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Tracing fashion trends, you can see that everything in fashion is cyclical and, as they say, everything new is a well-forgotten old. Like, for example, dresses in the style of «dudes». They appeared in the late forties, when the country had just begun to recover from the war. It was at this time that people were able to see how life is there, in the West and in America, and this life turned the heads of many, and especially young people. Then the same dudes appeared who wanted to live without the rigid Soviet framework. And their fashion from that time has reached ours, remaining all the same popular, because really these bright “dude” dresses simply cannot but be liked. In addition, you can be sure that in such a dress you will attract everyone’s attention to your person. What more could a girl want?

Dresses «dudes» in retro style

So, what should be the dresses that match this catchy and bright style? Dresses a la dudes can be of two styles: either a “flower” — a narrowed waist and a puffy skirt, or an “hourglass” — a narrowed waist, and the skirt fits snugly around the hips and tapers to the knees. Most often, dresses of the first style were worn, since it was much more convenient to dance in it, while the second option rather hampers movement. It is worth noting that a petticoat may be needed for a “flower” dress in the style of “dudes”, especially if you want the most fluffy skirt possible.

In general, there are not so many styles of dresses with the “dude” style, but the variety of colors is very pleasing. Usually bright, saturated shades are chosen. The outfit can be colorful and plain, but in general the most popular pattern is polka dots. Polka-dot «dude» dresses were popular even at the time when this style was born, they are still popular now, because this pattern looks very stylish, although, it seems, there is absolutely nothing special about it.

How to wear women’s stylish dresses?

The most important thing is the ability to wear such dresses. First of all, it is worth noting that these outfits are suitable for brave girls who like to be in the spotlight. The ideal shoes for a “dude” dress are high-heeled shoes, but you can also wear ballet flats — it will also look very stylish. Makeup should be expressive, but not defiant. The ideal option is to thickly make up the eyelashes with mascara, make the arrows with black eyeliner, and red lipstick for the lips. A classic solution that seems to be quite simple, but at the same time bright and elegant.


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