Trends spring-summer 2022 - an overview of new accessories, clothes and shoes

As the weather warms up, fashionistas are eager to update their wardrobes. The trends for spring-summer 2022, presented in branded collections, will help to cope with the task. The stylists took into account current trends when creating clothes, haircuts, makeup, manicures, and accessories.

Fashion trends for spring-summer 2022

Designers have included stylish novelties in the collection. When creating them, the trends for spring-summer 2022 are presented:

  1. Cropped tops and the hem of the dresses are decorated with a long fringe. There are skirts consisting of two layers — the lower dense and the upper, made with thin threads.
  2. Top bra with a prominent bodice is proposed to be combined with trouser suits, skirts and pants.
  3. Dresses with cutouts are popular, located not only in the neckline, but also in the side parts, on the hips.
  4. Oversized trouser suits are relevant. The loose fit is reminiscent of a man’s.
  5. Neon colors will organically fit into the warm season: raspberry, light green, orange.
  6. The trends for spring-summer 2022 are represented by the crochet technique used in the design of clothing and accessories.
  7. Jeans are offered in both high-rise and low-rise interpretations.
  8. Lovers of extravagance will appreciate the «naked» dresses, created with a transparent effect and body lining.
  9. Frills, multi-layered skirts, puffed sleeves made of tulle will add airiness.
  10. Overalls are in fashion, both adjacent to the figure and loose oversized.

spring summer trendstrends spring summer 2022fashion spring summer

Trendy colors for spring-summer 2022

The Panton Institute presented shades that have become popular in the warm season. Fashionable colors for spring-summer are offered in the following variations:

  1. The blue-blue color scheme is relevant. These are sky pastel, sea wave, cold ice and dark blue shades.
  2. White and nude tones will bring freshness to the image. The palette includes milk, pearl, cream.
  3. Orange is presented with impurities of orange, red, carrot undertones.
  4. Green is included in the main shades of the fashion spectrum. The tonality is represented by emerald, olive color.
  5. The chocolate shade is taken for the design of clothes made of leather, silk, satin.
  6. Bright crimson and fuchsia will bring juicy notes to the image.

trendy colors spring summer 2022trendy colors spring summerfashion trends spring summer 2022

Fashionable images for spring-summer 2022

Actual wardrobe items will help to create a stylish bow. Street fashion spring-summer 2022 is offered by combining the following things:

  1. A combination dress will help create a contrasting look in combination with a leather or denim jacket. Lace-up boots with tractor soles will enhance the extraordinary impression.
  2. Volumetric blazers are proposed to be combined with skinny trousers, mini-skirts, cropped shorts.
  3. Seductiveness will be given by dresses with a “naked” effect, going in combination with pumps or sandals with straps braiding the ankle.
  4. The trends of the spring-summer 2022 season are presented in vintage style. An example is layered lace dresses.
  5. Flared maxi skirts, complemented by fringe, will harmoniously fit into the boho style. The top is allowed to pick up adjacent to the figure or free oversize. The addition will be sandals with a sole upholstered with wicker decor.

fashion images spring summer 2022street fashion spring summer 2022women's clothing spring summer

Capsule for spring-summer 2022

Well-chosen sets of clothes will help to create images for different occasions. The basic wardrobe for spring-summer 2022 is selected taking into account the following trends:

  1. A good solution is to pick up things in a similar tone. The image is made in a monochrome version, diluted with prints. In the latter case, it is necessary that another thing, an accessory, match in color with one of the shades of the picture.
  2. Basic will be classic plain trousers. They pick up blouses and shirts. The top is presented in solid colors or printed options, made of cotton, silk, lace.
  3. The popular «leather jacket» will fit into the capsule, as it is suitable for creating romantic and daring images. In the first case, the addition of an airy chiffon dress is welcome, in the second — jeans with torn details.
  4. Spring-summer trends offer a combination of feminine dresses and skirts with elegant heeled sandals, wedges, and sports sneakers.

capsule spring summer 2022basic wardrobe spring summer 2022clothes spring summer

Haircuts for spring summer 2022

A well-chosen hairstyle can become an accent detail of the image. Fashionable haircuts for spring-summer 2022 are represented by trends:

  1. The priority is conciseness, which is expressed in the creation of a minimum number of layers. Actual smooth bob with contrasting bangs, made in a short or asymmetrical version. Curly strands are allowed to be supplemented with graduation.
  2. Ultra-short pixies and garcon remain popular. Hairstyles look especially harmonious on the owners of the correct oval face.
  3. Spring-summer fashion is also represented by cascading haircuts with a minimum number of levels. A good solution is to limit yourself to a “ladder” with cutting near the face.

haircuts spring summer 2022trendy haircuts spring summer 2022clothes spring summer

Coloring for spring-summer 2022

When choosing hair dye, emphasis is placed on naturalness. Images for spring-summer are offered in the following coloring options:

  1. Blondes are recommended to give preference to wheat, creamy, caramel shades. Cold «ash» ceases to be relevant.
  2. Red-haired girls will suit a natural copper tone. It is better to refrain from options with an admixture of pink.
  3. A popular dark shade will be «chocolate». Depending on the color type, women choose a warm or cold tone.
  4. Staining techniques are represented by embossed options by highlighting strands near the face. Californian and Brazilian blond are relevant, creating the effect of sun-bleached curls.

coloring spring summer 2022images spring summerfashion trends spring summer 2022

Makeup trends for spring-summer 2022

A well-chosen make-up will bring harmony to the image. Makeup for spring-summer 2022 is represented by ideas:

  1. Blush is applied to the cheekbones or above, in order to be clearly visible. Shades of coral and peach are in fashion.
  2. Young girls will appreciate the neon shadows presented in the electric version. Cosmetics are applied to the eyelid in whole or in part. In the latter case, cover the inner and outer corners of the eye. An alternative solution is to resort to glitter glitter.
  3. It is allowed to make accent lips and limit yourself to barely noticeable nude shadows. Berry shades are popular: «strawberry», «blackberry», «cherry». Classic red lipstick remains out of competition. The opposite trend is lips covered with a slight sheen.
  4. Arrows remain relevant, classic or pin-up style. For drawing, a black, white, brown, bright colored pencil is taken.
  5. Bold fashionistas are allowed to resort to the effect of bleached eyebrows

makeup trends spring summer 2022makeup spring summer 2022trends spring summer 2022

Manicure for spring-summer 2022

Nail art masters are guided by current solutions. Fashionable manicure for spring-summer 2022 is offered in variations:

  1. Colorless or nude design is suitable for everyday wear.
  2. If you want to bring luxurious notes to the image, they turn to decorating with stones, sparkles, rhinestones. Details cover the plates completely or partially, filling a certain pattern, the “smile” area.
  3. Applying red or burgundy varnish is equated to a bright classic.
  4. French is presented in a new interpretation by coloring the «smile» in black or gold.
  5. Closeness to nature is personified by animalistic, starry, floral prints.

manicure spring summer 2022trendy manicure spring summer 2022spring summer trends

Perfume for spring and summer

Not only clothes give a woman a unique style. Flavors for spring-summer 2022 will bring a highlight:

  1. D&G has come up with options to suit different taste preferences. Light Blue is associated with summer freshness. The One is characterized by a pronounced floral scent. Velvet Love combines notes of cloves, ylang-ylang, pepper.
  2. Dior is loved by fashionistas of all ages. Women appreciated the Miss Dior fragrance, which reveals chypre and floral scents. Poison is associated with passion, and J`Adore with tenderness.
  3. Chanel offers the iconic Chance. Another option is Misia Chanel, where a vintage fragrance is revealed.
  4. A non-trivial choice is Eternity Now for Woman from Calvin Klein, which features notes of musk, quince and peony.

perfume for spring and summerfragrances for spring summer 2022

Fashion jewelry for spring-summer 2022

Accessories will add piquancy to the image. The attention of girls is invited to jewelry for spring-summer 2022:

  1. With open T-shirts or sundresses, they wear bracelets that are worn on the forearms. Jewelry is reminiscent of the design of cuff earrings. An alternative solution is leather options with metal rings worn on the wrist. Bracelets that do not fasten to the end are popular.
  2. Massive rings have come into fashion, which are worn in the amount of two or three pieces on one hand. New — «knuckles» with large pearls, offered by the brand Valentino.
  3. The favorites of the season will be rings with square flat areas. As an alternative, wide, but concise rings without inserts are presented.
  4. An echo of the zero will be rings in the form of skulls, decorated with rhinestones.
  5. As fashionable earrings, rings, decoration with large colored stones, vintage options in the form of pendants are offered. It is allowed to wear unpaired earrings that differ in design.
  6. It is proposed to decorate the neck with a necklace of large beads, massive metal chains, chokers.

fashion jewelry spring summer 2022fashion spring summerjewelry spring summer 2022

Glasses for spring-summer 2022

In sunny weather, certain attributes are indispensable. These are fashion accessories for spring-summer 2022 in the form of glasses:

  1. Massive oversized ones are available in black and mirror design. The shape is created square or streamlined.
  2. The game with frames is welcome. There are options made in the same tone with the lenses, contrasting white, thin metal.
  3. An elongated shape in the form of a rectangle or oval has become a hit. Points in the form of triangles look interesting. The «cat» design remains relevant.

glasses spring summer 2022fashion accessories spring summer 2022spring summer 2022

Fashion bags for spring-summer 2022

Certain accessories are a must to complete a stylish look. These are fashion bags for spring-summer:

  1. Weaving is popular both from straw and from leather. The crochet technique is used to create the design.
  2. Miniature models, presented in the form of a clutch, will bring zest to the image. There are options in the version of a wallet that is worn around the neck with a chain.
  3. The recognition of fashionistas was won by round shapes. The original solution is a bag made in the form of a bucket.
  4. Lovers of practicality will appreciate the oversized options. Volumetric models are presented in the form of a tote or a bag.

fashion bags spring summer 2022fashion bags spring summerfashion accessories spring summer 2022

Hats for spring-summer 2022

With the advent of heat, the collection includes accessories created in a lightweight form. Designers have developed hats for spring-summer 2022:

  1. Elegance will give felt hats with wide or narrow brim.
  2. Berets with a large metal decor in the front look interesting.
  3. Fabric or leather panamas are popular.
  4. Caps with a long visor will add audacity to the image.

hats spring summer 2022spring summer 2022fashion trends spring summer 2022

Fashionable dresses 2022 for spring-summer

Feminine wardrobe items do not lose their relevance. Fashionable dresses for spring-summer serve as confirmation:

  1. Relevant leather products, made in a smooth or perforated version.
  2. Piquancy will give the original decor in the form of unusual curly cutouts, fringes.
  3. Seductive notes are endowed with models of «combinations» and «naked» dresses. In the latter case, a body lining and an openwork contrasting top are used.
  4. Designers offer an extensive range of colors, both pastel and neon shades.

fashion dresses 2022 for spring summerfashion dresses spring summerfashion images spring summer 2022

Fashionable women’s jeans for spring-summer 2022

Popular items that organically fit into everyday wardrobe. These are the clothes for spring-summer, presented in the form of jeans:

  1. The straight classic in soothing solid colors does not lose its position on the fashionable Olympus.
  2. Young girls will appreciate the wide, baggy oversized models.
  3. Extraordinary will give the style of «patchwork», achieved by combining multi-colored pieces of fabric.
  4. Vintage is associated with wear elements used in the hips and knees.

fashionable women's jeans spring summer 2022clothes spring summercapsule spring summer 2022

Fashion trends for women’s trousers for spring-summer 2022

Couturiers have developed actual styles of pants. Models included in the spring-summer collection:

  1. Products made of leather will organically fit into youth city bows.
  2. Wide palazzos will help to correct figure flaws.
  3. Cropped culottes of a free cut do not lose their relevance.
  4. Flares are associated with retro style, coming from the knee or from the hip.
  5. Slender women of fashion can afford a low fit. If necessary, adjust the figure turn to high options.

fashion trends of women's trousers spring summer 2022spring summer collectionbasic wardrobe spring summer 2022

Fashionable skirts for spring-summer 2022

Certain things are designed to create a basic wardrobe. This is women’s clothing for spring-summer, presented in the form of a skirt:

  1. Models with an extremely low fit will help to demonstrate a beautiful press.
  2. To create evening bows, skirts decorated with sequins or feathers are intended.
  3. Leather or denim products will fit into the casual style.
  4. Skirts complemented by a side or central slit will add eccentricity.
  5. Romanticism is associated with pleated models or maxi made of airy chiffon.

fashion skirts spring summer 2022women's clothing spring summerimages spring summer

Shoes for spring-summer 2022

Designers have tried to make the images harmonious and complete. Women’s shoes for spring-summer come to the rescue:

  1. For the early season, high boots made in a perforated version are suitable.
  1. Romance is associated with Mary Jane shoes with a round toe and buckle.
  2. Femininity will be given the addition of a wedge. An alternative solution is a platform that is created flat or complemented by a tractor relief.
  3. Gladiator-style sandals, equipped with ribbons or straps, do not lose their relevance.
  4. For a casual outing, low-speed ballet flats are suitable.

shoes spring summer 2022women's shoes spring summerstreet fashion spring summer 2022


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