Snowflake Nail Design - Top 30 Winter Manicure Ideas

With the New Year holidays approaching, every woman strives to bring some detail to her image that will be associated with the winter season and set her owner in the appropriate way. Often the choice of beautiful ladies falls on the design of nails with snowflakes, which easily fits into stylish and attractive winter looks.

Nail design 2019 with snowflakes

A charming winter nail design with snowflakes has not lost its relevance for many years. On the eve of the New Year holidays, this nail art is always in high demand, as it fits perfectly into the atmosphere of preparation for the most magical night of the year and at the same time is very concise. The 2019 season was no exception — this year, beautiful and sophisticated snow crystals have become one of the main trends in the world of manicure art.

These wonderful patterns can be painted on a light or dark background, however, this season’s preference is to give a coating of blue, blue or red. In addition, snow crystals are very often complemented by different types of manicure, which are popular with modern women. So, the design of a white jacket with snowflakes looks very interesting, which, with the advent of these snow-white drawings, begins to play with completely new colors. No less striking and original is the design, which combines winter motifs and a matte top.

nail design 2019 with snowflakes

Snowflake design for short nails

In 2019, stylists recommend young ladies not to build up long nail plates, but to give preference to neat, short claws, because this season, maximum naturalness and naturalness are at the top of popularity. A short nail design with snowflakes fully satisfies the fashion trends that are extremely relevant in the world of manicure art — it looks very simple, cute and concise, emphasizing the natural beauty and feminine charm of its owner.

For a small length of claws, small drawings are suitable that do not occupy even half of the area of ​​u200bu200bthe nail plate. In rare cases, a young lady can choose large images, however, they can only be located on 1-2 accent fingers. In addition, when creating a design for short nails, you should not get carried away with volumetric elements — it is much better to draw snow crystals with acrylic paint, and then gently sprinkle with velvet sand or powder.

snowflake design for short nails

Design with snowflakes for long nails

Owners of long nail plates, which can be both natural and extended, can perform any nail design with snowflakes. If there is sufficient surface area, you can draw drawings of any size, highlight the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole or the smile line, combine up to 5 different color shades in one nail art, and much more. An ombre manicure looks very stylish and interesting, in which the main surface of the claws is painted using a gradient technique.

Incredibly relevant nail design 2019, jacket with snowflakes, which can be made in traditional color combinations or using bright and unusual combinations of tones. In addition, such nail art can be supplemented with a variety of decorative elements, for example:

  • rhinestones and broths;
  • foil ribbons;
  • «knitted» elements;
  • sequins and glitter;
  • acrylic powder and velvet sand;
  • rubbing;
  • matte top.

snowflake design for long nails

Trendy snowflake nail design

Qualified masters of manicure art are ready to offer their clients a variety of nail design ideas with snowflakes, which are becoming extremely popular on the eve of the New Year holidays. It is very easy to cope with the creation of such nail art, so some girls do it at home with their own hands. Due to the versatility of various types of snow crystals, they can be combined with any color of coatings and various decorative elements.

trendy snowflake nail design

New Year’s nail design with snowflakes

Although charming snow crystals can be seen on the nail plates at any time of the year, in the vast majority of cases, girls turn to such motifs on the eve of the most magical night of the year. Nail design for the New Year with snowflakes is one of the most common options that attracts the fair sex with its simplicity, stylish appearance and versatility.

In addition to the most popular nail art, in which a plain coating is decorated with cute snow crystals, on the eve of the New Year, you can pay attention to the following types of design:

  • french nail design with snowflakes;
  • moon manicure;
  • options with frosty painting;
  • nail art with confetti and rhinestones;
  • New Year’s nail design 2019 with snowflakes, which combines a matte and glossy top.

Christmas nail design with snowflakes

Nail design with snowflakes and rhinestones

Winter nail design with snowflakes, if desired, can be supplemented with shiny rhinestones, which in most cases are single placed in the center of each image. In addition, these decor elements can be randomly scattered over all nail plates or accent fingers can be highlighted with their help. If necessary, rhinestones can add rigor and elegance to a moon or French manicure — in these cases they are placed exactly on the border between the smile line or the hole area and the main surface of the claw.

nail design with snowflakes and rhinestones

Nail design with snowflakes and sparkles

Nail art, complemented by a lot of sparkles, is ideal for the most magical night, so many young ladies turn to it a few days before the upcoming New Year celebration. Such a manicure looks best in “winter” colors — the most stylish and attractive option is a blue nail design with snowflakes or a similar manicure made in a dark blue color scheme.

The sequins in it are used mainly to make the nail art more festive and elegant, and, as a rule, are scattered over the entire surface of the accent claws. However, more interesting options are also possible, such as a French manicure in which sequins are used to highlight the smile line, various types of designs with a sequin stretch, or a combination of sequins with large bouillons.

snowflake and glitter nail design

French nail design with snowflakes

French snowflake nail design is a great solution for those girls who like versatile options. This nail art will easily fit into the atmosphere of the holiday and is perfect for those girls who meet the most magical night of the year at home in a narrow family circle, and young ladies who go to a restaurant or club. In addition, you will not have to part with this type of manicure in the New Year — it is quite appropriate for creating everyday looks.

Depending on individual preferences and the shape of the nail plates, each young lady can choose different types of jacket, for example:

  • classic — the best solution for all women;
  • reverse — an unusual variation for owners of long nail plates;
  • diagonal — a non-standard solution that will not leave its owner unattended;
  • combination of french and moon manicure.

French nail design with snowflakes

Black nail design with snowflakes

Snow-white snow crystals look great on a black surface due to the play of contrast, so this stylish option is extremely popular with the fair sex. A black snowflake nail design can be complemented with silver sparkles, foil ribbons, splashes of other colors or rhinestones. In all cases, nail art looks very stylish and elegant and can be appropriate even in a business look.

black snowflake nail design

Lunar snowflake nail design

A beautiful snowflake nail design can be done by highlighting the area of ​​the hole with a different color or leaving it unpainted. This technique looks great on long nail plates, however, on very short nails it may be superfluous. In order not to overload the nail art, you should not highlight the holes on each nail — it is much better to focus on the ring fingers, complementing the hole area with shiny rhinestones, while placing New Year’s drawings on other claws.

moon nail design with snowflakes

Matte snowflake nail design

One of the main trends of recent years has been the coating of all nails with a matte top and its combination with a glossy finish. Stylish nail design with snowflakes, which was created using a matte top, looks very interesting and original, so its relevance does not decrease with time.

Such a manicure is best done in dark color shades — black, deep blue, dark gray and others. The design of nails with snowflakes, made in red or burgundy colors, also looks good, however, in this case, stylists recommend giving preference to a combination of matte and glossy finishes.

matte snowflake nail design

Red nail design with snowflakes

For many of the fair sex, red is a favorite color scheme, which is very often used in creating daily and festive manicures. This color, which has a huge variety of shades, is associated with love and passion and suits exceptionally courageous and self-confident women. It looks especially good on small natural-shaped claws, which are the most relevant option today.

Red nail design with snowflakes will be an excellent choice for those fashionistas who go to a New Year’s corporate party or are preparing to celebrate the New Year with close friends. In this case, it is preferable to apply the drawing in “silver”, “gold” and white, and rhinestones, acrylic powder or embossed openwork painting can become an original addition to it.

red nail design with snowflakes

Blue nail design with snowflakes

One of the main favorites of recent years has become a blue and blue nail design with snowflakes, which can be both small and large. This nail art looks great in combination with a soft gradient, rubbing, frosty patterns, broken glass and other ways to decorate nail plates. A blue nail design with snowflakes can be appropriate both in everyday life and during the celebration of the New Year. In the latter case, stylists recommend adding it with rhinestones of any size or silver sparkles.

blue nail design with snowflakes

Pink snowflake nail design

Young and romantically inclined ladies very often use a charming pink shade to create nail art, which can be combined with a variety of types of decor. Pink nails, design 2019, with snowflakes look very delicate and incredibly attractive, so they are great for a date with your lover. In addition, if a muted shade of pink color is chosen as the basis for such a manicure, it can find its place in any everyday look.

The pink design of long nails with snowflakes can be supplemented with a variety of decorative elements — large rhinestones and broths, pearl powder, gradient transitions, an emphasis on the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole, and so on. In the case of short claws, stylists advise being careful not to overload the manicure — it is best to cover all the plates with a plain gel polish, and depict the desired winter motif on the accent fingers with a brush or special stickers.

pink snowflake nail design

Snowflake Manicure — Stickers

Although it is not at all difficult to make a stylish nail design with snowflakes, not all girls have artistic abilities that allow them to draw these cute snow crystals on their claws with their own hands. Especially for such situations, there are special stickers, thanks to which the creation of nail art takes no more than one minute. In specialized stores and salons, you can buy stickers of various shapes and sizes, which will allow you to effortlessly make changes to your image at any moment.

snowflake manicure stickers


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