Strawberry blonde - beautiful hair with a pink tint

Strawberry Blonde 2020 pleasantly pleased with the current shades and varieties. If you’re craving a change, be sure to check out the cutting-edge colors and staining techniques. Before you go to your favorite master, be sure to read about who suits such interpretations and how to properly care for your hair.

Who is strawberry blonde for?

With the onset of the summer season, many girls dream of improving their image, making some changes to their appearance. World famous stylists advise giving preference to bright color tones. It is necessary to find out who suits the strawberry blond, so as not to miscalculate with a bold decision. The palette looks great on long, short and medium curls and broadcasts combinations with such shades:

  • ashen;
  • copper;
  • honey;
  • copper;
  • peach;
  • pink.

A cooler range is suitable for young ladies with fair or pale skin. Warm saturated variations are ideally combined with a swarthy color type of appearance. To embody the most delicate, sophisticated designs, it is better to look at the techniques of highlighting, balage, ombre. The procedure can be very complicated and lengthy, so there is no need to take risks, you should contact your favorite master. Strawberry chic blonde requires careful professional care, so be sure to consult with professionals.

who suits strawberry blondestrawberry blonde who suits

Strawberry blonde for short hair

If you have a short haircut, do not despair, because original designs are also provided for you. Asymmetric styling, pixie, bob-car, garcon, elongated hat are considered common. The most popular are warm light colors, with neat peach, copper and honey outlines. Additional effects broadcast darkened roots, clarified strands.

Strawberry blonde hair color has become very popular among representatives of street trends. It suits ladies with a variety of skin colors, the main thing is to decide on a cold or warm palette. Current trends have presented exclusive ways of applying tone: balayage, highlighting and gradient. However, it is advisable to note that brunettes will need to pre-lighten the curls.

strawberry blonde short hairshort hair with strawberry blonde

Strawberry blond caret

Not a single summer period can do without impressive interpretations of a square. Elongated and shortened versions received special demand. Whether you have natural curls or straight locks, Strawberry Blonde will work perfectly with the help of a trained hairstylist. Blondes and fair-haired girls have nothing to worry about, the embodiment of the desired color will pass as simply and quickly as possible.

Do not miss the opportunity to try on yourself ashy, pink tones. They are suitable for girls with a light, marble complexion. Original color stretches along the entire length, dark roots, iridescent curls in lighter shades are acceptable. So that the saturation of the selected color is not lost and yellowing does not appear, do not forget about competent care.

strawberry blond caretstrawberry blond on a square

Strawberry blonde with dark roots

Strawberry blonde hair will be a great bright accent for your seasonal look. Although those who want a radical change can afford rich acid tones, many still like delicate blonde designs. Available exclusive painting in the technique of balayage, highlighting, ombre. Variations with darkened roots, highlighted strands are welcome.

Stylists recommend that you familiarize yourself with the current range and determine a suitable alternative. Light lukewarm honey, peach, beige and ashy tints accentuate pale skin. But the dark strawberry blond in cold tones goes well with dark or warm complexions. The staining procedure requires a professional approach, so be sure to contact a trusted specialist.

strawberry blonde with dark rootsstrawberry blonde with dark roots

Balayazh strawberry blond on light brown hair

Most young ladies prefer to keep the natural shade of the curls and carry out a strawberry blond on light brown hair. Girls with light hair by nature can diversify and improve their image, complementing it with newfangled novelties with pink tints. Peach, ash, copper tones are welcome.

By itself, the balayage provides for coloring with lightening or repainting of individual strands in a certain color. In this way, you can get amazing color contrast and get a colorful accent for your appearance. In the hands of an experienced professional, your hair will sparkle with new exquisite colors. Do not forget about professional care and periodic visits to the master.

balayage strawberry blonde with blonde hairstrawberry blonde balayage for brown hair

Strawberry blonde on dark hair

Strawberry blonde hair tinting will ideally fall on light strands. Every day more and more ladies prefer to recolor their natural strands. But what should brunettes do if they also want to correct their appearance? Stylists offer a universal solution for applying rich colors — lightening curls.

To get the desired result, you must first discolor your strands. Only after this procedure, it will be possible to use tinting paint. Often, girls prefer the ombre technique and darkening of the roots. Strawberry topical blond requires competent care. Therefore, it is better to consult with specialists and purchase only professional products.

strawberry blonde on dark hairstrawberry blonde for brunettes

Strawberry blonde highlights

Pinkish shades over blonde hair look impressive at any length. The most popular this year were short or asymmetrical haircuts, ultra-modern interpretations of the caret. Stylists recommend getting acquainted with the current palette, which broadcasts copper, beige, honey, ashen and pinkish tones. For girls with marbled pale skin, cold fresh variations are suitable. A swarthy face is emphasized by warm decorations.

Strawberry blonde highlights will significantly update your appearance and add visual volume to your curls. The implementation directly provides for original contrasting colors on individual strands. It is worth choosing a technique individually, depending on the original color. Original combinations with other techniques are acceptable, for example: babylights, obre, shatush, bronding.

highlighting strawberry blondestrawberry blond trendy highlights

strawberry ash blonde

Every day, an extraordinary design with ashy reflections is gaining more and more popularity. The most popular today are combinations with pink. It is important to consider that cold strawberry blond is not suitable for everyone. Such a palette will look great on girls with swarthy or dark skin. The range offers darker or lighter tinted paints.

You can completely color the curls in a solid color or use cutting-edge techniques for an impressive effect. Pay attention to balayage, gradient, highlights or dark roots. Brunettes need pre-lightening, and to maintain the saturation of the color, you need to use special care products.

strawberry ash blondeash strawberry blonde

Strawberry Blonde Ombre

The shade of strawberry blond is suitable not only for blondes, but also for dark-haired young ladies. If your natural color is brunette, you should give preference to the ombre technique. It implies coloring the tips in the desired tinting paints. Thanks to this method, a neat smooth transition between contrasting colors is created.

Newfangled trends have given original outlines that will appeal to connoisseurs of aesthetic unusual solutions. The result always looks as natural, elegant and gentle as possible. Even without complex hairstyles, you will attract enthusiastic looks from others and receive many pleasant compliments.

strawberry blonde ombreombre strawberry blonde

Strawberry Copper Blonde

Copper colors are more reminiscent of red strawberry blond. If you are looking for a major change, it is worth re-thinking if you want to change the natural color, because after painting it will be very difficult to return your tone. It is better to do the procedure in the salon or trust a qualified master, since it is not easy to get the desired shade, it involves manually mixed paints.

Do not forget about the color type of your own skin, because copper is more suitable for young ladies with a marble or pale look. You can achieve a certain effect with the help of current performances in the technique of balayage, shatush, baby lights, ombre. It is important to note that brunettes will need to bleach the strands and carefully take care of them in the future.

strawberry copperblondecopper strawberry blonde

Honey strawberry blonde

Ultra-modern trends gave the ladies actual combinations with honey and golden tones. Coloring in strawberry blond with bright orange tints has become a particularly popular trend of the summer season. Girls use similar colors in combination with exclusive techniques and methods of execution.

If you have long luxurious curls, do not rush to shorten your hairstyle, as you can decorate it with ombre or highlights. And a short or long bob is emphasized by darkened roots, balayage and shatush. In order for the painting to keep the color shade for a long time, you need to use high-quality shampoos, balms, masks.

strawberry honey blondehoney strawberry blonde

Peach strawberry blonde

Hair tinting in strawberry blond is considered an exquisite novelty of the coming season. Stylists advise considering designs with peach highlights, as they will add freshness to any of your bows and make the strands more lush. Check out the abundance of topical techniques and care products to maintain the resulting shade.

Such an interpretation will look great in combination with cutting-edge painting techniques. First of all, stunning color transitions, the effect of burnt strands and classic highlighting deserve your attention. Choosing a shade, it is better to focus on the color of your skin.

peach strawberry blondestrawberry peach blonde

Pink strawberry blonde

Before going to the salon, it is worth considering a full range of original colors. Many girls prefer neat monochromatic interpretations. But if you’re dreaming of incredible, out-of-the-ordinary performances, you’ll love the feminine design with eye-catching pink outlines.

This is a great stylistic decision, and with the help of a professional master, you will get the desired result. Do not forget about trendy highlights, balayazh, color gradient and darkening of the roots. To give the curls light pinkish overflow and reflections, experts recommend using a strawberry blond tint balm.

strawberry pink blondestrawberry blonde pink


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