socks with sandals

The topic of pairing socks with open shoes has long been discussed in the fashion world. According to most critics and stylists, this question is as rhetorical as the argument about whether you can wipe your nose on the curtains. However, the debate around the relevance of socks with sandals does not cease to be conducted from year to year.

Before you figure out whether socks are worn with sandals, I want to say a few words about where this manner in the images came from. It is clear to everyone that such bad manners did not come from the catwalks, although today some creative artists occasionally present such a combination in their shows. But still, the fashion of wearing socks with sandals came to us from men. Representatives of the strong half see boundless convenience in such images. Indeed, in this case, the shoes will not rub one hundred percent. In addition, the legs do not get dirty, the skin breathes, the flaws of the nails, trampled heels and any other shortcomings on the legs are hidden. However, to a greater extent, such reasons for using socks under sandals are the fruit of laziness and ill-conceivedness. After all, high-quality shoes, which are selected in size and in accordance with the characteristics of the foot and gait, will never rub the leg. And the belief that washing socks is easier than washing your feet and putting them in order is just stupidity and a sign of slovenliness.

Can you wear socks with sandals?

As for the question, are socks worn with sandals? The answer is simple — no and never. Such a combination is just a sign of bad taste. But why are there still individuals who prefer this in the image? Everything is simple here — after all, there are always exceptions to all the rules, and there are always those who love to break the rules. Perhaps fashionistas in this way are trying to attract attention or emphasize individuality. But, believe me, apart from demonstrating bad taste and lack of a sense of style, such girls do not achieve anything else. Nevertheless, as they say, our business is to convey information, and whether it will be applicable in practice is a personal matter for everyone.


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