stockings and heels

The sexual revolution, which turned the idea of ​​fashion, including, in the seventies of the last century, gave women the opportunity not to hide the beauty of their bodies under long and multi-layered clothes. And to this day, choosing an outfit and creating an image, girls pay a lot of attention to its sexual notes. There are several wardrobe details that can easily cope with this task. These are high heels, stockings and a corset.

When creating an image with stockings, high heels and a corset, one should show extraordinary taste, because these wardrobe details are particularly insidious. An incorrectly chosen length of a dress or skirt, the texture of stockings or the fabric from which the corset is sewn can instantly turn you from an attention-grabbing seductress into a vulgar person who went hunting for men.

Rules for compiling an image

Do you want to look defiant, sexy, but in moderation in heels and stockings? Remember three simple rules. Firstly, stockings are underwear, so in no case should elastic bands peek out from under a skirt or dress. Of course, if you are preparing an erotic surprise for your loved one, then this rule can be ignored. Secondly, choose stockings so that the elastic does not dig into the skin, creating unattractive folds on the legs, guessed under the clothes. Today, designers offer comfortable stockings that are fixed on the legs with a silicone strip, rather than an elastic band. The third rule concerns the density of stockings. The longer the skirt, the tighter the stockings should be. If you do not follow this rule, then do not be surprised that the stockings, which should visually add a few centimeters to the legs, on the contrary hide them. There are no restrictions regarding the height of the heel. With stockings, you can wear low pumps, and breathtakingly high stilettos.


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