Straight bangs - who suits and what hairstyle is combined with?

For every woman, it is extremely important to create a hairstyle that suits her. In recent seasons, straight bangs have become incredibly relevant, which can act as a stylish highlight of a haircut and give it an attractive look.

Who goes straight bangs?

Such a component of the hairstyle as a straight bang is the undoubted trend of this season. However, it is important to know who it suits so that the image comes out as organic as possible:

  1. The general rule that is followed when creating this hairstyle option is that it is able to rejuvenate the face and shed a few years for a woman. It has a softening effect, so it is ideal for young ladies who want to bring additional tenderness and femininity to the image.
  2. As for the shape of the face, this option looks win-win on the owners of the correct oval structure. The elongated shape is also ideal, since the bangs visually shorten the face.
  3. This design variation is also intended to hide an unnecessarily massive, wide forehead. At the same time, it can be as elongated as possible, almost hanging over the eyes.
  4. Interesting is the answer to the question, who suits a short straight bang? Unlike the elongated version, it is able to emphasize the correctness of the features of its owner and place an additional emphasis on beautiful eyebrows and eyes.
  5. It is not recommended to use such a haircut component on curly hair, it will have to be constantly leveled.
  6. This technique on the hair will be a great addition to a variety of haircuts. This solution looks great on long strands or those with an average length. Such a detail will be a real highlight of the image if the hair is combed up, for example, gathered in a bun or ponytail.

who suits straight bangs

Straight bangs for a round face

For owners of a round face, it is often difficult to choose the right haircut so that it narrows it and makes it less voluminous. Properly made straight bangs can correct these shortcomings:

  1. With the help of this detail, it will be possible to successfully hide an overly wide forehead, making the face more proportional in this way.
  2. The important point is the length. Straight bangs to the eyebrows are preferred, which completely cover the forehead.
  3. Density can be any and is selected individually depending on the characteristics of the hairstyle. Clear cut lines are ideally combined with even strands that go down and end at the same level. A torn solution is suitable for a multi-layered hairstyle.

straight bangs for round face

Straight bangs for an oval face

On the owners of the correct straight face shape, a beautiful straight bang will look win-win:

  1. The selection of one or another design solution is carried out taking into account the individual preferences of the fair sex. If desired, you can create both the most elongated, reaching the eyebrows, and a very short version.
  2. A short straight bang can highlight the eyes and eyebrows, while a long one can soften the features and make them more refined.
  3. If the shape of the face is somewhat elongated, then such a solution will help divert attention from this problem, making it more round.

straight bangs for an oval face

Straight bangs for a square face

The square shape of the face is characterized by the presence of a protruding massive chin and a wide forehead. Properly selected hairstyles can correct these shortcomings. Such a design technique as a straight bang is also allowed:

  1. Its elongated variation, reaching the eyebrow line, is capable of covering a wide forehead. She will go more with a somewhat elongated shape, especially in the forehead area.
  2. A shortened version is also allowed, in which case it will help to make the face more rounded. An important nuance is to give this part the appearance of a semicircle.
  3. With the help of such an element, you can give the image a certain zest and make a bright accent. For example, black straight bangs can be used in combination with brown hair.

straight bangs for a square face

Straight bangs for a full face

Young ladies who have a full face can correct it to make it visually less voluminous:

  1. The correct straight bangs, which reach the middle of the forehead in length, are perfect. However, it is important to observe a certain nuance: the hair should be loose and cover the ears.
  2. Another good solution is a ragged variety, which helps to correctly adjust the proportions.
  3. The separation of the bangs along the parting line is also allowed.

straight bangs for a full face

Fashionable straight bangs

Many stylists when creating hairstyles use such a technique as straight bangs 2019:

  • the length can be used shortened, reaching the middle of the forehead or as long as possible, covering the eyebrows;
  • density also varies: it can be extremely voluminous or straight, rare bangs;
  • a clear bottom line can be used or torn elements can be used;
  • in some cases, cutting in a semicircle is used;
  • hair can go from the crown, giving volume and density;
  • there is a design when the strands diverge on two sides.

trendy straight bangsstraight bangs 2019

Short straight bangs

For many girls, a straight straight bang, which is characterized by a shortened length, will be a real find:

  1. The undoubted advantage of this design technique is that the eyebrows open for viewing, so this option is perfect for girls with big beautiful eyes and an expressively outlined eyebrow shape.
  2. As for the shape of the face, straight short bangs will look good on girls with a square or regular oval variety. It is better for chubby young ladies to refrain from it.

short straight bangs

Long straight bangs

Such an element of a hairstyle as a straight elongated bang can reasonably be called universal. This is due to the fact that it is suitable for any face structure, be it oval, square or round. This length gives the image of mystery and femininity. The part can be made both smooth and torn.

long straight bangs

Rare straight bangs

For girls whom nature has not rewarded with voluminous voluminous hair, milled straight bangs will be a real salvation:

  • the undoubted advantages of this type include the ability to balance a heavy chin;
  • even owners of slightly curly hair can afford this option, in which case such a detail will look provocatively and playfully;
  • straight bangs with thinning are also suitable for those girls who have hard strands. At the same time, it is better to make it elongated.

rare straight bangs

Straight torn bangs

A straight ragged bang with long hair or strands of medium or short length looks extremely stylish and extraordinary:

  • such a technique will help to correct the shape of an overly high forehead and make an overly elongated face more rounded and attractive;
  • absolutely any haircut can be chosen, such a detail is unsurpassedly combined with any variation.

straight ragged bangs

Straight bangs in a semicircle

Such an original solution as a straight bang with elongation on the sides can become a real decoration of the image. However, the important point is the correct selection, taking into account the shape of the face of one or another of the fair sex:

  • a straight semicircular bang will soften the features and give femininity if the girl is endowed with an oval or round face structure;
  • for young ladies who have a “triangle” or “square” structure, it is better to refrain from using such a technique, since it can highlight their shortcomings;
  • such a detail can be worn with both completely loose and raised hair, in any case, it will look unsurpassed.

straight bangs in a semicirclestraight bangs with side extensions

Thick straight bangs from the crown

Thick straight bangs look extremely stylish. It is able to give sophistication and, with proper styling and creation, rejuvenate the fair sex:

  • using this element, you can hide an excessively high forehead and adjust its shape;
  • win-win, this option will look at the owners of the correct oval structure of the face;
  • a prerequisite is the presence of voluminous strands, otherwise a straight thick bang will take away the already missing volume from thin hair;
  • this variation looks incredibly impressive, especially if the curls have a healthy natural shine and go down in smooth beautiful strands. Elongated voluminous hair with a bang coming from the top of the head can act as an ornament and a stylish highlight of any evening bow.

thick straight bangs from the crown

Straight bangs on two sides

Another way to look younger and visually throw off a few years is the perfect straight bangs, which are divided into two sides:

  • this design variation has no age restrictions and will suit ladies of almost any age;
  • The undoubted advantage of this type of styling is that there are no restrictions on the density of the strands. It will look great on both thin and thick voluminous hair;
  • it is recommended to be wary of this variety for girls who are endowed with a square or rectangular structure of the face. This type is characterized by angularity in the chin area, which such styling will make even more noticeable;
  • this bang is also good for those young ladies who lack free time and do not want to spend it on careful styling. Enough of a few movements of the comb — and the hairstyle will take on a truly unsurpassed look;
  • a shortened version will give the image a touch of audacity and a perky look, and an elongated one — femininity and sophistication.

straight bangs on two sides

Straight voluminous bangs

With a luxurious look, a wide straight bang, which has a significant volume, is reasonably associated:

  1. Such a detail can be given a different design, which is selected depending on individual preferences. So, bangs can go from the crown, be multi-layered, contain a slight thinning effect.
  2. In order not to weigh down the image, owners of a square face structure should refrain from excessive volume and density.
  3. This variation looks great on medium length hairstyles or with very elongated strands. At the same time, they can be worn both loose and gathered in a spectacular ponytail or a heavy bun.

straight voluminous bangs

Hairstyles with straight bangs

Fashionistas will be able to fully express their imagination, creating all kinds of styling:

  1. Straight bangs for long hair can be worn in many ways. An element with an ideal even structure will look unsurpassed both with the same even elongated strands and with fervently curled curls.
  2. Torn bangs are perfectly combined with light waves, effectively descending over the shoulders.
  3. The thinning effect can be applied over the entire surface of the haircut, in which case such a bang can be combined with both medium and short torn strands. As options for stylish haircuts, you can designate a cascade and a pixie.
  4. The bob looks great in this design, both regular and elongated.
  5. Thick hair can be gathered up, making a chic ponytail or a spectacular heavy bun.

hairstyles with straight bangsbeautiful straight bangs


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