Spring manicure on the almond shape - beautiful and stylish nail design ideas

If you want to impress yourself and everyone with the beauty of your fingers, then choose an exquisite spring manicure for the almond-shaped nail plate, because it has become a trend for a long time. After all, an oval or almond not only visually lengthen the fingers, but also look chic with any pattern, both on long and short nails.

Ideas for spring manicure on an almond shape

What spring manicure for almond nails is at the peak of popularity of the coming season?

  1. This spring, there is a trend towards minimalism, although drawings, stickers, inscriptions remain in fashion, stamping is gaining momentum, negative space becomes elegant, and the selection of the moon takes on the most inconceivable shapes from oval to zigzag and broken.
  2. Floral and floral ornament comes to the fore, ethno drawing and watercolor hand painting are not far behind, although stamping prints are in the lead among the drawings.

spring almond manicure ideas

  1. Stylists recommend that fashionistas and those who constantly monitor the latest in nail art pay attention to exquisite and stylish graphics and geometry, abstraction and plot compositions. An excellent choice would be mixed plots, where lines and figures with inscriptions are woven together in one multi-colored design.
  2. Leading masters offer a spring monochromatic manicure on an almond shape, both in bright colors and in delicate pastels.

spring manicure for almond nails

Spring manicure for short almond nails

Spring manicure almonds on a short nail platinum is ideal for those women who have chubby fingers, but due to circumstances they cannot afford to visually lengthen them due to long nails. On trend:

  • hit retro monotony, both in bright colors and in muted tones with fresh shades, in blue, blue, pink, purple, red, white, green and even graphite;
  • minimalist patterns and drawings with large and small flowers, plant branches, stylized birds and insects;

spring manicure for short almond nails

  • spring manicure for a short almond shape with a three-dimensional ornament, the image of shells and other marine-themed patterns, geometric and graphic patterns, abstract ornament, lace and knitting;
  • a combination of full and incomplete coverage, where on one or more fingers only a small piece of the nail stands out with varnish in combination with stamping.

spring manicure almond

Spring manicure for long nails almond shape

Spring manicure for long almonds is ideal in everything, because this design not only visually slims the fingers, but also smoothes the corners, gives softness and smoothness to outlines and contours. Emphasizes femininity and elegance, while modern and fashionable ideas add a touch of romanticism and freshness to the overall selected image. If you want tenderness — go for a white and pink version with flowers, when it is decided to focus on extravagance — you can choose a solution with a cobweb and many thin lines and stripes, adding stylish graphics and single shiny accents.

spring manicure for long nails almond shape

An excellent choice for many occasions, both for everyday life and for a holiday, will be a spring manicure on an almond shape in pastel pink and white, blue and blue, white and blue, green and light green, lilac and white and blue tones with a rub on one finger and stylized laconic floral pattern with tulips, lavender, orchid, chamomile and even a rose. Small rhinestones located along the contours of the pattern or in the center of the flower, as well as marble patterns with dark veins, will add sophistication and elegance.

spring manicure for long almonds

Manicure sharp almonds

This season, the sharp form of the nail plate has not gone out of fashion, so spring manicure for almond nails is at the epicenter of attention of true fashionistas and those who like these solutions. What is fashionable?

  1. For women who prefer light colors, leading nail artists are ready to offer a design in white shades with openwork inserts, negative space and lace within triangular lines, with rhinestones that successfully highlight the moon.

spicy almond manicure

  1. The idea with a blurry pattern and subtle floral ornaments, twigs with small leaves and a combination of two pastel colors will also look chic and festive.
  2. For those who prefer brilliance and saturation, the black version is available in combination with gold and silver foil, glitter and glitter — ideal for special occasions.
  3. Minimalism and nude are confidently striding on the world catwalk, so a laconic matte version with stylized floral and plant patterns is an undeniable hit of the season.

spring manicure for almond nails

Spring almond manicure gentle elegant design

Lovers of elegance can rejoice in everything, because a gentle spring manicure on an almond shape blew up all fashion parades with its presence. Your attention is presented to the novelties in a light pink, beige and cream palette with stylized patterns, small flowers, twigs, leaves, birds and insects. Do not forget that stamping is gaining momentum and becoming a leader among patterns, especially fern and dandelion.

spring almond manicure gentle elegant design

An incomparable choice, full of charm and charm, will be a spring manicure on an almond shape with thin diverse lines and graphic images, both shapes and colors, umbrellas, dots and blur, watercolor and aquarium design with glitter and sand are still in high demand. Rubbing, both pearl and mother-of-pearl, as well as mirror, knitting and volumetric ornaments, has not lost its positions.

gentle spring manicure on an almond shape

Bright spring manicure on an almond shape

Spring manicure on an almond shape in bright colors of the rainbow spectrum is what every woman needs so much to feel like a true beauty. After all, spring is gaining momentum, and its bright colors are rapidly entering our everyday life to replace winter calm, restrained variations. Retro dominates the global catwalk, so monotony in red, green, blue, yellow, orange and purple tones will be a stylish choice, but it is better to dilute the black tone with gold or silver or combine it with white tones.

bright spring manicure on almond shape

A bright spring almond manicure with diverse patterns also attracts attention, in which not only two or even three primary colors can be combined, but also different execution techniques, as well as patterns, inscriptions, stickers, stamping and hand-painted can be woven together in one design. harmoniously complementing each other. Images of faces of people and animals, graphics with words and phrases, interweaving of geometry and abstraction, monograms, curls and lace with rhinestones will give your nails sophistication and a certain stylistic completeness.

spring manicure on almond shape bright colors

Spring manicure on an almond French shape

Spring manicure french on almonds is a celebration of not only classics, but also modernity in the most innovative form. After all, modern French and lunar design has undergone a lot of changes, both in form and in essence, and along with the traditional and eternal French and Hollywood manicure with a familiar oval smile, modified images of it have come into fashion. Envelope, triangle, vertical separation of the nail zone under the jacket, abstraction and clearly defined geometry — all this is in the trend of the coming season.

spring manicure on the almond shape french

A beautiful spring almond manicure on this form of the nail plate will be great if, along with traditions, you add variety to it in the form of a full cover of one or more nails. Dilution with all kinds of drawings and patterns, ethnic ornaments, especially Greek and Indian, runes and oriental monograms and curlicues. Airbrushing, negative space, graphics, stylization, stickers and inscriptions, dots and drops, foil and glitter with rhinestones will successfully complete any chosen option.

spring manicure french almond

Spring nude manicure on almonds

Minimalism continues its dominance on the world podium along with retro, so the spring nude manicure on the almond shape in the coming season has become one of the leaders of nail art. Not only solid beige and cream, powder and pink pastel are welcome, but also a design with chic additional decor, rhinestone inclusions, voluminous droplets, poured stones, foil, thin metal stripes and figures, laconic stylish graphic and geometric patterns.

spring nude manicure on almonds

A nude spring manicure for an almond shape will be great with negative space that stands out with thin vertical, horizontal and zigzag lines, with a moon and a jacket in beige, cream, puddle and pink tones. Silver and golden straight and oblique lines, shiny inserts, glitter and sand accents, or pearl or mother-of-pearl rubbing on one or two fingers will add sophistication.

spring nude manicure on almond shape

Spring manicure on an almond shape with rhinestones

Gorgeous? It’s incomparable, because the almond manicure with rhinestones immediately catches the eye, whether it’s a modest monochromatic classic or multi-colored modern. Even the eternal jacket is a celebration of elegance, plays with different colors and in a new way, if you add single small or large shiny pebbles to it, beautifully lay out a rhinestone ornament, add oriental splendor by creating a pattern of diverse rhinestones. With a French and lunar design, you can decorate one or two fingers with rhinestones, or you can lay out a smile with stones, an oval, a symmetrical and asymmetric pattern.

spring manicure on an almond shape with rhinestones

Given that retro, minimalism dominates the world catwalk and there is a trend towards updated neoclassicism, laconic solutions with geometric patterns lined with rhinestones will be an excellent choice. When you want to add catchiness and brightness, feel free to decide on oriental luxury, when rhinestone blotches are scattered in a chaotic manner throughout the nail plate and create the effect of shimmer and shine, and you can lay out flowers, plants, insects, animals, people’s faces, abstraction .

almond manicure with rhinestones

Matte spring manicure on almond nails

Matte varnishes have come into fashion for a long time and have chosen their fans, so matte almond manicure has not lost its relevance this season. The nail art industry offers many new products, both in terms of color and quality. For the almond-shaped nail plate this spring, beige, burgundy, gray, cream, powder, red, brown, green and black tones will be trendy, you can use a blue and orange palette and neon shades.

matte spring manicure on almond nails

Stylized drawings of birds, animals, flowers and plants, negative space in the form of bird feathers and peacock tails, ferns and geometric lines look great on a matte surface. To enhance the effect of external attractiveness, decor lovers can safely add rhinestones, foil, stamping, stickers and inscriptions, combine several color and technical solutions in one manicure.

matte manicure almond

Glitter almond manicure

Delicate spring manicure almonds will look even more attractive if you add shine to it. In fashion:

  • interesting drawings with flowing drops, hearts, ice cream, adding spring mood;
  • brilliant accents made with glitter, sand, powder, glitter varnishes;

glitter almond manicure

  • geometric, abstract and plot drawings in which glitter is added;
  • Nude and white foil nails with gold and silver sparkling streaks.

gentle spring manicure almonds

Pastel almond manicure

Today, on the world podium, gentle almond manicure in pastel colors occupies a leading position, because in the spring you want not only brightness, but also softness, sophistication and a certain sophistication that is characteristic of modern nail art. The trend is blue, yellow, pink and milky pastels, diluted with all sorts of laconic patterns. The image of blooming lavender, sakura, daisies and orchids attracts the eye, dots and stylization.

pastel almond manicuregentle manicure almonds in pastel colors

Manicure almonds with flowers

From the covers of fashion magazines, mega stars and models look at us, whose spring almond manicure with flowers is an unstoppable flight of fantasy, a realm of tenderness and beauty, limited only by the skills and abilities of the master. In the trend, both hand-painted and stamping prints. Volumetric flowers and laconic modeling, small and large buds and open flowers, lavender, orchid, sakura, apple flowers, lilacs, lilies of the valley, dandelions and chamomiles are skillfully complemented by thin lines, highlighting the moon, made on a jacket, diluted with rhinestones.

almond manicure with flowersspring manicure almonds with flowers

Spring manicure with tulips

One of the first spring flowers is tulips, and a spring manicure on an almond shape with flowers, both opened tulips and buds, attracts the eye, renews our fingers, gives them seasonal freshness and softness inherent in spring. Creates an appropriate joyful mood, especially when accented on one or two fingers. The priority is not only stamping, but also painting, both large and laconic flowers on any tone you like.

spring manicure with tulipsspring manicure on almond shape with flowers

spring gradient on nails

In the coming season, spring manicure for almond nails with soft and sharp gradient transitions has also remained in demand, and every fashionista can choose a solution to her liking. After all, smooth gradients in pink-lilac and white-pink tones, cream and powder, beige and gray shades will be in fashion. For those who prefer brightness, the leading masters of nail art suggest using dark and rich combinations in purple, red, coral and brown tones. Special chic — black and white transitions.

spring gradient nailsspring manicure for almond nails

Spring nail design with sprinkles

Add some sparkle to your life and make a spring manicure on an almond shape with a design of sand, glitter and powder. Shiny particles can be applied to one or more fingers, or make all nails equally sparkling. From the proposed variety, a stretch of gloss in the form of a nail in the form of thin lines and droplets will successfully stand out, and rhinestones and rubbing, cat’s eye varnish and drawings are included in the additional decor.

spring nail design with sprinklesspring manicure on almond shape with design

Spring watercolor on nails

This season, spring drawings on nails tend to be concise and minimalist, delicate diverse patterns are in fashion, not only floristry and vegetation, but also abstraction, and stylish graphics with geometry. Lace and openwork curls will also be welcome, especially when several primary colors are combined in one design, for example, white, green and pink varnishes.

spring watercolor on nailsspring nail designs

Spring nail design with stickers

Spring manicure on the shape of almonds with stickers, like watercolor, will be gentle and soft, you can use a variety of stickers, from images of birds and animals, to people’s faces and inscriptions. Interesting — mixed plot stickers with buildings and flowers, small and large flowers, plants, twigs, geometric figures and whole compositions with stars, moon, sun on a natural theme.

spring nail design with stickersspring manicure on the shape of almonds

Spring nail design mimosa

Yellow spring nails, like the first flowers, like everything else this season, amaze with their exquisite elegance and pastel notes. Along with brightness, tenderness is in trend, and this leads to the fact that drawings with a sprig of mimosa come to the fore, and on any design, both on a jacket and on a full cover, and not only in yellow, but also in combination with compilation tones.

mimosa spring nail designyellow spring nails


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