With the onset of spring, many of the fair sex are interested in the question of how to choose the right spring wardrobe? In pursuit of changeable fashion, sometimes we spend a lot of money on clothes from the latest collections without considering whether we really need it. The ideal wardrobe is a minimum of things that form the maximum number of stylish and relevant sets that are suitable for different occasions. Let’s take a look at what should be in the spring wardrobe of every modern woman.

Basic wardrobe for spring

Thinking through your wardrobe for spring, designers recommend having five must-have items that will help you look stylish and fashionable:

  1. Outerwear — should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable. Coats and trench coats are especially popular this season. The undisputed favorite, of course, is the coat, the various styles of which perfectly emphasize the dignity of the figure. Beige, yellow and green are the main colors of this season.
  2. Thinking through the basic spring wardrobe, special attention should be paid to shoes. Designers recommend opting for black leather shoes, which are not only elegant, but also very practical for early spring. This season, a thin and stylish heel is in fashion, which will give femininity and make your walk more sexy.
  3. The trendy spring thing this season is a pencil skirt. It can be made of fabric of non-standard texture, as well as leather. Colors can be both dark and bright shades.
  4. Cropped trousers are considered very relevant this spring. They can be either straight or tapered. Stylish chikchiras do not go out of fashion, which serve as a wonderful decoration of the basic wardrobe for spring.
  5. A stylish spring wardrobe is inconceivable without knitwear. Light dresses, sweaters and vests will be a great addition to your look. Comfortable and practical, they are perfect for everyday use.

Before spending money on the next purchase, first review the items you already have — you can find a lot of interesting things in your wardrobe. Trying on clothes, think about combinations and combinations not only among themselves, but also with accessories that are already available. Remember that a fashionable spring wardrobe is not a warehouse of new products, but a harmonious combination of the latest trends and classics.


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