Spring nail design - a selection of the best ideas for all occasions

With the onset of warm days, bright colors and an increased emphasis on romance in the image become a trend. Spring nail design is fully consistent with these trends. It can be so diverse that sometimes you can get lost. In this case, nail art masters offer to combine several trendy trends.

Beautiful spring nail design

Stylists offer girls a fashionable spring nail design, presented in a variety of design variations:

  1. This season is characterized by the use of catchy, saturated colors, which also affects manicure. In the trend colors such as orange, yellow, raspberry, light green, aquamarine.
  2. Pastel colors are also in trend, they make the image incredibly delicate and sophisticated. Such nail art can be made plain without using any decorations, or diversified with the help of certain decorative elements, such as sparkles and rhinestones.
  3. All sorts of attention-grabbing effects are popular, which are achieved using different techniques: a cat’s eye, broken glass, the use of rubbing.

beautiful spring nail designtrendy spring nail designvery beautiful spring nail design

Spring design for short nails

Owners of shortened nail plates will be able to choose a light spring nail design:

  1. At such a length, a monochromatic coating will be a win-win option, which can be either light pastel or dark or bright. In the last two cases, nail polish is recommended to be applied with extreme care and thoroughness so that the nails look neat.
  2. The spring design of short nails can be made using all kinds of decorative elements, but they need to be used in a single copy or cover only one nail on the hand with them so as not to overload the image.

spring design for short nailseasy spring nail designspring manicure nail design

Spring design of long nails

A spring design manicure for long nails can truly look luxurious:

  1. On elongated nail plates, due to their considerable length, almost all current trends in nail art can be embodied. An attention-grabbing effect can be achieved by using mirror rubbing, applying broken glass, or other techniques.
  2. You can use decoration with large stones, both transparent and multi-colored. Around them there may be a scattering of small pebbles.
  3. Spring nail design can be done using complex color transitions, when the gradient is made not only in a two-color version, but also with the help of several shades that smoothly turn into one another over the entire surface of the nail plate.

spring long nail designplain spring nail designmanicure spring design for long nails

Sharp spring nails design

Pointed nail plates are one of the fashion trends of this season. They can be applied in a variety of designs:

  1. A plain spring nail design will be a win-win solution. If a pastel shade is taken, then it is able to soften a somewhat aggressive form, and if a rich and bright color scheme is selected, then on the contrary, it will emphasize the sexuality of the owner of such nail plates.
  2. The shape can also be emphasized using certain techniques, for example, to make a jacket, highlighting the tip of the nail plate in black or bright color.

sharp spring nails design

Spring Nail Design Ideas

Masters offer spring manicure nail design, represented by a variety of stylistic ideas:

  • nail plates can be made as bright as possible, giving their owner a mood corresponding to this season;
  • you can emphasize the fragility of a girl if you make a gentle manicure made in pastel colors;
  • a classic that is not influenced by fashion is a jacket made in a variety of variations;
  • you can revive nail art by using sparkles of different sizes;
  • the warm season is characterized by the image of certain drawings of the relevant subject, such as flowers or butterflies;
  • does not lose its position on the fashionable Olympus geometry, which passes from season to season;
  • complex color transitions can be done using a gradient;
  • abstraction will become an extremely original and at the same time simple solution.

spring nail design ideasspring manicure nail design

Bright spring nail design

The real trend of this season will be the spring design of almond-shaped nails, made in bright colors:

  • nail art can be monophonic or using alternating several saturated colors on different fingers;
  • brightness can be achieved by drawing ornaments or drawings of a certain theme with catchy shades on a transparent or pastel background;
  • it is allowed to use bright rhinestones or sparkles, which are located on the nail plates in random order or laid out in certain patterns.

bright spring nail design

Delicate spring nail design

A universal solution that is suitable for any occasion of life will be a gentle simple spring nail design:

  • the effect of tenderness is often achieved using light pastel colors. Beige, cream, white, pink, blue, mint shades are popular;
  • pastel varnish can completely cover the nail plates, or it can be used to draw abstract, geometric, floral patterns, and openwork patterns on a transparent background.

gentle spring nail designsimple spring nail design

French spring nail design

French manicure is an option that is not influenced by fashion. In recent seasons, it is extremely diverse and is represented by a variety of solutions:

  • delicate spring jacket nail design fully corresponds to the classics. For its design, light colors and rounded lines are used;
  • to deviate from the established rules and bring variety to the bow, bright colors and drawing the tip of the nail in an unusual shape, for example, beveled from one edge to the other or in the form of a triangle, will help.

spring nail design french

Spring glitter nail design

Glitter becomes the best choice for girls, especially those who dream of a luxurious manicure. The spring design of oval nails looks unbeatable with this decor. Sequins are perfectly combined with plain matte varnish, drawings and rhinestones. If you want sequins to be on everyone, then such a manicure is best done for a solemn event. In spring, it is fashionable to use such types of glitter as:

  • gold, which goes well with charcoal glossy shellac or gel polish;
  • the effect of broken glass, when light lilac or any other sparkles are laid out in the form of chopped chips of broken glass;
  • yuca flakes, which are multi-colored holographic clippings.
  • glitter can be laid out in the form of a stretch, moon path and on the surface of the nail bed. The latest spring nail design looks good on a bright chocolate, wine or plum base.

spring glitter nail design

Spring nail design with rubbing

You can create a very beautiful spring nail design, using a rub for this:

  1. Glossy manicure attracts the eye and emphasizes femininity. This nail art is suitable for all women, regardless of age and style, length and shape of nails.
  2. The most popular types of rubbed designs include: mirror shine, northern lights, Maybug, rainbow, pearl, mother-of-pearl, metallic effect.
  3. You can focus on one nail or a simple spring plain nail design. For an evening manicure, an option in beige tones is suitable, where the emphasis is on the cuticle.
  4. A combination of different shades is also welcome. Using a rub, you can combine two pastel shades, you just need to do without unnecessary decor or add transparent rhinestones that will turn a manicure into a masterpiece of nail art.

spring nail design with rubbingvery beautiful spring nail design

Nail design with a spring pattern

Patterns have firmly become part of fashionable manicure, not only for a special occasion, but also for every day. Among all kinds of variations, you can find a pattern for short, medium and long nails. This spring nail design is most suitable for square, oval and almond-shaped nail plates:

  1. Having decided to make such a manicure, you should choose the right drawing itself. Fashionable options include geometric patterns (stripes, lines, shapes). They can be drawn on both glossy and matte surfaces.
  2. The pattern can be on one finger or on several. Patterns go well with a jacket, moon manicure, gradient. No need to get hung up on ordinary curls — the drawing can be original. For example, a small cat lurking at the tip of the nail.
  3. The background may also differ, for example, it is a spring red nail design or delicate pastel nail art.

spring pattern nail designtrendy spring nail designnail design spring colors

Spring nail design geometry

You can create a geometric nail design, the spring colors of which are extremely diverse:

  1. Such a manicure is a great solution when you want to look incredibly stylish. Geometric patterns will help get rid of complex and flashy nail art. On the nail, you can not only draw circles, squares and other shapes, but also add a gradient, “broken glass”, negative space.
  2. A manicure with geometry is just perfect if it is made in a minimalist style. The design feature is that the patterns are made on one or two fingers without unnecessary decor.
  3. In the spring, it is worth doing a manicure with geometry — origami. To do this, sketches of animals are made on the nails, resembling the corresponding drawings.

spring nail design geometryspring manicure nail designspring nail design ideas

Spring nail design with butterflies

A real fashion trend can be called an oval-shaped spring nail design with butterflies:

  1. You can create a small butterfly entirely on the nail or just one wing. The only condition is to use a matte varnish.
  2. When drawing a butterfly, it is worth experimenting with saturated shades, a combination of dark and light tones.
  3. At home, you can also create a manicure with butterflies — using stickers or lay them out with rhinestones. In the latter version, the image will not be very clear, but intriguing.
  4. It will be ideal if the butterflies are on the same fingers of the left and right hands. Drawing them on each finger is not worth it, because all the beauty of the design will disappear.
  5. A small butterfly is also suitable for short nails. The nuance of design lies in the ability to make a simple but effective manicure. The butterfly should be on only one nail, and it is recommended to paint the rest with matte varnish.

spring nail design with butterfliesvery beautiful spring nail design

Spring nail design abstract

The design of light spring nails or dark nail plates, which contain abstraction, is extremely popular:

  1. Abstract patterns can be created from geometric lines, and you get a new spring nail design. An example of this is the broken lines arranged in a chaotic manner on the varnish. It is best to draw such an abstraction on blue, red, yellow and other saturated color bases.
  2. Gossamer is a new trend that is suitable for spring as a reminder that nature comes to life. The pattern is created with a special gel paint.
  3. Abstract designs go well with gradient and foil. If you use a brush, then you can draw whole masterpieces on your nails.

abstract spring nail design

Spring gradient nail design

The spring ombre nail design does not lose its relevance:

  1. Nail art can be complemented by rubbing, sparkles. The gradient is created with bright gel polishes, made gentle or contrasting.
  2. Popular types include an overgrown gradient, when the basal part is not touched, and varnish is applied to the nail. For the best effect, it should be long. The gradient part can even be outlined in black.
  3. There are no strict rules when choosing a shade or pattern, everything comes from the wishes of the girl and the fantasy of the master.

spring gradient nail designspring ombre nail design


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