicure with snowdrops

White manicure with snowdrops

Many young ladies make beautiful nails on March 8 with snowdrops that attract attention and make the image of their owner deliberately feminine. Such nail art can be made in a snow-white shade, which will further refresh the fashionable look and make it incredibly stylish and attractive. There are quite a few options for such a design, for example:

  • monophonic snow-white coating in tandem with 1-2 accent fingers, decorated with a pattern on a floral theme;
  • classic snow-white jacket with decor;
  • moon manicure with snowdrops, in which the lunula area is covered with transparent gel polish, and the main surface of each nail plate is white;
  • festive options with sparkles or rhinestones;
  • wedding snow-white design with lace imitation.

white manicure with snowdrops

Black manicure with snowdrops

A stylish manicure with snowdrops can also be done in black, although many young ladies consider it a little gloomy. For this reason, nail art should not have too much black color, it must be combined with other, less gloomy shades. So, the black and white design looks charming, additionally decorated with miniature snowdrops. In addition, these colors can decorate a black jacket, the main surface of the plates in which is transparent.

black manicure with snowdrops

Transparent manicure with snowdrops

Currently, it is not necessary to use a color coating to create a stylish and attractive nail art. Nails covered with transparent gel polish look very natural and natural, which is why they are so appreciated by the fair sex. Meanwhile, some young ladies consider transparent nail art too boring, so they try to complement it with beautiful flower-themed drawings.

So, a spring manicure with snowdrops can be created using transparent gel polish and color images or voluminous decorations. Depending on individual preferences when creating such nail art, both all nails and only accent nails can have a transparent surface. In addition, transparent gel polish can be combined with color using the moon or French technique.

transparent manicure with snowdrops

Green manicure with snowdrops

A beautiful and bright manicure with snowdrops can be created using a green tint, which can have different degrees of intensity. For everyday life, pale green or light green is better, while for a festive event or going out, stylists recommend choosing an intense shade that can be complemented by mother-of-pearl shine. The design is considered very interesting, in which the main tone completely coincides with the color of the stem and leaves.

green manicure with snowdrops

Matte manicure with snowdrops

Incredibly stylish and modern nail art is obtained by using a matte top, which can cover both all nail plates and only certain ones. Most nail artists do not recommend using a top with a matte texture over light-colored gel polishes, as they expose all the shortcomings of a hygienic manicure and, moreover, lose their appearance very quickly. However, a dark manicure with snowdrops, the surface of which has a matte texture, looks very interesting, beautiful and attractive.

matte manicure with snowdrops

Lilac manicure with snowdrops

Charming looks nail design with spring flowers, made in lilac colors. This delicate pastel shade can be used both as a base color and for drawing images. Due to its conciseness, such nail art is suitable even for everyday wear or business life. If you add glitter to it, the design will become festive and elegant. So, a brilliant manicure with snowdrops, made in lilac colors, will be an excellent choice for attending a club party or prom.

lilac manicure with snowdrops


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