Spring 2022 Manicure Trends - 76 Photos with the Best Fresh Nail Designs

Spring 2022 manicure trends are striking in their diversity. Nail art this year consists of a mix of all kinds of newfangled techniques combined with retro. Along with avant-garde patterns, stamping, stickers, foil and rhinestones, options without decor in the spirit of stylish minimalism got into the hits. Lunar design and negative space are gaining momentum.

Spring Manicure Ideas 2022

What spring manicure ideas have become hits and trends?

  1. Long nails are still in fashion, silver and gold jewelry now adorn not only fingers, but also nails. With the invention of thin three-dimensional lines and nail products that look like rings, we can create decor of any shape.
  2. Short nails win hearts and confidently lead the world podium. Metallic, monochrome, monochromatic coating, a combination of moon and French jacket, thin lines, dots, rhinestone inclusions.

spring manicure ideas 2022

  1. Stylish manicure trends in spring 2022 are original small drawings on a plain surface using floral and animal themes and prints. Silhouette, geometric and abstract designs are popular. Such types of decor as foil, neon gel paints, airbrush and magnetic coatings are in demand.
  2. An oval, almond shape is in front, however, a ballerina and a non-sharp square also do not give up their positions, as do sharp nails. And both plain and with chic patterns and decorations.

spring manicure ideas

Spring manicure for long nails

Although volume, rings, massive 3D decorations on long nails are in fashion, a concise, beautiful spring manicure in pastel colors with delicate flowers, lavender branches, and tropical plants has become a trend. Real fashionistas prefer a combination of a non-trivial jacket and negative space, with stickers, inscriptions, letters, various figures, hearts and floral ornaments. Attractive design in coffee, blue, sky, light pink and lilac shades.

spring manicure for long nails

Manicure trends for spring 2022 for long nails are sharp shapes or almonds with amazing ideas. Leading masters of nail art with great pleasure will offer you multi-colored marigolds decorated with feathers, fern leaves, inscriptions. Also at the peak of popularity is the design with potal and foil in soothing colors. Blue, purple, green color looks not only appropriate in spring, but also very stylish. For the holiday period, lovers of everything bright can safely choose neon shades for themselves, which are great for long nails.

beautiful spring manicure

Spring manicure for short square nails

Minimalism dominates the global catwalk, so short nails are back in fashion. Style legislators offer us:

  • spring manicure for square nails of short length in the French style, but not a traditional jacket, but an exquisite multi-colored envelope with a highlight of the moon, a laconic pattern is allowed;
  • design in milky and milky white tones with a delicate plot pattern and rhinestone splashes;

spring manicure for short square nails

  • manicure trends in spring 2022 — stylish graphics and geometry in the office version, both plain and multi-colored, combining several tones in one set;
  • chic geometry that combines negative space, white and black, silver or golden inserts, lines, stripes, figures, rhinestone inclusions along the nail plate or the main lines of the pattern.

spring manicure on square nails

Spring manicure for oval nails

An oval spring manicure in a pastel palette and pale pink, cream and milky pearl shades, with the addition of a concise and elegant pattern, will be a stunning choice. To create a stylish and spectacular design, leading craftsmen allowed to combine light and dark colors in one solution. Excellent — black and white and red and white, white and blue and lilac and white combination, with an interesting pattern. You can draw insects, plants, flowers, geometry and graphics, decorate with rhinestones.

spring manicure for oval nails

The novelties include a gentle spring manicure 2022 with an original abstract ornament on one finger, consisting of elements of stylish geometry combined with glitter on oval nails, which are also back in fashion. Marble design will be in demand in a light or dark rich tone with silver or golden veins, you can make a white base and black veins, for those who love a dark color.

oval spring manicure

Spring manicure for sharp nails

An excellent solution for fashionistas who prefer sharp nails is a trendy spring manicure in a pastel palette with gradient tints. The shape of the seasonal trend — sharp nails can be varied. So, “pointe shoes” remained in fashion and a sharp oval returned, which looks great on long nails, but not stilettos. To make your fingers look perfect, stylists advise you to pay attention to:

  • on blurry shiny drops, stretching with shine;
  • small flowers and confetti;

spring manicure for sharp nails

  • marble and graphics;
  • canonical french manicure.

trendy spring manicure

Spring manicure on an almond shape

A real seasonal hit is the 2022 spring almond manicure on long and short nails, which allows you to make very interesting compositional solutions with an abundance of decorations and elements of various patterns in one design. So, you can easily combine three colors in one set with a brilliant accent on one or two nails. Combine confetti, floral pattern, tropics or green twigs with leaves. The base can be made both light and dark, here the choice already depends on personal preferences.

spring manicure on almond shape

An almond-shaped manicure on long nails will turn out wonderful if it is done in all shades of pink, red, blue and green. Successfully diluted with floristry, small and large all kinds of flowers, the trend is daisies and lilies. Do not forget that stickers are on the rise, especially in combination with inscriptions. French in tandem with graphics and stylish geometry on almonds is an amazing find for all occasions.

spring manicure almond 2022

Spring manicure minimalism

The spring manicure design in the style of hit minimalism in the new spring-summer 2022 season becomes not only gentle, nude or pastel, but can be done in bright colors and plays with brilliance. For example, in yellow, red, green, blue and even black. it is an excellent choice for every day and for creating business images. If you adhere to this style in everything, even in evening and holiday fashion, then style trendsetters can offer very interesting concise, but stylish nail art ideas.

spring manicure minimalism

Along with a simple plain coating in soft, pastel or bright colors, original designs with patterns are in fashion. It can be an ethnic and floral ornament in the style of Japanese painting, a geometric pattern diluted with glitter or rhinestones, a two-color manicure with a laconic pattern in the form of lines and dots. Also, the retro design comes to the fore without any additional decor.

spring manicure design

Office spring manicure

Office manicure is particularly restrained and democratic, it is interesting and irresistible. What spring manicure options do nail art masters offer this year? A classic solid color design that combines two trendy styles, minimalism and retro. Hit — novelties with penetrating notes of naturalness and naturalness in color scheme and design, which ideally fit into the business atmosphere of office life.

office spring manicure

In the foreground is a spring monochrome retro manicure, as well as drawings with graphics and geometry. This year, trendsetters in office manicure have moved away from floristry and vegetation, they suggest using ethno ornaments, consisting of lines and shapes. Gossamer patterns, marble and abstract pattern. From the decor — potal and foil, rhinestones and glitter, but in a laconic design. A combination of French, negative space with full coverage is allowed.

spring manicure options

Spring matte manicure

Matte again wins hearts, and a calm spring manicure with a matte finish has become the leader of the season. Solid and multi-colored, bright and delicate, depending on the chosen design, it will be a great addition to various looks. What’s in fashion? Modern and stylish solutions that will easily decorate your hands in any situation. An excellent solution would also be an option with an openwork pattern, or with plot drawings, inscriptions in a nude or pastel palette. Nail art with the highlight of the moon, delicate flowers in the spirit of Japanese painting enjoys well-deserved popularity.

spring matte manicurecalm spring manicure

Gentle spring manicure

Delicate elegant spring manicure design is a lot of original solutions, both hand-painted and screen-painted. The trends of the new season include a monochromatic design that will perfectly complement any bow you create, including evening and business ones. Laconic small flowers and abstraction, plot compositions and delicate curlicues will be an excellent addition and dilution of monotony. From the decor in a delicate design, leading craftsmen use foil, potal, «gold» and «silver», rhinestones and small figures.

gentle spring manicure

Lovers of plant motifs on their hands will be pleased with the gentle spring manicure 2022 with small and large flowers, made either with the help of modeling, when the emphasis is on one finger. Interesting in the style of Japanese painting. Additional decorations can be large or small stones, drops, a gradient and a two-color combination in one design. Do you want to make a delicate design with a floral ornament? Experienced craftsmen can offer you beautiful hand painting on one or two nails, but no more.

gentle elegant spring manicure design

Bright spring manicure 2022

Bright spring manicure is a seasonal leader for those who are used to being in the spotlight. A wonderful choice for all occasions, because the trends of the upcoming summer season included not only monochromatic options, as a tribute to the hit retro, but also a chic manicure with diverse patterns, from floral and floral patterns to ethnic motifs. Foil and gold leaf in rich tones, a mixture of red, yellow, silver and gold, full multicolor combined with abstraction — all this can decorate your fingers in spring and summer 2022.

bright spring manicure 2022bright spring manicure

Spring manicure french 2022

French manicure lovers can make not only a classic white spring French manicure, but also a design in which a non-trivial and traditional smile is made with multi-colored varnishes. A yellow-orange idea will look chic. A wonderful solution even for a business style is a manicure in burgundy-golden, blue, pink or silver tones, where a smile is traced in “gold” or “silver”. This stylish design is quite suitable not only for every day, but also as an addition to festive and elegant looks.

spring manicure french 2022spring manicure french

Spring colors for manicure 2022

Along with the traditional classic red tone, interesting spring colors for manicure in 2022, aged in glitter, gold and silver, have come into fashion. Mustard and yellow, purple and lilac, orange and lemon, green and lime, salmon and pink, brown and coffee, blue and blue tone have become trends. Black and white did not give up their positions, although in spring, as in summer, a riot of colors is welcome. A magnificent ombre will also delight its adherents.

spring colors for manicure 2022spring colors for manicure

Blue spring manicure

Manicure in spring tones of blue can evoke different emotions, but among them there will definitely not be aggression and irritation: after all, blue is the color of a clear sky and a clear river, the color of calm and harmony. Marble, potal, negative space, a quail egg, rhinestone inclusions will successfully dilute the color of the sky blue, add liveliness and interesting updates to it.

blue spring manicuremanicure in spring colors

Red spring manicure

What could be more chic than a beautiful manicure? Only a bright red spring manicure, designed in the best traditions of retro classics. Monochromatic and magnificent, self-sufficient and catchy. However, if you dilute it with modern drawings and decorations, it will sparkle with new colors and attract increased attention to your fingers. Great design ideas in red are red and white and blue and red combinations, all sorts of trendy graphic and geometric patterns, stripes and lines, diluted with glitter and rhinestones.

red spring manicurebright red spring manicure

Spring green manicure

A chic spring manicure in green tones can be safely called a hit of the spring-summer 2022 season. Juicy shades of green beat all records and not only in nail art. Creating a total look, true fashionistas will also focus on the fingers, adding a little abstraction to the greenery, sprigs of tropical plants, openwork patterns and predatory prints. The most popular colors of the season are neon green, shades of mint, olives and young greens. A green jacket and a micro jacket will please lovers of minimalism, and a quail egg is well suited for modern modernity.

spring green manicurechic spring manicure

Yellow spring manicure

Another trend of the spring-summer 2022 season is a bright, joyful and fashionable yellow spring manicure. Pale yellow tone fits perfectly into spring looks, and neon glitter will add originality, extravagance and flashiness. The color of the sun will pleasantly refresh your fingers, both in a monophonic design and with a variety of patterns and decorations. Marble veins, openwork and geometric patterns made with the help of cobwebs, dots, inscriptions, letters and diverse stickers are welcome.

yellow spring manicureyellow spring manicure

Spring pink manicure

A modern spring delicate manicure in pink tones is a stylish choice that suits all occasions, suits many looks of urban chic and street style, both casual and dressy. Not only monotony will be in fashion, but also design with different decor. On any form of the nail plate, the pink design gracefully decorated with shiny elements looks amazing. It can be kamifubiki or sparkles sprinkled on one or two nails, sand and powder, or shiny varnishes that are not applied to the entire nail plate, but from above or below.

spring pink manicure

To make the pink manicure look stylish and modern, the leading masters of nail art use:

  • Japanese painting, both single drawings and plot compositions;
  • dot rhinestone accents;
  • quail egg pattern;
  • silver and gold lines;
  • marble veins.

modern spring gentle manicure

Lilac spring manicure

The perfect spring manicure is designed in a lilac spectrum, reminiscent of lavender. Lilac is an intermediate color between blue and purple. You can get it by mixing red and blue. The most popular shades of lilac manicure are amethyst, indigo, lavender, lilac and purple. Beautiful design — monochromatic, but with a variety of shades of dominant tone. Interesting patterns in point accents, rhinestones and diverse decorations are allowed.

lilac spring manicureperfect spring manicure


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