Spikelet hairstyle - what does it look like and who suits it?

One of the leading positions among stylish styling is occupied by a spikelet hairstyle. Such popularity is due to the original version of weaving. It looks great on both straight and curly strands. If you want to make the image solemn, then you should add hairpins with pearls, ribbons and hairpins with flowers.

What does a spikelet hairstyle look like?

Stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas a variety of types of spikelets, while hairstyles look incredibly stylish:

  • oblique spikelet — this is an option when the braid captures the entire head and is located diagonally;
  • there is a braid similar to a fish tail;
  • spikelet hairstyle can be made in a double version or created using reverse weaving;
  • styling can be made smooth and strict, or vice versa, lush and with a deliberate effect of slight negligence.

what does a spike hairstyle look liketypes of spikelets hairstylesbeautiful braided hairstyle

Spikelet hairstyles for long hair

Spikelet hairstyles for long hair look extremely elegant and feminine:

  1. On elongated strands, all kinds of weaving are allowed. The braid can be created in a single, double and even triple version, wrapped around the head in several tiers, combined in a voluminous bundle or a magnificent tail.
  2. The spikelet hairstyle has different styling patterns, depending on the occasion in which it is created. If you have to go to the office, then the braid should be securely tightened, if on a date, then you can ruffle it a little.
  3. Different fixing devices will make it possible for the braid to last longer.

hairstyles spikelets for long hairbraided hairstyles for long hairspikelet hairstyles

Spikelet hairstyles for medium hair

Hairstyles from spikelets on medium hair can look beautiful and sophisticated:

  1. For owners of medium-length strands, such styling is especially convenient, as it will quickly help to gather hair together.
  2. Weaving can be done in a single or double version, it can also be a three spikelet hairstyle.
  3. The average hair length provides an opportunity to perform almost all the options that are offered for elongated strands. Some of them can be left loose, or simply release two side strands on the sides and curl them into curls.

braid hairstyles for medium hair

Spikelet hairstyles for short hair

Owners of shortened strands will also be able to make hairstyles based on the spikelet:

  1. To begin with, all the curls are combed, then it is worth deciding on the place where the braid will start from, it can be the side or the back.
  2. First, the middle of the hair is separated with a comb and divided into three identical strands.
  3. After that, a strand is taken from the left side and woven into the thin part of the braid. The same must be done with the right side, which remains.
  4. The spikelet hairstyle is braided and fixed. After the hair is lightly sprayed with varnish.

spike hairstyles for short hair

Hairstyles from spikelets

Stylists present a variety of beautiful spikelet hairstyles, which are performed both in an extremely simple version and contain complex intricate weaves:

  1. One option is a ponytail, which is then braided into a spikelet.
  2. You can weave a braid all over the head, starting from the forehead.
  3. In order for the spikelet hairstyle to come out smooth, you need to pull the strands when they are thrown.
  4. You can try to create an inverted braid, in which case the strands will not be visible above the braid, but under it.

spikelet hairstylesbeautiful hairstyles spikeletssimple braided hairstyles

Hairstyle two spikelets

Among young fashionistas, a popular and sought-after option is a 2 spikelet hairstyle. Braids braided on the sides look very impressive and are able to emphasize the beauty of the face:

  1. In order to create such a styling, you need to carefully comb your hair and moisten it a little using foam or gel, in this case the hairstyle will last a long time. After a parting is made, and you need to start weaving one spikelet. The right side is divided into three small equal strands. One is superimposed on the other and this is how weaving occurs, although in the process one must not forget to weave hair from the sides of the head into the spikelet. When the braid is finished, it is fixed with an elastic band or hairpin. The second braid is created by analogy with the first. To keep the spikelets longer, they need to be sprinkled with varnish.
  2. The second option is to do the styling inside out, the process is easy, but painstaking. First, the hair is separated along the parting line. On the right side, one strand is fixed. After it is taken and divided into three strands. After you need to start weaving braids in French (vice versa). The first spikelet is fixed with silicone rubber, after which the spikelet is woven on the right side, by analogy with the previous option. To give some volume, you need to slightly stretch the strands.
  3. The Greek braid will look extremely beautiful. To begin with, the hair is carefully combed and divided into two parts on both sides of the parting. A spikelet is woven on each side, but it is not tightened tightly, then strands from the side parts are added to the braids. On the one hand, the spikelet should be as close to the face as possible. At the end of the process, the ends of the braids are fixed with small elastic bands, in this way a crown is created.

hairstyle two spikelets

Hairstyles with spikelets and loose hair

For lovers of feminine bows, a beautiful spikelet hairstyle, combined with loose hair, is ideal:

  1. The simplest weaving will be a pigtail-rim. A horizontal parting is made from temple to temple. This part must be stabbed with a hairpin or lightly gathered with an elastic band. After that, one strand is pulled out at the temple closer to the back of the head and tied at the end with an elastic band. The braid is created on one side and wound up under loose hair.
  2. Another beautiful option is the French braid headband. First you need to separate the hair for the braid and those that will be loose. The main part must be secured with an elastic band. After that, you need to take a strand from either ear and weave in the opposite direction, while not forgetting to pick up new strands. At the end of weaving, the braid is tied with an elastic band. After you need to hide the tip and fix the hairstyle with varnish.
  3. An incredibly feminine hairstyle is a waterfall. First you need to make a straight parting and take one strand of hair at the temple. After you need to divide it into three strands. First, there is the usual weaving, the middle strand is thrown on the top, and then on the bottom. After each new knot, replace the top strand with a curl from the main parts. Weaving ends at the opposite temple, the ends of the hair are fixed with an invisibility.
  4. Another hairstyle has become in great demand, this is a daring option with a shaved temple. First you need to make a parting on the side, then separate the strand for the pigtail from the smaller side. After that, a thin pigtail is created and weaved to the very neck. At the end, the tip of the weave is fixed with invisibility, and the remaining hair is twisted. There may be several pigtails. They may end closer to the back of the head.
  5. Loose hair can be complemented with multi-layer weaving, it will look dignified and original.

hairstyles with spikelets and loose hair

Hairstyle reverse spikelet

An extraordinary style will help create a spikelet hairstyle, varieties of which are performed in the reverse version:

  1. Weaving is performed on dry hair, if it is naughty, you need to treat it with a styling agent.
  2. To begin with, a strand is separated from the parting, after which it is divided into three parts.
  3. One strand is laid under the other, while you need to pick up, this is done with your finger or the end of the comb.
  4. In addition, strands are captured on the sides of the braid and are also woven into the overall pattern. In this option, the strands will not overlap each other, but will be skipped one under one, it will seem difficult, but the result will be amazing.
  5. Hairstyle reverse spikelet can be done obliquely, while changing direction. To get a neat version, you need to carefully tighten the strands, starting from the middle.

reverse braid hairstyle

Spikelet hairstyle with a bun

As an office or everyday option, a beautiful spikelet hairstyle combined with a bun is perfect:

  1. First, a parting is made, while you need to carefully comb the curls. After a braid begins to weave from one ear, when it reaches the middle of the head, you need to move the weaving to the back of the head.
  2. As soon as the braid approaches the middle of the parting, it is fixed with an elastic band.
  3. After the braid is fixed with the main strands, and you need to proceed to the beam.
  4. The rest of the hair is braided into a high ponytail, and then the elastic is removed from the braid.
  5. We proceed to the formation of the beam, for this we take a hairpin with a slot. The hair is placed in the middle, and the hairpin gently moves towards the ends. The edges of the hairpin should be bent in the form of a beam.

spikelet hairstyle with a bunbeautiful braided hairstyletypes of spikelets hairstyles

Hairstyle lush spikelet

One of the options that light spikelet hairstyles are presented with will be to make them in a magnificent form:

  1. First you need to take three even strands on the forehead. After the third strand is placed under the second, and the first under the third. Then such a scheme is repeated again, the third strand is placed under the second and a small part of the hair from the main mass is added and added.
  2. Next, the first strand is placed under the third, and another thin strand is added. Weaving occurs to the desired length.
  3. The end of the weave is secured with an elastic band or a bright ribbon.
  4. To make the braid voluminous, you need to hold the place where the weaving ends with one hand, and with the other, pull the strands on both sides, starting from the bottom.

fluffy spikelet hairstyleeasy braided hairstylesbeautiful hairstyles spikelets

Spikelet hairstyle in a circle

The spikelet hairstyle around the head will look extremely impressive. The technology of weaving when creating it uses the same as in the traditional version, but the arrangement of the strands changes. They must be fixed one by one in such a way that they braid the head like a wreath. At the same time, they can form both one layer and several.

braid hairstyle in a circlebraid hairstyle around the head

Spikelet hairstyle with rubber bands

Spikelet hairstyles for medium or elongated strands, which are created with the help of elastic bands, will help to create a truly unique image:

  • to get such an unusual styling, the strands begin to weave in the usual way. However, at certain stages they are intercepted by thin rubber bands;
  • such simple spikelet hairstyles look incredibly impressive. To make them even brighter and more beautiful, you can take elastic bands in rich catchy shades;
  • the braid can be given additional volume, for which each section of the braided strands must be slightly stretched to the sides.

braid hairstyle with elastic bands

Ponytail hairstyle

The original combination is a spikelet and tail hairstyle:

  • in the upper part of the head, you can start weaving in the form of a spikelet, and then collect the lower part of the hair in a puffy tail;
  • another way would be to make small ponytails at the top of the head, then collect them together and weave them into a voluminous spikelet.

ponytail hairstyle

Evening spikelet hairstyle

Spectacular styling can serve as a harmonious addition to the evening look:

  • to create it, you can use all sorts of options, it can be a double, circular, reverse spikelet, a variant acting in combination with a tail or a bunch;
  • for an evening bow, weaving is ideal, which is given volume. This can be achieved by stretching the strands to the sides or by processing them with a corrugated curling iron. After that, wavy strands are woven into a free braid;
  • a hairstyle with two spikelets on the sides, decorated with woven threads consisting of rhinestones or beads, can also be used.

evening hairstyle spikeletwhat does a spike hairstyle look like

Spikelet hairstyle for a wedding

To complement the festive image of the bride, a spikelet hairstyle on the sides or a braid, made in a single version, is perfect. To create a solemn styling, any kind of weaving and decoration is suitable. The peculiarity lies in the fact that all kinds of decorative elements are taken for decoration, such as shiny stones, rhinestones, pearl threads and beads, flowers and even feathers.

hairstyle spikelet for weddingspikelet hairstyles


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