Clothes with space print
does not lose its relevance from season to season. Recently, space print has come into fashion — a color scheme depicting galaxies, stars, the Milky Way on a dark blue or purple «outer space» background. In fact, these are photographs of outer space transferred to fabric. Such prints are relevant precisely for their realism — they look unusual and stylish.

Space print in clothes

Among all the clothes with a space print, leggings and leggings have been especially popular lately — this color looks very good on this type of clothing. Now, many designers have begun to pay attention to this print and use it in their collections — in particular, Christopher Kane released a collection of clothes with space colors back in 2010, which started the popularity of this print. After that, the idea of ​​a galaxy-print on clothes was “picked up” by other designers, in particular, Setare Motarez, who embodied rather unusual and stylish ideas in her collection.

Space print 2013 release can be found:

  • on leggings and leggings;
  • on trousers;
  • on skirts and dresses;
  • on tops and sweaters;
  • on blouses and shirts;
  • on accessories — bags, earrings, bracelets, hair hoops, etc.;
  • on shoes.

Space-style manicures and makeup have also become popular.

How to wear space print clothes?

Cosmic coloring on any clothes looks, of course, stylish and bright. If you have chosen a space print, clothes should be chosen carefully, despite the fact that almost any item of clothing can be found with this color scheme. Due to its brightness, it is self-sufficient in itself, so you should be careful with bright eye-catching jewelry — it is better to choose something more modest: pendants on thin chains, stylish medium-sized pendants and earrings. In an ensemble, it is better to use no more than one thing with a space print, or two if these are medium-sized accessories, bags or jewelry, or shoes. Space print in clothes also requires a color combination with the rest of the details of the image, including makeup and hair.


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